What Are Nootropic stacks-A guest post on a beginner’s journey through smart drugs

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What Are Nootropic Stacks

Nootropic stacks should definitely be the goal of anyone using or considering nootropics as well students seeking to improve their learning curve and make the grade and conquer studying habits. “I started taking nootropics in the 12th grade, a sort of 18th birthday present from my ever diligent grandmother. To be honest I was skeptical at first, had more than one question regarding “nootropics” and “brain drugs” especially the one that my grandmother had given me: Piracetam. It wasn’t until 2011 when I fully delved into nootropics, and creating a stack to use in both the workforce and college studies.” Says Dust Bosworth, who’s new nootropic website will be coming into fruition in the approaching weeks, with his hearts set on the name “dailynootropicreport.wordpress.com”.

The stack had started off as what I usually recommend to those new to the realm of nootropics, 1,600-2,400mg of Piracetam with 300mg of Alpha-GPC (I used the Alpha GPC found in Alpha Brain because, although slightly overpriced, it also contained Huperzine A, a potent nootropic blend.) It seemed as if near every two months I was adding a new nootropic to my stack as I began to research them even more, further incorporating them into my hectic lifestyle.

The various potential benefits that some can carry (ie. CDP choline happens to increase dopamine receptors activity), and how using them in conjuncture with each other could increase exponential gains versus typical increases. This mindset led me on research journeys and personal trials through various nootropics like Sulbutiamine, L Theanine, Huperzine, Krill Oil, Omega fats, various choline sources, and a list that could probably continue on. The more I read about one nootropic, the more I saw another one mentioned which led to a sort of nootropic “cocktail” that I’ve created to maximize the areas that I wanted to improve upon.

My current nootropic stack is a sort of social booster along as well as a cognitive enhancer. Piracetam has always remained in my stack due to its stimulating nature in regards to the Corpus Callosum. Phenylpiracetam and Noopept were included to push the focusing effect higher as well as to increase not only my short and long term memory but to improve overall memory recollection. Tianeptine has been included as well to increase anti-anxiety and anti-depression effects. All together the acetylcholine stimulating nootropics are backed up by CDP choline, and soon that will be complimented by the addition of Centrophenoxine.

I had let a few people try my original cocktail mixture (which had Oxiracetam and Pramiracetam included, and lacked the Tianeptine and Sunifiram), and most had stated that it had processed a powerful cognitive buzz like feeling. A lot of the guys who I gave it too are phsyically active and could vouche for the reported endurance enhancement from Phenylpiracetam, and a cyclist felt more coordinated with one stack’s “drivetrain” being based off of Oxiracetam. My experience with the stack was positive, I could sit at a internet cafe or WiFi hotspot for hours and work without feeling drained or becoming bored and distracted. Coffee is something that usually finds it’s way into my mix either at home or out that works great in adding and increasing the stacks effectiveness. This stack was what I used all through 2013 for doing both my studying, work, and my favourite hobby of tinkering with the operating systems of both phones and computers.

It wasn’t until I had found out about Tianeptine and Sunifiram being carried by the nootropic vendor of my choice (smartdrugsforcollege.com) that I started researching the two powerful cognitive enhancers. Sunifiram is chemically built similar to Piracetam, with one major change being the pyrrolidine being broken and a piperazine attached to it. Sunifiram stimulatesthe ACh receptors, and after being processed in your body it begins to stimulate the AMPA receptors. Sunifiram alone gives a pretty energetic and focused feeling, and with thereports about it benefiting and increasing both the long term memory and short term memory I couldn’t resist adding it to my stack. Tianeptine stimulates the AMPA receptors as well and while having some of the same benefits as other anti-anxiety and depression medication it lacks almost all of the side effects. This is due to Tianeptine being a SSRE (Selective Seratonin Receptor Enhancer) versuses being a SSRI (Selective Seratonin Receptor Inhibitor). Essentially this means that instead of hindering or decreasing the seratonin receptors activities it actually enhances it, causing Tianeptine to lack the side effects commonly associated with anti-depressants.

On all occasions that I gave anyof my friends these two they all exclaimed roughly the same thing “Wow this is a notably powerful pair, that I can honestly feel”. These two together are honestly amazing, inmy own experience. There is a definite rush like feeling that seems to feel like being hyper-focused, and doesn’t feel at the slightest bit unnerving. I’ve ordered bottles forsome of my friends and acquaintences just so they could get to try and experience this dynamic duo. I have given my complete stack to about 3 people (due to it’s potency, and how much it costs for me to get it all) and it has been likened to a speed like feeling that isn’t distracting, and doesn’t cause one to be completely “locked” onto doing one thing that one would expect from such a feeling. My cyclist friend, someone whom I talk to almost daily about various health topics, also mentioned how he felt calm considering how strong the stimulatory effects were from the nootropic stack.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I highly suggest stacking nootropics after researching into each one you are considering adding. With this in mind, I still wouldn’t suggest a nootropic “noob” to jump into forming and making a nootropic cocktail. With nootropics one should always practice their due diligence and be properly informed regarding what they are considering ingesting. Before one begins to trek into the realm of nootropics, they should ask themselves one question: What am I trying to improve upon and gain through nootropics? Knowing the answer to this question will help you reach out to other nootropic users and cognitive biohackers. It’ll also help you when looking into various nootropics as to whether it would be useful in your overall goal!

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