Oxiracetam Benefits over the Long-Term

Oxiracetam Benefits

If you’ve seen our nootropics store recently, we now have Oxiracetam available, the only stimulating racetam known to man, basically the equivalent of a low Adderall dose packed in with a hefty feed of piracetam! Oxiracetam is one of my personal favorite nootropics, as is it in popularity around the globe, so get your hands on some oxiracetam and start biohacking your way to success. Considered to be one of the best smart drugs from the racetam family and overall, oxiracetam is extremely effective in improving attention span, memory, confidence, euphoria, and overall cognitive health. Similar to the original racetams to a near tee (only improved with its stimulating mechanism of action) oxiracetam is a great step for improving your brain power for nootropic junkies of all experience levels! With a similar mechanism of action to most all of the other members of the racetam family, oxiracetam influences the acetylcholine neurotransmitter by blocking its reuptake, leading to a greater abundance of it in the frontal lobes in the brain (what creates its noticeable effect), and also has a permanent enhancement effect on the cholinergic system of the brain, meaning that the choline receptors are permanently heightened and enhanced, even after administration of oxiracetam has been increased.

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More about Oxiracetam

What does it feel like

As for feeling, when you take an oxiracetam, in 20-30 minutes your vision will be crisp, clear and much more enhanced, you will have a greater memory capacity, your motivation to learn will be increased (akin to a low dose of ADHD medication), and you will likely have a slight physical burst of energy. Unlike many other nootropics, like ashwagandha and piracetam, which can take weeks or month before even the slightest of effects is noticed, oxiracetam’s effects happen immediately, and are cumulative, meaning the more you take, the more is in your system, and the stronger its effects become. This also occurs because you become used to how oxiracetam feels in the brain, and of how to alter your thinking and study habits in order to best faciliate learning. Oxiracetam Benefits include a very nice, euphoric, speedy feeling that can make being productive not only entertaining, but easy!

Oxiracetam Benefits and Possible Side Effects

Oxiracetam is an extremely potent and stimulating racetam with many short and long term benefits, both in cognition, and in a person’s life. Since oxiracetam is one of the most pure nootropics, the benefits are quickly and easily noticed on a person’s physical and mental functioning, and will also be noticeable to those around you. When I first began a 2 month regiment of oxiracetam, after three weeks of supplementing, my roommate came back to see me writing one day, and said “geez, you’ve been writing all day nonstop, and you’ve really been on your A-game the last few weeks, what have you been doing?” I nodded and chuckled, but said nothing else, it’s so much more fun keeping people in the dark on nootropics when they have a significant impact on your life, or on a specific project. Oxiracetam has greatly boosted my memory and recall, and overall has made me a much better student and athlete, especially of the effects I am noticing AFTER my two month cycle has been completed!

Why you should do racetam “cycles” as I call them…

A cycle is when you take something for a certain period of time, (usually in a U shaped curve with nootropics), and then get off of it in order to notice the results it has left you with after you’re done supplementing it. These cycles are best because they let you enhance your natural brain, rather then just using a supplement or drug to enhance it, let you monitor your progress without the drug to see the benefits you have reaped from your cycle, and allow your brain to perform at its full potential. Oxiracetam, when used in proper dosages and when cycled, is also extremely neuroprotective, and is one of the most potent nootropics currenty available.

Side Effects

The only notable side effects that oxiracetam has is a dull headache from choline depletion, easily defeated by adding a hearty dose of CDP Choline into your oxiraceatm equation, which also potentiates it-so always do this when using oxiracetam-and any racetam for that matter, you’ll be glad you did!

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