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Picamilon Side Effects

Picamilon is a vasodilator, which increases the blood flow to the brain, and it has been used as a mood enhancer and a pill to treat anxiety, as well as improve mood and depression,without the harsh wthdrawals and side effects of many prescription medications- Picamilon side effects in the case of high dosages however, can be absolutely horrendous. The supplement is known in the nootropic community as one that can enhance memory as well as the cognitive powers of the mind, giving boost and precedent to one’s mood all thew while.

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More about Picamilon

The memory, since the brain will be functioning well, is something that will automatically increase and make the user just get attached to the supplement in his or her endeavor to achieve the best in one’s work and one’s life. Given the qualities that it has, it has been gaining popularity without halt since it was first released on the market in the late 20th century.

Benefits of using Picamilon

The people who use picamilon will have a very high level of brain power, both first upon ingesting it, and after long term use, and can focus on various things without losing track or breaking stride in their learning pace. Picamilon, therefore, is a big win for the people who have so many tasks to undertake and wish they had the energy to go about their day, manage their start up, work and go to school etc. The pill is also able to reduce the anxiety that can be experienced from excess stimulant usage, or from stress in your day to day life. The supplement is also able to increase the flow of blood to the brain and in the process make the cognitive processes of the brain more powerful and efficient, at the same time helping someone “learn” in a sense, how to learn and use their brain better. The person under the use of the drug will surely be more productive, and the welfare of one’s mind and lifestyle will get better each day Picamilon is added to a daily routine.


For the best results, it is recommended that one takes three hundred (300) milligrams and this should be taken in small doses, thrice a day.  This is to ensure that the effects are felt all through the day. The dosage is not supposed to exceed the recommended levels since that will create a lot of other effects that are not pleasant at all.

What does it do Chemically?

Chemically, Picamilon makes its effects known by blocking the reuptake of the GABA receptors in the brain, therefore creating greater mood, relaxation, and memory, than the user had before the ingestion of Picamilon. Picamilon also works best with a choline source, as it does the same effect with the acetylcholine receptors, by blocking their reuptake, a surplus is built up in the areas of the brain which target focus and memory. When Choline is added to the mix, the nootropic has something to run off of, and therefore lasts longer, and runs stronger!

Picamillon Side effects

The usage of the Picamillon has been associated with constipation, which can get very irritating at times and embarrassing at the same time. There is also a feeling of nausea, which can be very bad if the dosage taken is in excess. Headaches can as well be felt, but that one is very mild and can be treated by use of mild painkillers. When the effects of the drug have gone down, one will feel really tired.

Final Thoughts

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