How Nootropics vs. Amphetamines Actually Are-The Real Truth

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Nootropics vs. Amphetamines -The Real Truth

More about Adderall

With the buzz of Adderall and upcoming ADHD medications at an all time high, the question is raised, what’s more effective, a short euphoric burst of energy, only later to have a daunting crash, or a subtle yet strong cognitive enhancing nootropic, with a growing energy each time you take a dosage. Obviously nootropics in this sense are the better option, and through the use of nootropics and using just the right amount of these mystical little smart drugs, you can improve overall brain function, wipe out any previous cognitive impairment, and even gain an escape from our pill popping, amphetamine-addled world.

When using an amphetamine, although it may seem more efficient, entertaining, and even euphoric in the short run, in the long run it can prove extremely counterproductive. Luckily however, nootropics offer an escape from that horrid route of amphetamine dependence, and through long term usage with them, you can enhance overall brain function, and get more work done in the long run then you ever would have on amphetamines. Nootropics mechanism of action works primarily on the acetylcholine receptors, rather than on dopamine and serotonin like the addictive amphetamines branch of drugs does, making them non-neurotoxic, and allowing them to improve both short and long term brain function, improving overall conditioning along the way. With each dose of a nootropic that is administered, more and more of their cumulative effect will take place, meaning that the more you take, the stronger and more effective they get. This type of effect is MUCH more efficient then building up a tolerance, only to have to eventually go through a debilitating withdrawal to get off of it.

Here’s a list of my favorite types of nootropics that compare strength wise to a cleaner, more appropriate form of Adderall the next time you have to study for a test, or have that big paper to finish. They may not be quite as strong or euphoric, but they have cumulative effects that will make them stronger in the long-term rather than weaker, and they will ensure that you stay happy, healthy, productive, and addiction free.

    1. Phenylpiracetam- Phenylpiracetam is, from my experience, the most stimulant-like of the racetams, and of the nootropics as a whole. Phenylpiracetam comes close to Adderall’s effects with its potency, efficiency, and even (to a much more subtle extent) in its euphoric and mood uplifting effects. Although tolerance does increase with this nootropic however, no withdrawal symptoms will ever be felt from it, and the dosage can be increased by as much as seven times the regular dosage, and even then with no reported side effects It is a great nootropic for when you need a boost, and it is my number one recommended Adderall alternative.
  1. Sunifiram– Another one of my favorite nootropics, second only to Phenylpiracetam only in that everyone reacts differently to it. Sunifiram is an ampakine nootropics that is 1-5000 time stronger than the original nootropic, piracetam, and takes that statement to heart in its overall effect. Sunifiram comes VERY close to Adderall in its stimulant-like effects, (and in some ways is even stronger as a study alternative). Sunifiram also has the added benefit of improving memory and the quality of vision, and is an amazing study tool foranyone that needs to cram for an exam.
  2. Noopept– This nootropic possesses cumulative effects on par with no other, and for that reason is my favorite for long-term usage. Within fifteen minutes of sublingually ingesting the little tablet, vision and clarity of thought shoot up rapidly, as well as memory, focus, mental stamina, and overall energy levels. At the correct doses (10-30 milligrams 1-3 times per day) Noopept can be the perfect study and/or general cognitive enhancement aid for anyone, and can even prove to be stronger than the dangerous Addy over just short periods of its administration. I recommend it to anyone over an amphetamine, and know that it won’t disappoint.
  3. For Long Term Use-Aniracetam+Citicholine-For long-term cognitive functioning, as well as for curing any neurotoxicity Adderall may’ve had on your brain in the past, and Aniracetam/Citicholine regimen of just a few weeks can dramatically restore brain function, improve memory, lower anxiety levels, and even reduce cravings. Aniracetam combined with a potent choline source and supplemented for the long-term is a great Adderall alternative, and can have increasing effects that will far outweight whatever Adderall could do in a given time period.

Final Thoughts

Nootropics are the key to the future, and are an amazing, more potent, safer, and in the long run, more effective alternative to dangerous stimulant drugs in the amphetamine category. Although their effects may prove much more subtle, in the long and short term, you’ll be glad you stuck with them, and will have great mental and physical benefits as they are used for long-term improvement.


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