What Symptoms Should I Expect During Withdrawal From Noopept?

What Is Noopept?


Just a brief history lesson here. Promise it wont be too painful. But knowledge is power as they say. So here goes. Noopept is a peptide and was developed in Russia. Further, it is a peptide in which can be administered orally and this is because its length is about the length of 2 amino acids-this means that the peptide can be easily absorbed and not affected by digestive enzymes and other acids. In fact, it so tiny that it is able to penetrate the barrier between the blood and the brain which is where it does all its work and is so terribly effective.

How To Use It

Make sure that you use this for oral administration only. Ingest this, take it by mouth. You will find that it produces an immediate effect this way. While some have tried to nebulize or vaporise this but the effects are not as effective as when you take it orally.

Just a bit of biochemistry (stay with me). Noopept is considered a molecule and consists of two amino acids called glycine and proline. When they are both linked together, they form a small but effective peptide molecule.


Known as a ‘smart drug’ as it improves memory, learning and overall brain function. Specifically, Noopept is a brain-boosting supplement, and those who use it consistently have reported an overall improvement of their general cognitive performance to include: memory, learning, perception, logicall thinking and reflexes.

Let me preface this by saying that it is well established that Nootropics are safe and are non-addictive. For the purpose of this article, I will be only be focusing on Noopept and the subsequent withdrawal of it. But first, lets take a look of what it actually does and what many, many people say about Noopept and how it ultimately benefits them and continues to do so.

• Increase of more efficient memory storage, for example, like-learning
• Increased level of awareness
• Increased and more efficient speech patterns
• A noticeable reduction of anxiety
• An enhancement of physical performance in the gym and athletics overall.
• An increase in the growth of nerve cells

Recommended Dosages

When it comes to dosages of Noopept, it is vitally important that you follow the instructions, which will include using it over three times per day. First, you should start with a low dosage then work your way up (slowly) to a higher amount. If you do it this way, then you will get used to and more familiar with how the Noopept supplement affects you. Also, you should consider getting a good milligram scale, just to make sure you don’t take too much Noopept at one time, as the health risks and possible side effects are more likely to occur at higher dosages. So, it is important to carefully measure your dosages.

Specifically, in terms of dosage, 10-30 mg should be taken one to three times daily. It is preferable to take it with food (like a meal high in protein) as Noopept is a peptide and will be faster absorbed if it is taken alongside other protein. Remember, Noopept is to be only taken orally.

Side Effects

To be honest, most supplements have side effects and you should not find this altogether surprising. Some have reported mild headaches as a side effect but this is not an issue for most people who take this supplement. In addition, some have reported having vivid dreams as a side effect but again, this may not affect all users of this particular supplement.

Long-Term Effects

Well, in terms of long-term effects, it is important to note that the benefits of this Nootropic will continue to persist for a long time after you have stopped taking it. And that can only be good-right? Remember, the benefits includes recall, improved mood and increased mental clarity. It is satisfying to know that even though you have stopped taking Nootropic these aspects listed above will continue. In addition, the long-term affects is such that while you are taking Noopept, your brain is actually creating new and improved connects between your brain cells. These ‘connections’ are also know as synapse which are terribly important and are an important measure of your intelligence. So, with the Noopept your brain will need to develop newer synapse but the good news is that it is actually possible to retain the long-term effects of Noopept, even if you stop taking it.

In brief, Noopept is viewed as one of the best nootropics on the market today. It aids in increasing your brain capacity and subsequent intelligence. In terms of withdrawal symptoms, there are few, but they do include: brain fog, depression, anxiety and irritability. It is important to note that the long term effects are positive so there is no need to worry at all that when you stop taking Noopept it will somehow make you less intelligent. That is just not going to happen.

Possible Withdrawal Symptoms Of Noopept

It is only natural to wonder about Noopept withdrawal. You might wonder about it and what exactly are the adverse effects of Noopept withdrawal, as well as other related questions. They say that knowledge is power, so I have outlined below some really important things in regards to Noopept withdrawal, ranging from side-effects to dangers and everything else in between.

First, it is important to note that there are no physical symptoms associated with Noopept once you stop taking it. However, some have reported the following…

• Decreased libido
• Irritability
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Decreased mental clarity

Many have reported that Noopept has increased their cognitive functions and people can recall things easier and faster than previously. So, if one were to stop taking it-would they revert to be being less smart? It is a valid question.

How Long Does This Last?

If you do experience any of the above withdrawal symptoms, you will find that how long it lasts varies from person to person. Further, these symptoms are only ever temporary and will eventually dissipate or go away once your body has adjusted to it not having Noopept in its system.

Is Noopept Legal?


Safety Concerns

Basically, the dangers of this are enhanced by humans who do not read the instructions of how much Noopept to take. So make sure you take the recommended amount and you should not experience any problems.

Liver Toxicity
In terms of liver toxicity, there do not appear to be any findings in this area. Of course research is being done all the time so it might be helpful to check on this area from time to time. But for now, there does not appear to adversely impact your liver.

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