Picamilon Review

Picamilon Review

What is this, and What are General Picamilon Reviews Like?

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More about Picamilon

Picamilon is a dietary supplement that is essentially a combination of GABA and niacin. This drug was first synthesized at the All-Union Vitamin Research Institute in 1969 in Russia. This medication is a white crystalline powder that is odorless and highly hydroscopic and readily soluble in water. The benefits and effects of this drug are diverse with the ability to boost mental performance and heighten mental energy and also lessening anxiety and stress.

Picamilon is also known as N-nicotinoyl-GABA, Pikamilon, and Pycamilon. This drug can cross the blood-brain barrier and then hydrolyzed into GABA and Niacin. The released GABA would activate GABA receptors and potentially producing an anxiolytic response. When Niacin is released, it acts as an active vasodilator that might be useful for the treatment of migraine headaches.

Picamilon is a prodrug that means it is biologically inactive, but it can be metabolized by the body to produce niacin and GABA. The Picamilon pill primarily acts as a vessel for the niacin and GABA to cross the blood brain barrier. Once the Picamilon enters the CNS, GABA and niacin are released as a product of the hydrolytic reaction. Many users take this drug to get relaxed without experiencing sedative effects. We sell Picamilon in Capsules.

Picamilon Review and Dosage Requirements

The recommended dosage of Picamilon ranges between 50 and 400mg. Users who take this medication for underlying mood boosting and energy support should take this drug at a dose ranging between 50 to 100mg. Those who want anxiety and stress relief should take up to 200 mg per day. The recommended dose for cerebrovascular purposes is between 20 to 50 mg, and it is taken two to three times per day. In patients with ADHD, it is advisable to take 100 mg up to three times per day with four hours between dosages. A usual Picamilon review will tell the user to take 250 milligrams 1-3 times daily for best effects, and to only increase the dose as needed.

The effects of this drug are felt an hour after dosing. To avoid the adverse side effects of this medication, it is recommended that one should cycle them for at least one week to enable the body develops tolerance to its side effects. This drug may be more potent when combined in a nootropic stack like Aniracetam. The side effects of this drug are rare, and it is not believed to be toxic except when taken at extremely high dosages.

Picamilon Side effects

Picamilon is known to be safe and when users overdose this drug. Some of the possible side effects to occur will be;

– Increased blood sugar level when it overdoses, and this may be disconcerting for patients suffering from diabetes

– It can increase levels of Niacin in the brain, and this can cause skin flushes, eczema, and rashes

– Insomnia and drowsiness

– Itchiness and light headaches

– Low blood pressure and nausea

– Headaches and feeling of weakness

Taking Picamilon with other drugs is not advisable as this can cause unnecessary side effects. If you are on other drugs, make sure they are on halt when starting to take this nootropic drug. The above side effects are not similar to

everyone who takes this drug on a daily basis. If you experience the above side effects, then it will be a good idea if you avoid taking it for a while. If you had been diagnosed with constant low blood pressure, don’t take this drug since it can worsen your condition.

Breastfeeding or pregnant women, children under the age of three, and people with kidney problem should never take this medication.


When this drug is used properly, one can enjoy some of the benefits like;

– Increased blood flows to brain hence proper functioning of the brain and eyes

– Lowered chances of having a stroke and glaucoma progress

– Valid for treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

– It balances out several factors related to mood that can exacerbate ADD or ADHD

– Promotes the release of human growth hormone and fat loss

– Helps in recovering after having alcohol addiction, opioid addiction, stress and amphetamine

– Better moods and concentration due to better energy metabolism within the brain

– Improve tension, depression and confusion in stressful conditions

– Improves intelligence and logical reasoning during difficult time

– Higher energy level and endurance

– Increases ability to recall information faster

– It can support sleep and relaxation when combined with other supplements

– Lowers high blood pressure

– Feelings less stressed and more patience

– Increases attention span and speed of memory recall

– Causes greater clarity of thought and reduces the impulsiveness of actions

– Reduces a tendency of having negative thoughts

– It boosts neurological functions that are related to focus, social adaptation, speech, and impulse control.

– Increases uptake of glucose level and other nutrients to the brain and this leads to anti-oxidant effects

Long-term use

Picamilon is not a strong nootropic drug, but some of its long-term use can be;

– Reduced brain activity due to inadequacy of GABA

– It can cause skin flushes and rushed when overdosed

– Causes allergic reactions and skin rashes

Users who have been diagnosed with kidney problems should not take this drug since they will over work their kidney and the condition may worsen.

Short-term use

– The release of the GABA into the human brain can cause to feelings of anxiousness, stress, and fixations on negative thoughts.

– This drug can inhibit the activities of an enzyme that breaks down monoamines like dopamine that is essential in human brain

– Niacin can cause hepatotoxicity at extremely high levels, and when overdosed it can cause an increase in blood sugar levels

– Insomnia can occur when this drug is taken late in the evening hours

The above short term use effects can be avoided if one cycles this medication. It is always a wise idea to cycle this drug at least a week to give the body a chance to develop tolerance to the effects of this drug. Before deciding of buying Picamilon, one should seek advice from a healthcare professional first. The healthcare will advise you whether it will be advisable to take this nootropic drug or not and this will enable you to receive the right amount of dosage to avoid possible side effects.


Picamilon is known as a safe drug, and it doesn’t cause any forms of addiction. It has been known as the best solution for treating certain neurological disorders and it also boosts memory. The main side effect of this drug rests on GABA that causes reduced brain activity. Research shows that Picamilon has an excellent safety effects and very low toxicity. Children under the age of three years should not be given this drug as a brain booster since their brain cells are still developing.


This drug was first synthesized in 1969 from the NII Pharmacological RAN. It was first used in treatment in 1986 for approximately two decades of testing with mice. The use of this drug is very safe, and it doesn’t cause any forms of addiction. This drug has been in test for more than ten years for it to be in consideration that the drug is safe for human use. This drug is classified as a prescription in Russia, and it has ever been used by physicians for a variety of medical conditions to date. To date, college students are using this drug as their brain booster supplement, and they had preferred this drug since it causes few side effects when utilized in the correct dosage.


Some of the potential side effects of this drug are associated with overdosing. These effects are;

– Tingling and flushing of the skin

– There is also the feeling nausea that can be dreadful if the dosage taken is in excess

– A headache can be felt, but this can be treated by the use of mild painkillers

– It can cause constipation, and that can be very irritating at times and embarrassment at the same time.

– Lightheadedness

– Decrease in blood pressure

– One can feel tired when the effects of this drug go down

The drug is largely devoid of excess side effects.

Is this legal?

In Russia, this drug is sold as a prescription drug and the rights to the drug belong to the Russian Pharmaceutical company. This medication is not yet authorized for sale in the United Stated of America since the Food and Drug Administration ruled in 2015 that this drug doesn’t fit any dietary ingredients categories. Residents in the US can use this medication for personal use without physician’s prescription.

Picamilon Review Logs

Picamilon is among the top rated nootropic supplements. Users who use this drug have experienced some positive effects such as boosting brainpower regarding memory and alertness. The drug is also known to relieve stress, depression and anxiety. It can as well improve overall brain health by stimulating neuron metabolism and increasing the rate of waste products removal and poisons that build up in the brain cells.

It has also been proven to treat diseases such as open-angle glaucoma and dis-circulative encephalopathy. Parents use this drug as a brain booster for their children, and they had preferred this medication since it doesn’t have any side effects when used one observe the recommended dose. Users, who take this drug at a lower dosage of 50mg three times a day, have reported that this drug acts as a mild tranquilizer and anxiety reducer. On the other hand, those taking at a lower dose ranging of 100mg three times a day have reported that the drug acts as a stimulant that provides increased energy levels and endurance.

Final Thoughts on Picamilon Review Statements from Our Customers and Users

Picamilon is a vasodilator, that increases the blood flow to the human brain, and it has been used as a mood enhancer. One can take it as a pill to treat anxiety, as well as improving mood and depression, without experiencing severe withdrawals and side effects, unlike prescription medications. Picamilon side impacts in the case of overdosing, however, can be horrendous. The supplement is known in the nootropic family as one that can enhance memory and also the cognitive powers of the mind, giving boost and precedent to one’s mood at all the time.

The memory, since the brain will be performing well, is something that will automatically increase and make the user get attached to the supplement in his/her endeavor to achieve the best in one’s work and one’s life. Given the good qualities that this drug has, it has been gaining popularity without halt since it was first released on the market in the late 20th century. Nowadays, students are using this drug as brain booster and at the same time increasing their concentration at classroom activities.


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