Oxiracetam vs. Noopept

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Oxiracetam vs. Noopept

In this post I’ve decided to do something much different, rather than compare two ampakines or two racetams, I will use one racetam (a strong stimulating one) and compare it with an ampakine-type nootropic in order to highlight the differences, and explain exactly why the ampakines are far superior in terms of improving cognition. Noopept, in this case, will serve as the ampakine nootropic comparison, in order to show superiority between these two potent smart drugs.


Oxiracetam is one of the most stimulating of the racetams, yet in the world of advanced nootropics, is still relatively weak. Oxiracetam employs its work solely on the acetylcholine receptors, and while it has a stimulating mechanism of action due to its extreme action on movement and in this region of the brain, it still is only around 25 times as powerful as the original baseline smart drug piracetam. Take and oxiraceatm and you’ll feel better memory and concentration for around three to six hours, at dosages of 800-2400 milligrams, you’ll have a better more productive day because of it, but to really “break out” and have the most productive day possible, it fails utterly to an ampakine nootropic.



Compared to Oxiracetam’s measly 25 times the potency of Piraceatm, Noopept is 1000 times as strong as Piracetam, at dosages of 1% that of oxiracetam, and has a far greater variety of effects. It acts on the acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and GABA receptors in the brain, and at much higher potency’s. Noopept however, also has a strange effect base, the type of effects it gives are directly related on your mood and overall health, if you are depressed, Noopept will make you more depressed, if you are happy and motivated, Noopept will facilitate this to a further degree, an interesting and powerful nootropic, Noopept has an uncanny potential to re-wire the human brain when compared to oxiracetam.

Potency and Duration differences

Noopept is as much as 50 times as powerful as oxiracetam, an already powerful nootropic drug, which greatly speaks to its overall potency. It is one of the most powerful and common smart drugs readily available, and I recommend anyone in the nootropic realm, whether advanced or a beginner, to add Noopept into their regular stacks.

Price Differences

On a per milligram basis, Oxiracetam is MUCH cheaper, it is however, more expensive in our nootropic store, because of the high does that we offer!

Side Effects

Both have the same range of side effects, and while both are very little, Noopept unfortunately does have more side effects. The

more Noopept you take (at once) the less effective it is and the more likely it is to make you exhausted and sleepy. With oxiracetam, the opposite is true, and attack doses of it are often advocated as a way to significantly enhance productivity. Both also succumb to the common “racetam headache” resulting from a downregulation of the acetylcholine receptors in the brain, be sure to supplement CDP choline with both of these grand nootropic drugs.

Final Thoughts

Both Noopept and Oxiracetam are among the strongest and most effective of nootropic drugs, experiment with both of them as you wish, just know that Noopept is the stronger, better , yet more expensive of the two drugs, comment with your experiences or questions about nootropics in general, Noopept, or Oxiracetam!

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