Oxiracetam India

Oxiracetam India

What is Oxiracetam, and is the Drug Popular in India?

We Ship Oxiracetam to India, Oxiracetam India, UK and US are all shipping destinations of ours! Oxiracetam is a drug with very mild stimulating properties. It is a nootropic in the racetam family. It is shown that it improves hippocampally-mediated learning performance. It does this by increasing membrane-bound protein kinase C (PKC). It is taken by oral ingestion and is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract with about 69% percent bioavailability. The peak serum levels are reached in about two hours after taking a single dose of 800mg or 2000mg oral dose. The maximum serum concentration reached for those doses are about 19-31 µg/ml. In India, the drug is rapidly growing in popularity, and overall is considered an extremely safe supplement. The typical dosage is 800 mg, taken 1-3 times daily.

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Benefits of Oxiracetam

Many studies have been done on the benefits of Oxiracetam especially on the neuro protective side. The studies show that the neuronal loss resulting from the use or prescription drug could be avoided by use of Oxiracetam.

Majority of those do not have to worry about their cognition declining. They are mostly concerned with enhancing their memory. There are not many studies on rats using Oxiracetam as compared to their drugs like piracetam and aniracetam. The same benefits observed in the cholinergic system of the brain also show up with Oxiracetam.

The benefits of Oxiracetam are not just limited to the improvement of memory and its protection. However, those two are the main reasons why people use this drug. This great drug has been found to be of great benefit in managing dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Side effects

When using any nootropic, there are always risks and drawbacks that we all anticipate. There is always the headache that most people will fear with use of racetams. The first dose of Oxiractem being potent and very effective means also sudden headaches. These are caused due to depletion of acetycholine. Understanding the side effects of oxiracetam is important in managing those side effects.

Taking choline supplements is one of the easiest ways to manage the headaches. They are the available are the most effective in preventing lowering of choline levels. The two main supplements are CDP choline and alpha GPC. There are many other but these work very well for most people.

One has to however determine the dosage for themselves through trial and error. A medical expert can be called in to help if one is not sure how to go about it. In most cases, Oxiracetam side effects and self tracking are linked together. You have to relate what is going on in your body and the side effects you are experiencing. This way, you easily

manage the most common side effects.


Dosage Requirements of Oxiracetam in India

For most people, they find that taking a dosage of between 600 and 3000 milligrams of Oxiracetam a day works very well for them. The rule of thumb if you are self medicating is to start at the lower dosage and move gradually if there is need to. The dosage should be divided into several even portions of your daily dosage. For example, for the minimum dosage of 600 milligrams a day, one can take 200 milligrams at 6AM, 200 milligrams at 2PM and 200 milligram at 10PM. alternatively, one can take 300 milligrams at 6AM and 300 milligrams 6PM in the evening.

Advanced users will sometimes consider taking a mega dose. This is where they take 2 to 4 times the normal dose once a week. This is done during periods of intensive activities like preparing for an exam. As expected, one should be prepared to deal with severe side effects and other great risks. This is why it is best used by advanced users who have managed these side effects successfully before. This mega dose is sometimes called an attack doe and is taken together with the regular regimen. This dosage allows Oxiracetam to build up quickly around receptor sites. This is fooled by the normal dosage for the rest of the day and week. This means taking like 600 milligrams in the morning then 200 milligrams at lunch time and 200 milligrams at 2PM and 200 milligrams at 10PM. In India, and in the UK overseas, the recommended dosage of Oxiracetam is from 8-2400 milligrams, taken 1-3 times daily.


This drug is used by most people to enhance their memory. It is also used to boost cognition functions. It has some neuro-protective properties that protect the brain from further damage. This is more importantly when it is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and organic solvent abuse. Other private uses include preparing for brain intensive activities like studying for exams.


Long-term use

Oxiracetam when used on the long term improves both the short term and long term memory. It increases the ability to concentrate for prolonged period and motivation to learn. The motivation to learn is mostly because of the ability to grasp the concepts at hand easily. It increases awareness due to improved sensory perception. It aids brain chemical and therefore benefits the nervous system and feeds neuron communications. Oxiracetam advances critical thinking when use d for long. It increases the ability to think clearly, quickly and intelligently.


Short-term use

Research shows that Oxiracetam can greatly improve short term memory and the ability to remember. It is useful in enhancing cramming and studying techniques. Most young users use it during revision times to speed up their intake of knowledge.

Oxiracetam also acts as a stimulant because it boosts acetylcholine development in the brain. The Oxiracetam influences the production of acetylcholine by modifying the activity of the enzyme responsible of joining acetyl coenzyme a to Choline. This action produces the neurotransmitter Oxiracetam. This is the neurotransmitter that is crucial to memory and learning. Additionally, all drug-induced memory deficits are neutralized by oxiracetam.


Reviews of Oxiracetam India, UK, and US

One of the best ways to understand a product is to read reviews and get to know what others have to say about it. Each review will have its unique point of view depending on what the user has experienced. The following Oxiracetam reviews have been chosen to provide neutral, positive and negative aspects Oxiracetam. Oxiracetam in India is widely popularized nootropic, just like in the United States. In the UK, it had been frequently used as an off-label prescription, until only recently it has been banned.


Positive reviews of Oxiracetam in India

“Oxiracetam initially increased my concentration levels and mental clarity. This is something that rarely happens to me. Thought seemed to flow more freely but the mental blockage seemed to disappear. Learning new facts and concepts became a breeze.”-metalman101

“About an hour ago, I took a 200ml; I feel as focused as I write this and thought I should share. It does not feel like a stimulant, more like a strong desire to achieve or finish a task. I have never felt what Oxiracetam has given me” –onemember

“This drug is more of an awakener than a stimulant. My monkey looks quite active and I would say it is relaxed. I would use it anytime am feeling bored enough not to want to finish a task”–Thinker.

“I found that Oxiracetam greatly helped me in studying for my exams. I certainly can recall even now the stuff that I would not remember after an exam. It also helps in logical thinking. I would give it a 5 out of 5”–Passmaster

“Using oxiracetam changed the way ideas flowed through my mind. I suddenly could focus on tasks for longer and linger on solving problems at hand for longer. I found it easier to piece related pieces of information easily” –Alice16


Neutral Oxiracetam India Reviews

“I usually feel uplifted when using oxiracetam as compared to other products. I feel mostly less anxiuos about changing tasks”– axeman7

“I have tried several doses of Oxiracetam ranging from the minimum of 600mg a day to 3000mg a day. There are no foreseeable effects. The only effect was a slight headache”–milima

Both Customers were from India overseas.


Negative Oxiracetam India Reviews

“I have had a slight crash. This happens a lot after a dose of about 500mg”—popp78 From India<<<

As one can observe from the above reviews, this product has no serious side effects and for most people it does help them greatly.


Is this legal in India?

Oxiracetam has not been approved by the US government for use in medical facilities. It is however not outlawed either. Contact professional for controlled usage and learn the best of its benefits. Oxiracetam is in fact 100% legal to import in India.


How Long Does this Last?

This drug last in the body for about 8 hours. The effects or its benefits gained will diminish in varying degrees depending on an individual. The drug should not be mixed with other drugs so as not be confused on what is causing what side effect. The only drug it should be combined is the choline supplement.


Research on Oxiracetam India, the US, and the UK’s research

Current research is focused on enhancing the effects of the drug for long term. This will make it more effective in medical treatment. There is also ongoing research on how to deal with its side effects so as to avoid use of choline supplements. Other ongoing research is how to find a cure for dementia and organic solvents. There is more research to be done on the best dose that will have optimum effect. This will however take time as the results are biased and dependent on an individual’s intelligence.

This product does help a person be alert and retain more of what they are learning. It can however not erase what they already know and their is no way to establish when it wears off the rate of loss of information. What has been established however is that does improve learning performance.


In India, it is a very well-researched nootropic drug, and has in-fact become relatively mainstream.


In the US, is has been popularized as a cognitive enhancing nootropic supplement, and is growing in popularity each day.


It has become increasingly harder to get in the United Kingdom, yet is still regularly imported there!



This drug was developed in the year 1977. It is a racetam and stimulant in that it has an effect on the nerves. It however differs on the way it affects the user as compared to other stimulants. Most of its testes have been on mice. The mice showed improvement in their learning abilities in standard tests.


Final Thoughts on Oxiracetam India

Those who have used Oxiracetam will prefer it to other drugs anytime they have an option. It is important however that it be purchased from the right source to avoid being sold generic versions of it. There are enough distributors of this drug and its supplements. This product is the best solution if you are going for a book camp and you want to get the maximum out of it. Unlike coffee that simply helps you stay warm and awake; this product actually enables your brain to retain information. It also enhances protection of your brain cells.

The supplements are for managing the negative side effects that might be experienced by some users. If one is not sure about this product then one should not use it without seeking a doctor’s advice. This is very important if one is on other prescription drugs. Oxiracetam is not a medical drug and should be used to enhance not to treat. We ship Oxiracetam to India, and it is 100% legal to order there!


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