What Is The Phenylethylamine Experience Really Like?

What Is Phenylethylamine?

When a person is trying to lose weight there are a number of products and supplements on the market. Obesity is a major problem in the United States. According to information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention a person is considered to be obese if they have a body mass index 30 or greater. There is help for a person looking to lose weight and get into shape. The dietary supplement, Phenylethylamine, has been shown to help a person lose weight and can be found in a number of dietary supplements. This supplement has also shown to help a person improve this mood. When a person is able to become mentally healthy they can become physically healthy as well. This supplement has also been shown to help those that are suffering from depression as well as improve mood.

Phenylethylamine also goes by the name PEA and this supplement will stimulate transmitters that are in the body. This can be shown to improve overall mood and increase the feeling of alertness. This substance is made from amino acid phenylalanine. The supplement that is available on the market to consumers contains this acid. It has been shown to help increase their level of concentration as well as focus on a task. It has also been shown to improve mood. Phenylethylamine is also a dietary supplement that can suppress appetite. The fewer calories a person is consuming the more weight they will lose.

A person will be to eat less without the feeling of hunger or feeling deprived. This will help make the weight loss process easier and allow a person to lose weight without starving. Phenylethylamine is naturally found in chocolate. That may be one reason why chocolate tends to make people feel better and will help improve their mood. While the supplement form does not have the taste of chocolate is has the same properties to improve mood and allow a person to be in a good mood.


There are some benefits in taking supplements that contain Phenethylamine. This supplement does improve mood and according to a study by the Journal of Neuropsychiatry Clinical Neuroscience, this supplement has improved the food of those that have been diagnosed with depression. This supplement will also increase the rate at which the body released dopamine which is responsible for improving mood. A person will feel better about themselves and will have fewer instances of emotional eating. A person will also have an increased feeling of fullness form this supplement. This will allow increasing the positive hormone production in the body. Most users have it relatively devoid of excess side effects, and talk of how it significantly improved their overall energy levels.

Recommended Dosage

When a person first starts taking supplements that contain Phenethylamine they should start at a low dose. It is recommended starting at 100 mg per day. This amount has been shown to improve mental clarity as well as memory. For those that have been taking this supplement and want to see the maximum benefit,s they can take between 250 mg and 500 mg per day. This is still a moderate to intense dosage. This supplement should be taken in the morning. If taken in the evening it can affect sleeping patterns. To see the best effects for weight loss this supplement should be taken around a half hour prior to exercising.

Side Effects

Phenyethyalmine does have some side effects but there are rare. A person may get a headache of have a feeling of nausea. This supplement may raise blood pressure and is a stimulant. People that are taking medication for their blood pressure should not use this supplement. It should not be used by anyone that is using prescription MAO inhibitors. This supplement should not be taken everyday. It should be used on an as needed basis for mental clarity. If a person uses it frequently they may build a tolerance for the supplement or develop a dependency.

Long-Term Use

If a person takes Phenylethylamine on a daily basis they may develop a dependency in order to be in a good mood. The effectiveness of the supplements may also be compromised. This is a stimulant and should be used with care. Over a long period of time, a person may take the supplement on an as needed basis. This will allow them to still feel the benefits while reducing the chance of experiencing side effects.

Short-Term Use

When a person uses Phenylethylamine for a short period of time or on an as needed basis they can experience many health benefits. A person will notice an improvement in their mood. They will have more feelings of happiness and less feelings of stress. A person will also notice that they are able to focus on a specific task without becoming distracted with other items. People have also reported weight loss. People have been shown to eat less without the feeling of hunger. This appetite suppressant is able to stop the body from storing unused energy from carbohydrates allowing a person to lose weight. They will be eating less food while still feeling full.

Is Phenylethylamine Legal?

Current this supplement is legal to use. For a time back in 2000 the brand Dexatrim that contained phenylypropanolamine was removed from the market. The FDA found it to be unsafe for consumption. In the year 2002, it was banned in use in supplements and diet pills. The diet pills and mood enhancers that are on the market today that contain Phenylethamine are legal. They have been deemed safe and a person can use them to enhance mood and assist with their weight loss goals.

Final Thoughts

Phenylethamine is effective in help to improve mood and increase concentration. This supplement has also been shown to help a person lose weight by suppressing the appetite. This supplement is effective and as long as it is not used on a daily basis it has been proven to be safe. This supplement has also been shown to help those that were suffering from depression. This mood enhance can help a person get mentally healthy so they can get physically healthy as well.

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