Piracetam Experience

Piracetam Experience

Nootropics are the new frontier of smart drug innovation. Such supplements are becoming more and more popular and it’s important for those looking to start such a regimen to research emerging supplement trends as much as possible. The most popular family of smart drugs is definitely the racetam family, and the drug Piracetam is easily the most widely used version of this nootropic.

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What are Piracetam Experience Reports like?

This is a nootropic supplement that has seen a dramatic popularity increase recently. Reviews of this nootropic report a variety of beneficial effects such as improving your ability to learn and retain memories, increasing focus and concentration, and elevating your motivation and mood levels by acting on the nervous system and increasing activity between neurons. Research indicates that Piracetam has an optimizing and protective effect on the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain responsible for thoughts, actions, reasoning, perception, learning, concentration and physical activity.

Benefits of Your First Piracetam Experience

Users report a range of cognitive, mood, social, and physical improvements with regular usage such as:

Memory and Learning: Perhaps the most commonly reported benefit of this supplement is an improvement of the areas of learning and memory by supplement improving cholinergic activity.

Concentration: Some users report subtle increases in memory while others begin remembering full dreams or even the smallest details of events. Your first Piracetam experience will give you a tremendous boost in overall concentration.

Sensory Perception: Many users report experiencing improvement in distinguishing small details like sight, smell, and touch. Users have also described an improved ability to recall previous visual, auditory and olfactory experiences and connect them to other memories. This is one of the things that a first time user may notice right away, especially an increase of the vibrancy of colors.

Mood: Heightened motivation is another benefit connected to this nootropic. Individuals have reported an increase of their energy, both mental and physical. Research has also examined its effects on individuals with depression, with a number of promising results reported. When administering to elderly stroke patients, the improvements in circulation may also have the added effect of lessening depression and brightening mood.

Piracetam and Old Age: Many of the most dramatic for older patient can include improved memory, ability to reason , and concentration. Short-term working memory and overall slowing of cognitive decline is widely reported by older patients.



Recommended to take 4-4.8 grams of powdered or capsule form two to three times daily, depending on regularity of use. Exceeding more than 10 grams at a time may result in minor side effects.


Side effects

There have been little to no side effects reported from taking more than the recommended dosage of this supplement. Rare cases include slight headaches or nausea, but are mostly from taking extremely high dosages.


The following reviews are by those who have used this supplement with recommended dosages:

  1. “I just recently started taking this for memory and overall nerual function that I damaged from drug use. I have noticed an improvement of all aspects of my memory, cognition, mood, sleep, etc. From what I’ve read about this on the web, I think it’s going to help me greatly with my recovery. I am so grateful for this.”
  2. ” This helps me focus when doing any task. I’ve been taking this for almost 2 months now. Takes a few weeks to working depending on how you take this but you really do see a difference from when you are on this and when you are not on it. You are more sensitive to light and sound. I can see a lot clearer, colors are brighter and i feel like a can hear sounds farther and clearer then when i am not on it. I think this is the perfect smart drug. It’s completely safe and has no lethal dose. Rrecommended that you take a choline supplement along side at a 2:1 ratio since it can deplete the choline which keeps you happy and calm. Highly recommend!”
  3. ” Been taking piracetam for about a month. Found it very effective in daily cognitive functions. I’m also much more sociable and have an increased positive attitude. It also seems to make me more spiritual and thristy for wisdom and knowledge. Better in bulk powder form mixed with sugar or sugar-substitutes to overcome the bitter taste. My dosage is between a half to a full teaspoon a day with 250mg of choline.”


Long-term use

There is no research that indicates that there are any adverse negative effects from taking this over a long period of time even at excessive dosages.

Short-term use

Most dosages have a short half-life, and it’s recommended that you administer in intervals to experience the optimal immediate and desired results. Only a headache and slight nausea may occur immediately if you have taken too much for one day.

Is this legal?

Although it s not approved by the FDA or other international health authorities for clinical use, Piracetam is legal to purchase from online supplement sites as well as storefront supplement markets.


Those there is not research to confirm benefits for FDA and other health professional standards, there are plenty of preliminary studies that support the effectiveness of this drug that result in the the above listed benefits. Research aside however, each person’s Piracetam experience is entirely unique to them, and you may retain any and all (or none) with regards to the Piracetam benefits reported.

Final Thoughts on A User’s Piracetam Experience

This is one of the safest and most effective smart drugs currently on the market. Though this is not approved for clinical use, this is mostly because of a lack of confirming research rather than any legitimate safety issues. There are also additional reports of this also alleviating the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and other maladies that occur in old age.

There is only anecdotal evidence to support these claims, so this is not fully confirmed at this time. As a result, this supplement is highly recommended for those looking to improving their ability to learn and retain memories, increase focus and concentration, and enhance one’s mood. Because of this drug’s relative safety, it is ideal for those who are just beginning to experiment with smart drugs for the first time and their effect on their neurological functions. For those looking for a safe first smart drug, there is no better substitute.


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