What Is The Best Recommended Dosage For Using Picamilon?

What Is Picamilon?

Picamilon (also known as N-nicotinoyl-GABA) is a Russian-invented anxiolytic and nootropic compound which has a beneficial property for both the mind and the body. Its most prominent mode of action is as a nootropic (a substance boosting mental performance). In Russia, Picamilon is a prescription-only substance. Picamilon chemically and pharmacologically is a synthetic compound of niacin (vitamin B3, also known as nicotinic acid) and GABA (a neurotransmitter whose activity is to inhibit overt stimulation of the body and the mind).

It passes the blood-brain barrier efficiently and activates GABA receptors. It reduces the consequences of stress on the human organism in general, securing a calming, anxiolytic effect without any pronounced sedation. After crossing the blood-brain barrier, Picamilon hydrolyzes (chemically splits) into two substances. Niacin, separated from GABA in the brain, exercises its own nootropic benefits. Picamilon is an odorless crystal substance whose peak-plasma concentration in healthy, fasting individuals is quickly achieved, usually from 20 minutes up to a maximum of one hour. Picamilon is a water-soluble substance and this accounts for its fast absorption in the brain. This affinity for water, however, demands the highest possible isolation of Picamilon from moisture during storage. Typically, the best Picamilon dosage for crossing the BBB is 200-500 milligrams at a time (this can be taken as much as 1-3 times daily, and it is sold on our website in 200-mg capsules!)


The chief body of scientific literature comes from Russia, but in recent years Picamilon was scrutinized globally, including in English-speaking countries through studies in controlled environments that established a set of very pronounced health benefits for the entire organism, i.e. for many indications in certain medical conditions, as well as a moderate, but perceptible anxiolytic effect.

In Russia, where today Picamilon is widely used as a prescription-only drug, the broad ranges of uses in which its beneficial and palliative effects can be observed are: asthenia (general weakness), depression, migraines, cure of alcoholism (with other medications, not as a monotherapy), as well as for damages to the brain of toxicological nature (in which Picamilon express action against neurotoxicity).

It also provides, through cerebral vasodilatation, improvement of brain function both in patients as well as in healthy individuals. It reduces inhibition in people suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and in social anxiety, two states of mind for which Picamilon provides relief without decreasing cognitive process, memory formation (like the widely used anti-anxiety benzodiazepine Lorazepam in the Western World that may cause severe impairment information of new memories and memory recall).

In summary, these effects on the mind and on the body are mediated to stress-protective action, prophylaxis against neurotoxicity, improved circulation in the brain and consequently providing a better intake of nutritional substances necessary for its function. Although a GABAnergic substance, it doesn’t cause muscular relaxation, and/or significant symptoms of a “crash.”

Nootropic Benefits

Picamilon has strong nootropic effects, a strong antidepressive effect, as well as moderate to strong anxiolytic properties. It is not a burden on the user’s metabolism, given that it is a compound composed of a vitamin and a naturally occurring neurotransmitter. Research and anecdotal evidence confirms these effects. It is not known to have a sedative effect, (a state of slowing down perceptual performance). For the most part, with Picamilon, there is a lot of leeway with regards to dosing.

Improving the quality of sleep is an indirect basis for overall wellness. These effects in the mid and long term deliver a strong boost of mental performance, reasoning, data recall and focus on particular, mentally-demanding tasks. Popular substances with which Picamilon is stacked are other nootropics, such as Aniracetam and Pramiracetam, both belonging to the class of racetams.

Recommended Dosage

The adequate Picamilon dosage is, as in many cases, largely individual and unique. Therefore, when introducing this nootropic, the initial doses of 200-400mg should be used to start, and gradually should be increased Concomitant use of Kava and Valerian, popular herbal supplements sometimes used for their relaxing properties, should be avoided in high doses. 500mg spread over a day is considered as an upper safety margin for all users and it should not be exceeded.


Picamilon used in the recommended dosage range is remarkably devoid of any side effects. Chronic use of doses in the upper range may rarely cause dizziness, postural hypertension (a slight increase in blood pressure).

Among the side-effects listed in the Russian and Western scholarly literature, light-headedness, rare instances of nausea, and mild headache are recorded. Most of these effects are transitory. It is important to emphasize that the drug should be avoided in kidney diseases as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

A combination with St. John Wort and, especially, the class of drugs known as ‘MAO inhibitors’ should be strictly avoided. While evidence for tolerance to the effect of Picamilon is inconclusive, cycling the drugs every few weeks is a recommended strategy against tolerance and for resuming it again with full effects. Careful Picamilon dosing is always important, and one should always stick within the 200-500 milligram range, taken 1-3 times daily.

Legal Status

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) literature doesn’t classify Picamilon on the basis of some official statements published in the past, it has an ambivalent attitude towards the classification of this safe substance. At the same time, no evidence of toxicity, as well as other serious conditions, has been noted. Picamilon is an unregulated substance the purchase of which as well as keeping it and using for personal use is fully legal and the same applies for distributors in the United States. The data on the legal status of Picamilon in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand is unclear and it is recommended to search to professional legal advice before obtaining Picamilon. Purchase from abroad should be compliant with local laws and it is best to limit the quantity to a level that suggests personal use.

Final Thoughts

Due to Picamilon’s relatively late emergence from the semi-secretive facts for this substance from the Soviet Union, today a plentitude of studies concluded that joint effect of Niacin and Gaba, fused into a single compound and separating after passing into the brain has a wide range of general health benefits.

Improvement of brain’s metabolism by Niacin-facilitated vasodilating activity as well as delivery of the calming, anti-anxiety neurotransmitter GABA (something which is not possible to GABA alone when ingested by humans) is the basis of Picamilon’s health improving as well as nootropic mode of action. Its safety profile reveals a very harmless substance in the recommended dosage, without antagonistic or other effects on the body’s mechanism, although a number of rules exist to minimize any risk towards mostly minor side-effects.

The exponentially growing “culture of information” of the 21th century, which consists of ever-increasing data flow to students, professionals, academics or anyone who primarily uses one’s intellect, one’s mental performance in the context of study, work and other situation where clear and focused thinking is a necessity will find Picamilon an effective nootropic substance. The chemical structure of Picamilon and human metabolism allows several combinations of even more incremental nootropic effects, mostly with potent racetam mind enhancers (with adequate choline supplementation), thus securing a full, complete solution for boosting individual’s function of the mind.

The effects on vigilance, focus, elimination of anxiety, learned data recall, delaying mental fatigue as well as neuroprotective effects, makes Picamilon an excellent choice for individuals who wish to explore the boost of their minds and cognition.


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