The Oxiracetam and Phenibut Stack


The Oxiracetam and Phenibut Stack

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More about Oxiracetam

Oxiracetam is a mental-function enhancing drug that is taken by mouth. It can be mixed with a drink or other foods and taken with them in order to increase potency. The drug is known to increase the attention span of the brain, as well as to boost the memory capacity of an individual. It has been in the market for decades now and its use is very widespread, especially among college students and other professionals who would like to perform well in their studies or work. Phenibut is a mood enhancing drug which is in most cases used as, or with another nootropic to increase potency. However, claims that it can boost brain power are in question, and studies are underway to ascertain whether or not the drug has such qualities.

Benefits of Oxiracetam

There are a number of benefits that are associated with the usage of the stack of Oxiracetam and Phenibut. On the top of the list is that, as much as the nootropic oxiracetam makes the brain function faster and better, there is a possibility of lack of sleep, restlessness and anxiety. When it is stacked with Phenibut, then the problem is solved easily since the Phenibut will bring relaxation, induce sleep and lower the anxiety in the user. Therefore, when they are stacked together, one can achieve what he wanted to do without being affected by the side effects of the brain power enhancers. The mood is also enhanced when Phenibut is used, which makes the stack very attractive to many of its users. Oxiracetam gives a type of speedy effect, and Phenibut helps to relax you, allowing for increased cognition, and a good nights sleep after your nootropics fueled study session!

My experience

I have had a very interesting encounter with the usage of the drug stack. It has indeed served me so well. The very first time I was doubting whether it could help me get what I wanted and to avoid, in warding off any of the mild insomnia side effects of oxiracetam. I could catch up with the deadlines I had to beat in my work, and I was overjoyed from the mood and relaxation enhancing qualities of the Phenibut.  I could concentrate on my work and was able to pay attention to detail in the best manner possible while writing, managing my startup, and pursuing a finance degree. I was able to write a report on the same without feeling fatigued or anxious in any way. The stack has worked well, and I had to use it each day in the morning so that I feel its effect all day long. While not an addictive stack, it can become habit forming because of how effective it is, if this happens, simply switch nootropics out with ones that have similar effects!


Taking 6-800 milligrams of Oxiracetam is recommended and when stacking with Phenibut, one can take between 1500 and 3000 milligrams, depending upon the effects it has on your body and mind after long term usage of the stack. Therefore, the chemistry of the body of the user is crucial and in the case of any ailments, a physician’s advice is really essential so that it does have a devastating effect upon your health. Overdosing is also not good since it may result in unexpected results or effects.

Side Effects

The side effects of oxiracetam include insomnia, especially when taken in large amounts, headaches and anxiety. The same drug can also cause a lot of dizziness, irritability and to some cases, gastrointestinal problems that last hours but finally get away. Apart from all that, there are a number of users who have complained of nausea after using the supplement, but that is in minimal levels. The use of phenibut has also been said to cause nausea and as well reduce the memory of the users when it is used for a long time. Phenibut can also cause constipation and dizziness. In most cases, the users complain of tiredness, especially when they are using Phenibut alongside the drug.

Final Thoughts

Give the Oxiracetam/Phenibut a try, both of these miraculous nootropics are available in our nootropics store!

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