What is Oxiracetam? And how it’s one of the Best Adderall Subs

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What is Oxiracetam

One of the stronger and more powerful derivatives of the smart drug piracetam,

oxiracetam has much stronger effects, oxygenates the brain better, lasts longer on a lower dosage, and has a more potent stimulating effect to it. Oxiracetam, when used over the long term, can significantly improve your overall ability to form memories, due to its direct reaction on acetylcholine and on the hippocampus, while also improving visual acuity and reaction time for the permanent. Oxiracetam has been thought of in the smart drug community as a nootropic that’s best for math, due to its heavy effects both on alertness, on solving complex problems, and in memory encoding. Oxiracetam has a subtle, yet very noticeable effect on your mood, alertness and clarity of thought, and in your overall productivity. Oxiracetam can feel very speedy, and for many has replaced what was once a morning cup of coffee, with several scoops of this amazing nootropic. Typical doses of Oxiracetam are 800mg-2g dosed 1-3 times per day, preferably with a meal.

While Oxiracetam is well liked around the world of smart drug users, mainly in that it can feel like a mild Central Nervous System stimulant when dosed properly, oxiracetam also has the added effect of restoring brain damage from excessive drug or alcohol consumption. While most nootropic drugs can also do this on some level, Oxiracetam is specifically known (alongside noopept) for having this effect on the brains of previous drug users, as well as in restoring brain size damage due to alcoholism.

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More about Oxiracetam

In my experience with Oxiracetam, I dug an initial scoop (with hardly any expectations), yet after nearly 20 minutes of mixing the powder into a juice drink (for better and faster blood stream absorption) I soon understood why this was such a popular, raved about nootropic. My vision, sensory perception, and overall clarity of thought came to light in the strongest way possible, and instantly whatever learning that needed to get done turned from a chore, to something that was a challenge, with my newfound brain power welcoming it to the fullest extent. It felt like a low dose of an amphetamine, yet without any jitters, and without the feeling that I was no longer in control. Oxiracetam to this day is one of my favorite nootropics, and I use it on a regular basis, hoping to benefit from its cumulative brian enhancement qualities. I usually supplement oxiracetam with Alpha Brain, from onnit labs, in that it provides the strongest type of choline available, as well as being a very potent nootropic stack, with things like Huperzine A adding to the already potent nootropic. 

Oxiracetam has also greatly potentiated the effects of caffeine and the racerams (sunifiram, unifiram, etc.), and has make them not only last longer, but also increase their potency and effects. Oxiracetam has been around for over a decade, continues to be researched, and is regarded as one of the safest nootropics you can take. Oxiracetam is extremely neuroprotective, and will continue to influence the lives and brain functions of entreprenurs, mathematicians, writers, and anyone who wants to help improve overall cognitive functioning, for generations to come. ]

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend oxiracetam, and for best benefits, I recommend stacking it with Alpha Brain. Alpha Brain greatly improved the overall efficiency of the nootropic, helped it last longer, and overall, made it effects much cleaner. Oxiracetam is a great nootropic that is well tolerated, and that has been studied for a time, so go out and get yourself a bottle of Oxiracetam and maximize your potential!

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