What Are Some Of The Effects Of Using Phenylpiracetam?

What Is Phenylpiracetam?

Phenylpiracetam is one of the most potent nootropics on the market, if not the most powerful nootropic on the website. Only one phenyl group separates it from ordinary Piracetam, but this phenyl group was more than enough to change the shape of the molecule entirely. This is a supplement that can get past the blood-brain barrier much more effectively than ordinary Piracetam, which helps form the key to its success. The addition of a Phenyl group allows for the neurotransmitter dopamine to be influenced in the brain, improving focus and energy, alongside memory and clarity of thought.

How To Use This?

People should take Phenylpiracetam when it will really make a huge difference for them. Students who are preparing for a test should take Phenylpiracetam the night before or even the morning before the exam, depending upon when the exam is going to take place. Writers who have a deadline coming up should take Phenylpiracetam to help them prepare for that deadline. Business-people who have enormous projects that are going to be due soon should seek out Phenylpiracetam for similar reasons.

This is not the sort of supplement that people should take every single day for the sake of experiencing a higher baseline level of cognitive ability. People should take Phenylpiracetam when they are really going to need advanced cognitive abilities, such as the days of their lives that are especially mentally demanding.

Some athletes will also take Phenylpiracetam prior to their big athletic performances or matches. They will, however, rarely take Phenylpiracetam before a practice session. They will want to save it for when they really need it, which is good advice for almost all patients.

What Will I Feel When I Take This?

People will often feel more awake and alert when they take Phenylpiracetam. In that regard, it is similar to the nootropic supplements that more or less primarily function as stimulants, but it is able to provide much more substantial effects than that.

People will find that their capacity for new information will increase within the hour after they start taking Phenylpiracetam in many cases. They will find that their memories in general are going to improve. They will be able to focus on whatever it is that they are studying much more effectively, which is just going to make the entire process proceed in a way that is that much more effective.

Some people have found that it is easier to multi-task when they took Phenylpiracetam. They were able to switch from one task to another with more ease, even if this is the sort of thing that does not normally come naturally to them.

Oddly enough, some people have even reported that the didn’t get cold as easily when they took Phenylpiracetam. Even little benefits like this could help busy students and employees, since no one wants to get distracted by being chilly.

How Long Does This Last?

Some people would say that Phenylpiracetam has a long half-life. Other people would say that it has a relatively short half-life. It all depends upon one’s perspective on the issue. Phenylpiracetam has a half-life of five hours, and it is able to remain in the system for much longer than its parent nootropic, Piracetam. Five hours is a long half-life compared to some nootropics, and a short half-life compared to what people will experience with some supplements. However, people should still experience some of the effects long after the half-life, so it is not a direct one-to-one correspondence. While the effects of Phenylpiracetam are relatively subtle in nature, they are very noticeable once you start to study, work, or learn a new skill.


Patients who take Phenylpiracetam will find that they are better able to perform mentally and physically. They will be able to take on all sorts of tasks with more energy. Their cognitive skills will increase overall, allowing them to absorb information better. They will also able to retain what they learn for longer periods of time. Some people have experienced some benefits in terms of their moods when they took Phenylpiracetam as well. They were able to respond more happily and with more enthusiasm to the tasks at hand, which can make a huge difference for the people who have a lot of complicated cognitive tasks to complete. Phenylpiracetam is a supplement that can help people with all aspects of the cognitive tasks that they must finish.

Recommended Dosages

People looking for an effective Phenylpiracetam dosage can start very small. Only taking 100 mg of Phenylpiracetam in a given day will usually suffice. Phenylpiracetam is a supplement that burns brightly for a decent period of time, so to speak. People who exceed that small dosage are going to build up a tolerance to the supplement much more rapidly, which is going to make it harder and harder for them to get all of the full benefits of Phenylpiracetam in the long run.

People who have built up more of a tolerance to Phenylpiracetam may want to increase their dosage to a maximum of 250 mg. People should avoid taking any more of the supplement than that in a given day. However, the individuals who have more of a tolerance will be less likely to experience the side effects as well as the intended effects.

Side Effects

People who take lots of nootropics will expect to experience some mild side effects from the new nootropics that they take. When it comes to Phenylpiracetam, all of the usual mild side effects will be present and accounted for, and the people who are used to the common side effects of nootropics will not be alarmed in any way.

Some people will have trouble sleeping as a result of taking Phenylpiracetam. However, this is a supplement that will often make it easier for people to cope with the effects of insomnia in the first place, so this side effect should still be mitigated for a lot of people. Other people might start to feel more irritable, but it shouldn’t take a normally friendly person and make him or her snap at anyone in most cases.

Gastrointestinal problems are fairly standard when it comes to nootropic supplements, and Phenylpiracetam is not an exception to that rule. Nausea is a particularly common side effect of taking Phenylpiracetam. However, these effects should dissipate for a lot of people. As people build up more and more of a tolerance to the supplement, they should also find that side effects like these will start to go away.

Long-Term Effects

Phenylpiracetam fortunately appears to offer very few long-term effects. People aren’t going to be permanently altered one way or another by this particular nootropic supplement unless they have one of the rare allergic reactions. Phenylpiracetam has few documented drug interactions, if any. It has few dangerous effects. People will also have to keep taking it to experience the cognitive benefits.

Short-Term Effects

People will often find that their energy levels and their ability to perform will increase within the hour after they have first taken Phenylpiracetam. Phenylpiracetam is a supplement that is going to work quickly and deliver a strong payoff much faster than many of the other supplements that people will usually take. Some people might start to feel nauseous quickly as well, and they may experience some of the other short-term side effects. However, overall, their initial reaction to Phenylpiracetam should be positive.


The Phenylpiracetam effects are overall positive. People have had so many great experiences with this particular nootropic that it has easily become one of the most popular of all of them. People can a wide enough range of effects to make every other potential drawback well worth the effort.

Is Phenylpiracetam Legal?

Phenylpiracetam is completely legal to order. It is not regulated in the United States. People will not need a prescription. The fact that people are able to get such a powerful nootropic so easily is part of the appeal of Phenylpiracetam in the first place. Many nootropics with a comparable level of potency are significantly harder for people to attain. People throughout most of the industrialized world should have no trouble with getting the Phenylpiracetam that they want.

Safety Concerns

One of the pleasant surprises of Phenylpiracetam is that it is a nootropic supplement that is powerful but also relatively safe at the same time. Only the people who are prone to experiencing bad reactions to their medications or medication allergies are going to experience any dangers as a result of taking Phenylpiracetam. To everyone else, this should be a relatively safe and beneficial nootropic.

People should avoid exceeding the recommended dosage range, which is good advice when taking all nootropics. People who exceed the recommended dosage are also going to be that much more likely to build up a tolerance level to the nootropic supplements that are supposed to be making them more productive. Since Phenylpiracetam is such a potent nootropic, the risk of building up a tolerance is higher in some ways, even though its half-life is comparatively short according to some standards. People should try to save their Phenylpiracetam supplements for when they really need them.

Liver Toxicity

Phenylpiracetam doesn’t seem to cause liver toxicity. People can put their livers at risk when they take too much of anything. However, some nootropics have a unique liability when it comes to liver toxicity, such as Adrafinil. This does not seem to be the case for Phenylpiracetam, which seems to be fairly neutral in terms of its effects on a person’s liver.


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