What Are Some Of The Benefits Can Phenylpiracetam Users Experience?

What Is Phenylpiracetam?

Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic supplement that represents another step in the evolution of nootropics in general. Nootropics have their own families now, and Phenylpiracetam is one of the newest members of the Racetam family of nootropics. It could be thought of as the daughter drug of Piracetam. Much as its name suggests, Phenylpiracetam is really just the Piracetam supplement with a phenyl group added onto the entire thing.


A lot of nootropics were developed in the 1970s. In that regard, Phenylpiracetam is almost an anomaly, because it was not developed until the early 1980s or the early 1990s. There is some disagreement about when the drug was officially Phenylpiracetam as it is known today.

How To Use This?

The Phenylpiracetam effects are pretty difficult to miss. Most people will feel like they do after they first take a cup of coffee in the morning, although this is a high that is not going to fade away almost as soon as a person’s commute has completed for the day. Caffeine can often have a slightly negative effect on a person’s memory as well. Some people find that they are more likely to run into situations in which words are on the tips of their tongues when they take caffeine. People will not run into similar situations when they take Phenylpiracetam, which is a very different supplement.

As people begin to metabolize the Phenylpiracetam that they take in, they will begin to get all of the other Phenylpiracetam benefits. However, the initial feeling that most people will get is a sensation of wakefulness combined with a sense of purpose.

What Will I Feel When I Take This?

The Phenylpiracetam benefits that people will experience tend to be dramatic. They will start to feel their enthusiasm and energy levels increase almost immediately as their systems begin to process the Phenylpiracetam supplements.

How Long Does Phenylpiracetam Last?

Some people are going to be able to enjoy all of the Phenylpiracetam benefits for a long period of time. Other people are going to find that the effects will be extremely brief and temporary. The half-life of Phenylpiracetam is between three and five hours. Fortunately, it will usually start working almost immediately after people start taking it, so they will certainly be able to enjoy the effects for most of those three to five hours and beyond.

Phenylpiracetam is among the most dramatic of all of the nootropic supplements that are currently on the market today. Many of the most powerful drugs are the ones that don’t last quite as long as the less powerful ones, which will also tend to take a long time to work. There is always something of a trade-off when it comes to dealing with all nootropic supplements. Many people are going to prefer the extreme that Phenylpiracetam represents: a powerful nootropic supplement that is not going to take forever to work, and that is going to give them the powerful effects that they want quickly.


Phenylpiracetam has benefits that are difficult to underestimate. People will often need to take nootropic stacks in order to get all of the benefits of Phenylpiracetam, which is more or less its own nootropic stack all in one. The nootropic stacks that most people will take will tend to come with plenty of side effects since each nootropic in the stack will carry its own side effects. It is also worth noting that the different nootropics in a given stack will need to interact with one another in order to provide the strong effects that people will usually expect from them.

Some people do still choose to stack Phenylpiracetam with other nootropics on the market, especially with its parent nootropic Piracetam. However, this is typically an unnecessary option, because all of the benefits of Phenylpiracetam will typically speak for themselves in more ways than one. They do not need to have any of the reinforcements from the other nootropics on the market today.

Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic supplement that can utterly transform a person’s memory in more ways than one. People will get tremendous benefits as far as their short-term memories are concerned. They will also get tremendous benefits as far as their long-term memories are concerned. People will find that their semantic memories, in particular, are going to improve, since people will typically take Phenylpiracetam for the sake of augmenting their memories in preparation for a test, a paper, a project, or something else related to work or to school. Few people are going to take Phenylpiracetam because they want help with their procedural memory or other types of memory, but Phenylpiracetam is probably still going to help with that part of the process as well.

Recommended Dosages

The effective dose of Phenylpiracetam is very small compared to the effective dose that people are going to need with the majority of other nootropic supplements. People will usually only need 100 mg of Phenylpiracetam in order to really get the Phenylpiracetam benefits that they covet.

Side Effects

Like other nootropic supplements, Phenylpiracetam also has some side effects. Some people will get insomnia as a result of taking Phenylpiracetam. Since Phenylpiracetam partly mitigates the effects of insomnia, this will not be as significant as it might have been under other circumstances, but it is still noteworthy.

Other people are going to feel a little bit of mild nausea as a result of taking Phenylpiracetam. The nausea is usually not going to be so severe that they are going to have a hard time becoming more productive, which is the primary Phenylpiracetam benefit in the first place. Other people will experience some other gastrointestinal symptoms as a result of taking Phenylpiracetam. These will also have a tendency to be mild and manageable symptoms. The people who plan on taking Phenylpiracetam in order to cope with the worst of their tasks are probably going to get worse side effects as a result of being tired and overworked, and Phenylpiracetam can certainly help them take care of those negative consequences.

Long-Term Effects

Phenylpiracetam should give people very few long-term effects. As long as they do not have any bad reactions to the medications that they are taking, including Phenylpiracetam, then they should not have to sustain any long-term effects at all. People can literally go to sleep after taking Phenylpiracetam, and by the time they were awake, all of the evidence that the supplement had even been in their bodies would be entirely gone. This is a supplement that will produce very few negative consequences for the people that are taking it responsibly.

Short-Term Effects

Phenylpiracetam is a drug that starts working quickly. People will feel more alert, more focused, and better equipped to remember information as soon as their systems even begin to start processing the Phenylpiracetam.


Phenylpiracetam benefits are some of the best that people are ever going to experience. People will get sharper memories. They will be able to learn new things more effectively and efficiently. They will be able to retain what they learn more effectively than they would have otherwise. They will even have the energy and the focus necessary to learn new things, and they will not have to draw on their own resources in the process.


Phenylpiracetam is a supplement that is still in the process of being studied. However, it has been looked at for the sake of determining whether it can help people with problems like ADHD. Many of these sorts of studies are going to be about whether or not a given supplement will help people that have documented neurological problems. People without those neurological problems and who just want some of the benefits from Phenylpiracetam often are not going to attract as much attention from the researchers who are looking to explore the full implications of a given supplement.

Is Phenylpiracetam Legal?

Phenylpiracetam has the benefit of being legal. It is also widely available. Few people in the Western world are going to have any trouble with attaining all of the Phenylpiracetam that they want for the sake of increasing their productivity and their mental performances. This is not a nootropic that has a very tough gateway attached to it.

Safety Concerns

People who tend to have problems with their medications should not assume that they’re going to get lucky when it comes to Phenylpiracetam. Phenylpiracetam is still a potent supplement, and it makes sense to be cautious when it comes to taking it fairly regularly. However, the documented dangers associated with Phenylpiracetam are fairly minor. People will often have to worry about drug interactions when they are taking nootropics. Even when people are taking nootropic stacks, which are more or less taken for the sake of those very drug interactions, they still have to make sure that they are maximizing for the benefits of those drug interactions and not for all of the minor or the major consequences. Even in this regard, Phenylpiracetam should be safe. People certainly should not take it with alcohol, which tends to be the case for the overwhelming majority of nootropic supplements anyway. People who are nursing or pregnant should also avoid taking Phenylpiracetam. Individuals who are nursing or pregnant are the people in sensitive populations, and they are usually well aware of the fact that they need to be more careful about what they introduce into their bodies.

Similarly, Phenylpiracetam and similar nootropics ought to be the drugs of choice for college students and graduate students and not for high school students, at least for the most part. Many high school students are going to be too young to safely take potent nootropics like Phenylpiracetam. The effects of Phenylpiracetam on patients who are much older are also not very well-understood. Aging people also tend to be members of sensitive populations, just like people who are not adults yet. One way or another, people who are over the age of sixty-five and people who are under the age of twenty-one should take more precautions when they are taking almost any supplements, and that certainly includes Phenylpiracetam.

Liver Toxicity

Liver toxicity is a very real concern when it comes to taking the majority of medications, especially when it comes to certain types of nootropic supplements. Most of the members of the racetam family are safe in this regard, and Phenylpiracetam is, fortunately, no exception.

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