What is Olmifon?

Olmifon is a drug that was developed in France in the 1970s. The most popular use for Olmifon is to keep people awake who have problems sleeping too much, or people who need to stay awake for long hours, like students, nurses or shift workers. It was first introduced as a medication to treat people who suffered from sleepiness as well as other problems.

Olmifon is a cognitive enhancement drug. It is a nootropic or ‘smart drug.’ Not only does it help with being alert and awake (most efficient during the day), it also helps people gain normal sleeping habits (when taken properly and in the day time- you wouldn’t want to take Olmifon before bedtime or it would completely do the reverse of what it’s supposed to). Olmifon also helps people improve their memory and the speed of their memory. In other words, Olmifon helps people remember things quicker than they would if they were not taking it. As a ‘cognitive enhancer’ Olmifon also helps people focus, hold a conversation, and even helps people remember dreams more vividly and accurately. Those who have difficulty with their attention span can find Olmifon to help keep their mind focused and pay attention. Olmifon also helps with overall jitters and stress, and it has been shown to enhance a person’s overall mood.

The active ingredient in Olmifon is Adrafinil, but this will be discussed more in more detail later in the article. Olmifon was the original name of the drug Adrafinil, and essentially either name (Olmifon or Adrafinil) is the same drug with the same results.

How to Use Olmifon

Whether you are ingesting Olmifon as a capsule or a powdered supplement, it’s best to take 150-300 mg per day. This is a very strong nootropic, so when first beginning an Olmifon regime, one should ease into it and see how the drug affects the body. One should always consult a doctor before taking any new or different supplement or drug. Olmifon is not meant for long term use as it raises potential hazards to liver enzymes.

Some websites or recommendations are between 600mg to 900mg per dose however, it’s wise again to ensure the purity of the Olmifon before taking this much. It could be that some companies try to get people to take more of the powder/supplement because the Olmifon is not in it’s purest form, and the company is wanting people to consume more product so they have to, in turn, purchase more from the manufacturer.

Olmifon Brand vs Regular Adrafinil

Adrafinil and Olmifon are the same things. Olmifon was the original drug’s name and was discontinued in September of 2011 by the drug company Cephalon. Since it was discontinued, many companies make Adrafinil in powder form and market it as a nootropic. Most companies are overseas and sell it because there are no real legal restrictions on making it and selling it. It’s important, however, that you get a good manufacturer and make sure that you are really getting Adrafinil instead of filler.

To ensure real or pure Adrafinil, make sure that the company you buy it from offers a Certification of Authenticity. With the drug being unregulated, it’s important to get what you want and need. If you are worried, there are other tests that you can do to ensure that the Olmifon is as pure as possible, including boiling it to see what comes of the powder. These tests are provided on many internet forums that primarily include Adrafinil enthusiasts.


Olmifon has several benefits which help people with wakefulness, alertness, cognitive function, memory function, and focus issues. The drug is considered to be a eugeroic which is, in fact, a stimulant. People have reported very good results with daytime wakefulness, ability to concentrate, ability to sleep at night, ability to remember quickly and accurately, ability to remember dreams, and better overall mood. Olmifon was made to help with sleepiness and other sleeping issues. Its continuous use has been for increased energy, memory skills, cognitive function and alertness, and wakefulness.


The correct dosage of Olmifon is 150mg-300mg per day. A person should not start taking Olimifon in large doses until they know how their body will react to the drug. The best way is to take a small teaspoon of the powder or one small dose of a supplement and work the body’s tolerance up slowly. Olmifon is not meant to be taken long term.

Side Effects

Olmifon has several potential side effects which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dry Mouth
  • Increase in bad liver enzymes
  • high blood pressure
  • hyperactivity
  • indigestion
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (extremely rare)
  • fever
  • diarrhea
  • upset stomach
  • stomach pains

The danger and side effects reported have been minimal. Long term use of Olmifon is not recommended due to the potential harm to a person’s liver, so it shouldn’t be taken long term, nor should it be taken every day. A person will feel, if taken properly and no side effects are felt, alert, awake, and cognitively functional. A person’s overall mood may be better. A person may feel like he/she can concentrate, remember more quickly and accurately, and feel more energized when taking Olmifon.

Long-Term Use

Olmifon is not recommended for long term use as it can be potentially damaging to the liver as it has been known to raise bad liver enzymes.

Short-Term Use

Olmifon should be used in short term periods. It should not be taken every day. Some Olmifon users will take the supplement one week on, and then take a week off. This reduces the risk of the bodybuilding tolerance to the drug and it promotes the drug’s productivity when not taken every day.

Sublingual Use of Olmifon

Olmifon should be taken orally in the form of pills (supplements) or power supplement.


There has been substantial research on Olmifon and Adrafinil to show that the drug promotes wakefulness in animals and humans. There was a study done with a controlled group of people who took it or a placebo. Those who took the Olmifon reported more wakefulness, more energy, and being more alert during the time they took the drug. It has shown to promote wakefulness without hyperactivity. It did show that hyperactivity increased in animals, but not humans.

Long term research suggests that Olmifon can be damaging to the human liver if taken for long periods of time.

Researchers in France decided to stop marketing the drug Olmifon in 2011 because, to put it in layman’s terms, the risks outweighed the benefits. There is not a lot known about that study or the reasons why the researchers decided to ban the drug voluntarily. The drug Adrafinil has continued to be made, marketed and sold around the world since it was discontinued.


There are some dangers when taking too much Olmifon. One should not take more than is directed and should stick to 150-300mg per dose. One should work his/her way up to the dose. One should not take Olmifon if there are any side effects including nausea, fever, stomach pain, diarrhea, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure or any other adverse reactions. There is danger in taking Olmifon for long periods of time because the drug has been known to increase bad liver enzymes.

Olmifon Legal Status

In September of 2011, Olmifon was voluntarily discontinued in France. Olmifon was acquired by Cephalon and Cephalon discontinued marketing Olmifon in 2011. It’s not quite clear why Olmifon was discontinued, although the official reason was that Cephalon’s board of advisors considered that the benefit/risk ratio of the drug to be unfavorable. The announcement to discontinue Olmifon came as a surprise to many, and at first, the common assumption was that Cephalon simply ran out and needed to produce more. The complete discontinuation of the drug was a bit of a shock to the pharmaceutical world. This drug does not require a doctors prescription to get.

Olmifon US Ban

Olmifon is not regulated by the FDA in the United States, and is sold as Adrafinil in the form of supplements but is banned to use by athletes as it’s considered a performance-enhancing drug.

Olmifon UK Ban

The United Kingdom does not consider Olmifon to be a controlled drug and there is no prescription required to take or possess the drug in the UK. However, Olmifon is also not approved, regulated, or controlled by their Food and Drug Administration or the NHS (National Health Service)

Basically, Olmifon is considered to be in a greyish category in the UK. A UK resident can legally purchase it without any sort of prescription. While a UK resident can lawfully order Olmifon from outside the country and have it imported for his/her personal use, buying it for the intents and purposes of selling or distributing the drug in the UK is not legal. There have been instances where customers in the UK have stopped the import of Olmifon, but it doesn’t happen often and for the most part, people in the UK can get it without any hassles or problems. People from several countries order Olmifon for their personal use and for distribution use as again, it’s not regulated for the most part. The fact that it’s not regulated DOES mean that a person who buys Olmifon needs to consider the source and make sure that the company that provides the drug has a guarantee and a good reputation. Several nootropics companies have reviews online that consumers can read to consider their purchase.

Online Reviews

There have been many positive reviews for the drug Olmifon/Adrafinil. The most important factor to consider is making sure the producer of the supplement is guaranteeing that they manufacture the purest form possible. If you are buying something without a guarantee, it may be full of ‘filler.’ The best thing is to get a reputable nootropics company and read the reviews on their particular product, and then make a decision from that point.

Final Thoughts on Olmifon

If you are struggling with being able to stay awake and alert or struggling to focus, Olmifon may be a good supplement to take to feel more alert and cognitively productive. Although the actual drug marketing under the name ‘Olmifon’ was discontinued in September of 2011, it continues to be produced and can be found in pure form from several manufacturers. It’s a good idea to try and wean your body into the drug to see how you will react. Side effects have been minimal, although it’s not a good idea to take the drug long term in case it has adverse effects on the liver. Olmifon is a good product to use for those would have attention deficits problems, sleepiness or sleeplessness issues, concentration issues, or for people who need to stay awake for long periods of time.

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