Phenylalanine Side Effects

Phenylalanine Side Effects

Should you Supplement Phenylalanine when Taking Psycho Stimulants

Phenylalanine is known as one of the most precious amino acids in the market today. It exists in several forms, and it can as well be synthesized in the lab. Its usage has gained recognition due to bringing quick relief from the symptoms

of most neurological disorders with fewer side effects. D and L phenylalanine are the forms that abundantly exist, leading to them used as precursors to making phenylalanine artificially in the lab. It can be obtained from many sources, including meat and eggs. These are very crucial in life for bodybuilding and growth.

Benefits of Phenylalanine

A condition called vitiligo that is characterized by white milky spots on the skin can be cured by phenylalanine. It is normally taken orally, and then the person is exposed to UV light. It was found to be very effective in treating vitiligo compared with other types of medications.

More about Phenylalanine

It is also very crucial in treating ADHD. This disease affects the children and old aged people. The drug plays a great role in alleviating the symptoms that are geared by this disease. It is therefore, the most choice in treating the ADHD. Treatment of Parkinsonism has also been made easy by the use of the drug, as most of the symptoms are quickly eradicated.

Arthritis, that is inflammation of the joints, has been well managed by the drug. The drug has fully eradicated alcohol withdrawal syndrome and craving for alcohol can be put to a stop, if it is given to people who have stopped alcohol.

Dosage of Phenylalanine

Phenylalanine is used after being recommended by qualified practitioners who understand the right dosages of the drug. It should therefore be administered according to age and severity of the disease being treated. This will help in reducing the side effects of the drug. It is normally taken orally. A dosage of 50-100mg is recommended. Any practitioner should investigate the case of the patient in and out to ensure that the given dose is within the therapeutic range. The dosages should also be made in respect to the age of the patient to avoid overdose.

Side effects of Phenylalanine.

The side effects of phenylalanine occur due to inappropriate dosing and using the drug where it is not supposed to be used. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not use the drug as it can lead to malformations of the organs of the embryo.

The drug can also lead to headaches and nausea. Vomiting can occur, but is very rare. The drug should be taken with caution by people with ulcers.
It can lead to rush if the person is sensitive to the drug. The drug should immediately be stopped if signs of anaphylactic shock are observed in the patient’s body. Some may experience headache and drowsiness if they are using it for the first time. The drug should therefore be well analyzed before being prescribed.

Final Thoughts

Something very similar to Phenylalanine which will help your brain heal EVEN BETTER when using psychostimulants is L-Theanine, it produces the same benefits of Phenylalanine, with the addiction of helping sleep…which is better for healing your brain than any amount of Phenylalanine ever could be!

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