A Brief Review Of The Main Effects Of Phenylethylamine

What Is Phenylethylamine?

Some people might have heard of Phenylethylamine in the context of chocolate. This is the chemical in chocolate that allegedly makes it the food of love. Phenylethylamine has attracted a lot of references in the popular press about being the love drug. Obviously, the experience of love is so complex that it certainly cannot be boiled down to a single chemical, although the popular media has been trying to do so for a long time. Today, oxytocin has found a lot of popularity as the love chemical, just like Phenylethylamine. Neither supposition is a complete explanation for the experience of love. However, even something that can give a person a semblance of the feeling of love is going to be powerful and potent, and the nootropic supplement, Phenylethylamine, fits the bill in that regard.


Unsurprisingly, the primary benefits involved with taking Phenylethylamine lie with its benefits for a person’s mood. This is a nootropic that can give people a pervasive sense of well-being and happiness. However, most chemicals that the body naturally produces are going to have multiple effects within the body, especially the brain, and Phenylethylamine is no exception. As such, it has powerful implications as a nootropic and not just as a mood-elevating chemical.

Phenylethylamine can help people form new memories much more easily, while also making it that much easier for them to recall the memories and information that they have absorbed. People’s capacity for learning and for new information will increase as they start to take Phenylethylamine. They will become that much better at retaining the information in the first place, while also getting that much better at processing it. Naturally, they will also be happier as they do it, which can make a huge difference when it comes to the rate at which people learn.

Phenylethylamine’s other nootropic claim to fame lies in the fact that it can make it much easier for people to pay attention to what they’re doing and what they’re learning in the first place. People can experience improvements in terms of their attention spans thanks to Phenylethylamine. They will be able to focus on what they’re trying to learn for longer periods of time. They will also be able to think more clearly and with more lucidity.

Recommended Dosage

People who are taking Phenylethylamine will take between 250 and 1,000 mg of the supplement every day. People who have become accustomed to this supplement and to supplements, in general, are going to need to take the larger dose, and smaller people and people who are new to the supplement should take the smaller dose.

People should avoid increasing their dosage too much since it is relatively easy to build up a tolerance to something like this. In many cases, cycling with Phenylethylamine is going to be the better course of action for a lot of people. They can get the benefits without risking building up a tolerance to something that the body is going to need in order to function properly anyway.

Side Effects

Phenylethylamine is naturally occurring within the human body. As such, the body is not going to recognize it as any sort of foreign substance and is not going to react to it poorly. People should be able to take the recommended dosage of Phenylethylamine safely without having to worry about suffering negative consequences in the process.

However, no supplement is without side effects. Some people experience dizziness, nausea, headaches, insomnia, heartburn, and constipation. Many of these side effects will be more than counterbalanced by the improvements that people will experience in terms of mood.

Long-Term Use

People who take this supplement every day for a long period of time will find that their receptors for Phenylethylamine will become less sensitive to it. They will build up a tolerance, so to speak, and this might become even more pronounced with something that the body produces naturally. Being more or less immune to the body’s own Phenylethylamine could leave people significantly worse off than they were before, even though this highly developmental process is reversible. Long-Term Use of Phenylethylamine effects for mental enhancement shows no excess side effects.

Short-Term Use

In the short-term, people can get all sorts of benefits from using Phenylethylamine. They will be able to feel better, learn more effectively, and handle various challenges with more energy.


Phenylethylamine has been subjected to a great deal of scientific research, which is why advertisers have jumped all over it in promoting it as the love compound in the first place. People have heard about its powerful mood improving effects, which have also been demonstrated in studies time and time again. The benefits that Phenylethylamine offers in terms of thinking have also been demonstrated again and again.

Legal Status

Phenylethylamine is legal in the United States and throughout most of the developed world. People might have a hard time ordering it online in some cases, but it is not because there are any legal problems.

Online Reviews

Many people have gotten the full range of benefits from Phenylethylamine. They have reported that their moods improved considerably. They found that they were able to focus on a wide range of tasks much more efficiently. People found that they could learn more effectively as a result of taking Phenylethylamine. Naturally, their willingness to learn also increased, which is going to allow people to learn more effectively in practice as well as in principle.

Final Thoughts

Phenylethylamine doesn’t live up to the reputation that advertisers have set for it in many ways. It is not going to help people feel like they have fallen in love. It is also not going to be able to help people cure depression or ADHD. This is not a supplement that will get rid of mental illnesses. However, people can still improve their moods as a result of taking Phenylethylamine. They can still learn more effectively. Their experience of life is going to be better when they take Phenylethylamine, which is more than can be said for the effects of many of the other supplements that are on the market today.

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