Phenylpiracetam vs Adrafinil

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Phenylpiracetam vs Adrafinil – Differences Between Two Great Stimulant Nootropics

Two of the most potent products in our store, Phenylpiraceatm and Adrafanil, are also some of the greatest and longest lasting stimulant nootropics currently available. With a duration of around 6-8 hours each, both will keep you up and hopping for an entire day’s length, will serve as an honorable replacement for Adderall, and will provide an unprecedented amount of motivation each time you take them, with almost no increases in tolerance as your dosages and frequency of administration increases. Check out both these potent nootropics next time you need a boost in your studies and productivity.


My experience

I have had extremely positive experiences to date with both Phenylpiracetam and Adrafinil. The first time I tried Phenylpiracetam, it was after trying piracetam, so I didn’t expect much of an effect (even though user reports suggested that it was as much as 40x as strong as piracetam), yet after trying this amazing new drug, Phenylpiracetam demonstrates amazing dopamine and acetylcholine effects. It feels exactly like a low dosage of Adderall stacked with a piracetam. Phenylpiracetam comes up relatively strong, and the first noticeable effect is an increase in the clarity of your vision, a marked boost in memory and the perception of your body’s movement, and an extremely powerful burst in your ability to focus.

Adrafanil is a slightly different experience, it doesn’t have the visual boost or improved memory of phenylpiraceatm, but instead has an extreme boost in energy, mood and focus that is on par with its pro-drug older brother, Modafinil-one of the most potent nootropics in existence. Adrafinil stacks great with all other nootropics, and overall is a much more “pulling” effect like a stimulant than many of the others.



Typical dosages of Phenylpiracetam are from 100-500 milligrams with the maximum dosage at 700 milligrams (though studies show that you can go far past this without any real side effects.) At high dosages, Phenylpiracetam puts you into a state of near mania and can really enable you to breach the lengths of your productivity. Be warned though, as the dosages go higher, a buildup of tolerance could start to become noticeable (ie, taking 100 mg after taking 700mg will yield no effects.)

Adrafanil is a tad different, no tolerance has ever really been reported, and the typical dosages range from 3-900 milligrams at a time, with 1200 milligrams being the maximum dose (though again…research indicates that you can go much higher.) Adrafanil is the stronger of the two, yet the both of them stack great with each other for a powerful study stack!

Side Effects

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More Information

Phenylpiracetam side effects include a dull headache if not taken with a choline source, tension, and slight insomnia if taken too

close to bed, or if taken in excessive dosages, Phenylpiraceatm bears the need for a CDP Choline supplement in order for its effects to be even more prominent, as well as to ward off the potential headache side effect…which can get really pesky when as soon as you come up on it you have a headache.

Adrafanil on the other hand does not have a need for choline, as it uses dopamine and norepinephrine (to very mild degrees) and the only side effect is slight insomnia when taken in high or excessive dosages, or when taken too close to bed. Adrafanil is the more powerful of the two, yet I personally prefer Phenylpiracetam because of how it mixes dopamine, norepinephrine and acetylcholine, as opposed to just the former two.

Best to Stack with…

Both of these stack best with Piracetam, L-Theanine (to take the edge of their stimulating effects), and Noopept (ampakine-type nootropic, very powerful), these make a great stack for studying, social anxiety, studying, or even just on a day when you absolutely need a boost. Great for math classes and standardized tests as well!

Final Thoughts

 Experiment with both Phenylpiracetam AND Adrafinil to see which of the two you prefer, and which one works best with you. Also, be sure to experiment stacking these with other racetams and things like Noopept and Sunifiram, they can really potentiate their effects and make even the most boring of subjects extremely interesting, comment down below with your questions or experiences with either of these drugs.


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