Piracetam for ADHD

Piracetam for ADHD Long-Term Maintenance

What is Piracetam? My experience with ADHD

Piracetam for ADHD maintenance over the long-term, is a highly potent nootropic drug that can serve as an alternative to many dangerous ADHD psychostimulants, which may come with horrifying withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, a high risk of addiction, upset stomach, loss of appetite, extreme weight loss, anxiety, depression, personality disorders….the list is practically never-ending. As someone who has used Adderall, Ritalin, Focalin, and a host of other ADHD medications in the past, and of who started smart drugs for college in an effort to get adults and college kids looking for a “quick fix” boost, by way of using Adderall to cram for tests, to use nootropics instead, I can truly attest that nootropics are a much safer and long-term alternative.

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More about Piracetam

When I was taking Adderall, I couldn’t eat, I literally had to shovel food down my throat, because my heart was beating so fast and because my mouth was so dry from taking the drug-yes the focus was great, but I lost weight, I got headaches and stomach aches constantly, I wasn’t eating enough, could hardly exercise without feeling like I was having a heart attack, and whenever I stopped taking the Adderall, it was like my brain was useless (we call this “withdrawal symptoms”) I couldn’t focus, was depressed, anxious, it was hard to leave my house, I needed another, better, more long-term solution.

What is ADHD

There are two categories to this, it’s not a disease, it’s not a “syndrome” and in my opinion its not a “disorder” anymore than being talkative and happy is a disorder, it is however a part of who you are, and while I attest that in some severe cases, yes, conventional treatment is in fact needed, for the majority of those just looking for something to help with mild symptoms, or looking for a boost at work, or at college, it is not a long-term solution, and will actually end up hurting you long-term.


Why Piracetam helps offset many of the symptoms of ADHD

What does Piracetam do Specifically?

Piracetam, in comparison to the more powerful (cough* dangerously addictive) stuff out there on the market today, is a much milder, yet effective and largely side-effect free alternative. Piracetam works on the acetylcholine receptors of the brain, which control things like memory, focus (to a very small degree) and psychomotor skills, it also has been shown to improve iq and intelligence in standardized test, though not enough research has been done to substantiate these claims. Piracetam also has shown promising effects on neuro protection, allowing your brain much more oxygen with which to work with, and help protecting your cells from toxins. Specifically, when you take a Piracetam, the drug works in the brain to block the re-uptake of your acetylcholine receptors, and therefore pushes it to critical regions where it can be used much more effectively, such as the prefrontal lobe cortex, parietal lobes, and hippo-campus regions of the brain (focus, memory, and visual centers). This allows the neurotransmitter acetylcholine to really go to work, increasing focus, memory, and overall cognition in a very noticeable, yet subtle manner. Piracetam also only has one side effect-which is what we in the bio hacking and nootropics community call a “racetam headache.” This occurs when not enough choline is taken, and your acetylCHOLINE receptors get used up too quickly. When you take something like cdp choline this unpleasant effect goes away almost instantly.

What will I feel if I take Piracetam?

When you take a Piracetam, within an hour of the “coming up” part, you’ll notice increased energy and focus, better memory if you diligently focus on a task, as a result of an increase in working memory, and a noticeable increase in your “mindfulness” and sharpness of your vision. You’ll notice hot colors are much brighter, nature will seem to have more “beauty” if you will, and you’ll notice subtle details much better than before. Though this is a very neat effect, it is simply a bi-product of the increased acetylcholine, and is not the main desired effect at hand. Piracetam will act on improving cognition when you take it, and for someone with ADHD, Piracetam can be a life saver! If you’ve taken something like Adderall or Ritalin before, don’t expect that powerful of a drug, this is not an amphetamine and won’t have you feeling “wired” instead, you’ll feel like yourself, something Adderall can often times take away, just a better, more focused, more mindful version of yourself.

Piracetam Dosages

Typical doses of Piracetam range from 8-2400 milligrams, taken 1-3 times daily. The minimum effective Piracetam dosage should always be used to mitigate any potential Piracetam side effects as much as possible, so start at one capsule (800 milligrams) on our website, and take more as you feel is necessary. Unlike dangerous psychostimulant drugs, with Piracetam, there is no risk of overdose, and Piracetam when studied in humans at doses of 10 times the recommended amount per day, has shown no excess of side effects as long as enough choline is taken, the ratio of Piracetam to choline is 800 milligrams of Piracetam per 250 milligrams of CDP Choline, but if you want to take more CDP Choline than this, it will help you out more than it will hurt you.-

-Bonus* The Piracetam Megadose

For those a little more daring than the average Joe, there’s a lot of reviews on nootropic forums, such as longecity, and other nootropic blogs, that shows that a Piracetam megadose may produce extreme focus effects, and effects that border on the line of euphoria as far as a mood boost. If you choose to do this, take 5-10 grams of Piracetam at once, and be sure to use a hefty amount of cdp choline to avoid a headache.

Piracetam Prices

We sell Piracetam at just $19.99 for a 90 capsule bottle, and for our 45 Capsule Sampler pack, you can reap all the benefits of Piracetam for just under ten dollars, at $19.99.

Piracetam Side Effects

Typical side effects of Piracetam include, but are not limited to

  • headache-if not enough choline is taken with the drug
  • slight dry mouth
  • slight jitters
  • more energy (not a bad side effect but not its main purpose..so still a side effect I guess)
  • Tiredness if far too much is taken.

Bear in mind that you may not feel all or any of these side effects, and that in most of our users of Piracetam, the effects felt are very potent, and practically non-existent in the way of side effects.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any serious illness. The reviews and research on this website are simply guidelines, to help you decide what supplements may benefit a healthy lifestyle. If you decide to take Piracetam, be sure to maintain regular eating and sleeping habits, and to only increase the dosage of Piracetam as you feel necessary. 

Piracetam Benefits

Benefits of Piracetam include, improved memory, improvement of overall cognition, significantly better working memory, more energy throughout the day, higher levels of visual acuity, faster information retention and recall, and an increase in LTM to STM encoding.

Piracetam Uses

Piracetam is used by most for general cognitive enhancement, yet many users with certain disadvantages genetically have also stumbled upon things like Piracetam, and our other nootropics, in order to enhance their cognition, and help meet the strenuous demands of day to day life.

Piracetam Reviews

Most user reviews of Piracetam include that it helped to “improve my critical thinking and increase how fast I was able to learn,” and boast about the boost in overall intelligence that they received as a result of taking Piracetam, both in low doses over the long-term, and in high dosages over the short-term.


Piracetam vs Psychostimulants

Overall Piracetam is a far better alternative to the modern day psychostimulants on the market today, which are dangerous, and which have huge downside risks with very little increase in your overall potential in the long-term. While I can’t speak for everyone with regards to improving and managing their ADHD, Piracetam, for many who haven’t had success with stimulants, can truly make a difference.

Final Thoughts on this Original, Grandfather of Nootropics

Piracetam was the original nootropic that started it all, and has introduced a huge world of nootropics to the online market ever since it patent in the 1960’s. If you’re suffereing with ADHD, or maybe you’re just a stressed out college student looking for an Adderall Alternative before your next exam, Piracetam can be just enough to get you over the line you need, without risking addiction or harsh side effects in the process!

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