Which Nootropics Can Help Heal Addiction?

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Which Nootropics Can Help Heal Addiction?

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The nootropics listed below are in my opinion, as well as medically, the absolute best nootropics for recovering from addiction, and maximizing overall brain function after the painful withdrawal from substance abuse. In no particular order, curing your addiction at home through the miracles of nootropics. Help Heal Addiction
1. Noopept– A nootropic with tremendous benefits in which has the added effect of improving both NGF and BDNF in the brain, strengthening the connections between neurons, coating your neurotransmitters, and even improving overall brain function in general. The specific reason noopept is amazing for curing addiction is that it has profound effects on restoring whatever your brain is behind one, as well as improving its function. If you’re looking for a way to heal your brain faster during your withdrawal, look into noopept as a long term solution.

2. Sunifiram– A relatively new smart drugs, but one that is also labeled as the current most potent one. Sunifiram also increased BDNF to a degree, but mainly by way that it increased motivation heavily in the brain. Especially in amphetamine related addiction disorders, Sunifiram can give back the motivation that is lost in such a withdrawal, helping the brain to create its own natural chemicals again to a faster degree. Long Term use not yet studied, potent, yet keep such usage to a short term basis.
3. Piracetam– The original nootropic. It will give you a little bit of everything as far as optimizing cognition goes, and can help restore the neurotransmitters in the brain at a faster rate, speeding up the process of withdrawal. Piracetam (as well as all the nootropics listed here to some degree) also greatly helps to improve immune system efficiency, a great comfort when dealing with, or detoxing from, addiction.
4. Aniracetam– Aniracetam has been marketed in the nootropic world as a type of anxiolytic drug, and while the effects of this are greatly exageratted in many user reviews, it does have a significant effect on overall level of anxiety. Has the same effect as all other racetams, with the added benefit of a slight anxiolytic.

5. Oxiracetam– A reported stimulant type racetam in which could be used for the lack of motivation found in addiction. Will help you to get that motivated, natural type stimulation you may require while working through the pain and withdrawal of addiction.6. Pramiracetam- One of the most potent racetams that has good long term effects, and that will improve overall brain function, past just curing your addiction.7. Alpha GPC- A general rule of thumb as the most potent choline supplement available. All racetam or racetamic like drugs (such as noopept) should be stacked with choline for maximum efficiency.

Final Thoughts
The future is bright, and even with addiction you can still lead a normal life through a proper recovery, as well as maximize brain function enough to fill your potential. Try it, you may just become “the perfect version of yourself” 😉

…Leave a comment below with any nootropic questions, and I will get back to you promptly!

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