Phenylpiracetam vs Pramiracetam, the most potent racetam stack

Phenylpiracetam vs Pramiracetam


Many people such as sportsmen/women do resort to use of drugs to enhance their performance in various sports activities. Others, such as students keen on improving performance with or without medical knowledge of the outcome of the use of such drugs, use them in much a similar light. The use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports, for instance, is an activity that has been banned by sports bodies all over the world. It is thus an illicit activity.  Stacking, as the practice is known, invariably  refers to the  self-administration of various drugs in large amounts, be they oral  or  injectable anabolic steroids used to enhance body or brain  performance.Pramiracetam is a strong Nootropic (memory enhancer) taken to increase mental performance. On the other hand, Phenylpiracetam is a water-soluble nootropic said to have a higher potency than Piraceta. Phenylpiracetam is said to improve cognitive functions and thought processes.

Benefits of Phenylpiracetam Stack

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More about Phenylpiracetam

Taking Pramiracetam is said to improve one’s cognitive and intellectual capabilities. It has even been noted to increase stamina and enhance tolerance to cold.  Those who had an experience of using it say it helps to increase their memory and learning capacity. It can also enhance concentration, attention span, and focus and ability to recall issues. It has also been shown to reduce amnesia.On the other hand, stacking Phenylpiracetam is said by users to contribute to clear thinking and enable one to focus and absorb more information.  It also has been noted that Phenylpiracetam increases acetylcholine receptor activity in the hippocampus and could lead to the development of new synapses between neurons. Thus, it is ideal for students who are keen on enhancing their learning abilities. Studies on rodents have concluded that it suppresses anxiety and fear and increases tolerance to stress, thus beneficial to people in stressful conditions.

Which is better, Phenylpiracetam vs Pramiracetam – Personal experience

Personally, I hold the view that stacking of any drug works when one has a strong belief that they are potent. Otherwise, they might create the famous ‘placebo effect’ where one feels cured even in instance where a cure or drug is administered, but with no potency to fight the ailment he/she is suffering from.  However, during my student days, I was involved in stacking a cocktail of drugs to reduce insomnia and general body weakness with mixed results.  I have, however, encountered many sport people deeply engulfed in stacking of drugs, many to the detriment of their careers. I will urge that one should consult sports authorities and reputable physician before taking a performance-enhancing drug, for many of them are illicit and can be detected in blood, long after they were consumed.


The recommended Pramiracetam dosage is between 200 and 400 mg daily. This can be taken all at once, or split into equally divided administrations throughout the day. Users should not   exceed these recommendations unless directed by physicians.

In relation to Phenylpiracetam dosage, there exists no official dosage that has been recommended, however, users take between 100 and 300 mg per day.

Side Effects

Users of Pramiracetam, report minor side effects, mostly headaches, while sleep disturbances have been linked with phenylpiracetam users.

 Final Thoughts

Interested in improving not only physical but mental performance? Check out Pramiracetam and Phenylpiracetam, available here in our nootropics store! And just to clarity, my personal opinion of Phenylpiracetam vs Pramiracetam? I give Phenylpiracetam the win by a long shot!

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