Oxiracetam vs Sunifiram

Oxiracetam vs Sunifiram

Oxiracetam is a drug that is used in increasing the attention span, memory and the cognitive response to information very well. The drug is normally taken with food or water and administered orally. On the other hand, the Sunifiram, which is also known as the 1-benzoyl-4-propanoylpiperazine, or DM-235, is a recent Ampakine, whichcame into the market in 2000. It has the ability to stimulate the mental receptors to make one’s brain function FAR better and on a far higher level. It is a more potent memory enhancing supplement that has a similar chemical structure as the Piracetam. However, its effects are far much stronger than most other supplements and it is preferred by people who want the best results.


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More about Oxiracetam

Sunifiram is a very concentrated drug and not much amount will be needed to arouse the effects. In fact, too much of it will be toxic to your system (we’re talking excessive dosgaes, even at 1-200 milligrams, if adjusted for tolerance, one could in theory be fine). The recommended dosage is five to eight milligrams, but that can be stretched to ten considering the effect that one needs to achieve higher dosages to adapt for tolerance. However, when one takes as much as ten, then they are bound to experience higher perspiration and increased heart beat rate. The Oxiracetum dosages that are recommended range from 200 milligrams to 600 milligrams, depending on the chemistry of the body of the consumer. However, care should be taken, especially for people, who have various other chronic illnesses, not to take inappropriate amounts that may compromise their health further.These two drugs are quite similar and while (I’ll save you reading this whole post if you want to skip to the bottom;) Sunifiram is significantly stronger, around 75x as much on a per-milligram basis, oxiracetam is better for long term (stimulating) and Sunifiram for short (crazy memory boost and rush of euphoria.)

Side Effects

The supplement is fairly good to use with very mild effects on the user. It is not addictive and one can stop, whenever she, or he wishes, without any withdrawal effects. For the time it has been in use, no serious effects have been reported. However, in some cases, especially when there is an overdose, Sunifiram and Oxiracetam have caused headaches, a little nervousness, dizziness and finally, insomnia, (which is rare though, most report no adverse effets). Most of these effects can be solved, if the dosage taken is reduced. In most cases, desire to have excellent results is what makes people take them in larger amounts, which in turn leads to such effects.

Review – My experiences

I took my first dose of Oxiracetum of 800 milligrams and had a good experience. About ten minutes into my daily warm up, I felt far much more focused than what I could feel initially. I could concentrate all the way to the completion of that last lap, which I could literally force myself to finish, this time on my run, I had that extra “kick in the pants” per say to just keep pushing. I was happy how the rest of my workout that day went, and simply put, it was one of my best-and the supplement did not feel like a stimulant while running, no excessive heartbeat, just a clear focused, good workout.

Sunifiram, is a different story entirely. Though oxiracetam is very potent and stimulating, Sunifiram is new, is an ampakine, and is in a class of its own-for good reason.It is most definitely the strongest nootropic I’ve ever tried, and other than Phenylpiracetam or Adrafinil (because its duration is shorter, only 2 hours vs. 6-12) the visual boost is incredible, you fee euphoric and full of energy, and no amphetamine comes close to the type of mental endurance and “I have to do everything” feeling that sunifiram gives to its users.

Final Thoughts

When stacking Oxiracetam and Sunifiram, be sure to throw in a source of Choline, and for best results CDP Choline, overall it will boost your brain power by potentiating both of these nootropics, will improve their duration, and will help to ward off any unpleasant side effects. You can purchase all of these nootropics here in our nootropics store!

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