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Phenibut, a GABA analogue, has become an increasingly sought-after nootropic supplement. Well-renowned for its mood-boosting, sociability-enhancing, and stress-relieving effects, Phenibut is both a tranquilizer and a smart drug. People use it as both a sleep aid and a study drug. But many seeking to utilize it for their study purposes wonder where they can go to load up on it.

The problem is, there are limited vendors who offer Phenibut powder in bulk. This makes for a supply and demand scenario that results in price gouging—It’s easy to order, but it’s hardly inexpensive. It’s important to know who you are getting your Phenibut powder from and whether it is of optimal quality. You want your Phenibut powder to be pure and you want to trust the vendor you go with. Here we look at some of the places you can go to get your hands on premium bulk Phenibut powder.


As fate would have it, for all you chemically-minded Canooks, bulk Phenibut is available across the True North courtesy of Peak Nootropics, a popular nootropic blog that has blossomed into a bona fide nootropic business. They sell 50 grams for just $23.99. By ordering 500 grams from them at $239.99, you will have more than enough bulk Phenibut powder to last you at least one year of daily use! All of this breaks down to about twenty-four cents for each day of Phenibut use. Compared to most other nootropics, that is extremely cost-effective!


For all you ‘Mericans out there looking to ease the pain and confusion that the New Year has wrought upon you, Phenibut has got you covered. And fortunately, bulk Phenibut powder is readily available in the United States.

American vendors typically sell as much as 1 kilogram (or 35.27 ounces) of Phenibut for each time you place an order. This, too, could last you well over a year. To purchase bulk Phenibut in the US click here. This is but one vendor with a good reputation among the nootropic community. It is worth noting that Peak Nootropics also ships to the US and offers USPS Priority Shipping. Both of these vendors have excellent reputations and offer a wealth of information about the product you are receiving.

This is important: You should always strive to know as much about the product you are buying as possible. All too often, folks get swindled into buying a bogus batch of bulk Phenibut. If you’ve been on online forums and read reports of people experiencing no substantive effect from taking Phenibut, that probably means they were sold an inauthentic product. In other words, what they took was not real Phenibut. True Phenibut powder is potent as all get out and induces a range of positive effects including relaxation, reduced stress, and improved mood. It has been used to alleviate panic disorders and anxiety.


A lot of people have read stuff online about Phenibut eliciting sensations similar to Xanax. Of course, the truth is, it is much stronger than Xanax and offers a wealth of benefits that that prescription drug could only dream of producing. Xanax, and other drugs in the benzodiazepine family, work on GABA receptors. While some believe that Phenibut has the ability to hit up our GABA receptors in large dosages, this theory has not been validated by the scientific community. It is highly ill-advised for users to mix benzodiazepines with Phenibut as the result could be fatal.


If you are buying bulk Phenibut powder in Canada or abroad, it is important to trust the vendor from which you are purchasing it. Both Peak Nootropics and offer risk-free money back guarantees. Peak Nootropics, in particular, provides a detailed refund delivery policy which is clear on their terms and conditions, transparently laying out exactly why you can trust their products. ships their bulk Phenibut within a day and offers free shipping on bulk orders of at least $75 or more. They also give you a nice video rundown of why it is as beneficial as they say it is. Peak Nootropics, on the other hand, includes a link to a Beginner’s Guide to Nootropics. This is a handy tool for those who wish to know more about what they are consuming.


Phenibut is normally well-tolerated by users, but some mild side effects have been reported, albeit it rather seldom. They may include nausea, but the real concern is the effect of cessation. After discontinuing its use, a “hangover” effect may occur. This is a sign of withdrawal that should dissipate over time. Users are urged to use Phenibut cyclically to avoid tolerance or addiction.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Readers are urged to do their own independent research into bulk Phenibut powder and to use with care. Results may vary. Be safe, be smart and emancipate your mind.

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