The Sublingual Use Of Piracetam

What is Piracetam?

Smart drugs are no longer a product of science fiction writers’ imagination. Nootropics are legal supplements that have been shown to actually enhance cognition, mental focus, and memory in many ways. And the variety of different brands of nootropics have multiplied in the last twenty years. But easily one of the more popular examples of this new medication trend is the nootropic known as Piracetam. The reason is that it exhibits all the positive benefits and desirable qualities one would hope they find in trying out a nootropic drug for the first time.

Piracetam is the brand name for “Acetylcholine” and is a member of the Racetam family of nootropics. It has been shown to have a significant effect on improving memory, boosting concentration and focus, and elevating your mood. A cyclic derivative of GABA, it is said to affect neural activity and communication between brain cells to achieve this effect. This results in optimized brain function and the cerebral cortex while using. The reason for its increased popularity is its relative safety and lack of toxicity or major negative side effects. This perception of reduced risk is the major contributing factor in its rise in popularity.


This supplement is best used for patients who are otherwise healthy yet are experiencing mild symptoms on non-clinical depression or lack of motivation. Those who have been diagnosed with major clinical depression or general anxiety disorder. Students or healthy individuals who are looking to improve their memory retention or concentration and focus and want an alternative to drugs like Adderall should also look into starting off with small amounts of Piracetam and see how they react. As with all nootropics, those who wish to use it should do plenty of research and see if the above benefits listed are the kinds of desired effects (memory enhancement, concentration aid, and anxiety relief), one might be looking for.


The immediate effects of using this nootropic are at first subtle and not easily noticeable. Within the first thirty to forty minutes, users can experience an improvement in sensory perception such as lights becoming brighter and shapes being more easily discernable. Sounds may be clearer and easier to distinguish and hear from long distances. These effects often contribute to a feeling of increased confidence, motivation and concentration. When accomplishing a mental or numerical task, users will start to notice the enhanced memory and cognitive functions use of this nootropic is capable of providing. Piracetam sublingual use overall displays much-improved effects with regards to potency, as well as less of a time-span for the drug to kick in.


The benefits of using Piracetam have been verified by a number of medical studies and research. The main benefit of using Piracetam is enhanced memory and learning capacity and overall recall. Acetylcholine has been shown in many studies to easily cross the blood-brain barrier and interact with Acetylcholine and glutamate receptors. It’s these neuroreceptors are responsible for cognition and memory. These specific effects are not uniform with every person, but most will experience clearer thought processes and being able to remember specific details better. Sensory perception is also reported to be affected by using Piracetam due to the increased Acetylcholine activity. These may include the ability to distinguish small details in sight, smell and touch.

Piracetam is also known to elevate mood levels and motivation as a result of its ability to combat cerebrovascular disease in elderly stroke patients. This effect in normally healthy younger adults manifests itself in a lessening of symptoms of general anxiety disorder, social anxiety, and sleep disorders. This improvement in brain circulation also has the effect of increasing oxygenation in the brain, which can help reduce fatigue and increase attention span. There is even literature to suggest that Piracetam can significantly benefit children with a reading disorder like dyslexia aid in combating cognitive degeneration as a result in increasing age, though these studies have not been confirmed by multiple sources.

Recommended Dosage

Piracetam can get ingested either in capsule form or in powder. There is not a medically recommended dosage since it has yet to be utilized in any official medical capacity. Most dosage recommendations are based on research trials and academic studies as well as anecdotal evidence by those who have safely used it.

The recommended dosage for this smart drug usually falls within a rather large range, with most reports suggesting between 1.2 grams and 9.6 grams a day. Most evidence this range is much closer to the range of 3-5 grams a day. The majority of Piracetam reviews lists users as taking 4-4.8 grams of this compound in powdered form anywhere from two to three times a day. Also, since Piracetam has a short half-life, you may need to take it several times a day. The best guideline for effective and safe dosages of this drug is to pay attention to how your body reacts to it and adjust your dosage accordingly. If any of the below-listed side effects become too acute and negate any benefits experience, it’s best you cut your dosage by half and observe how you react as a result. Body weight is a good indicator of how much you should take, typically 40-50 mg per kilogram of weight.

Side Effects

Even though Piracetam is the mildest and safest know nootropic currently on the market, there are some side effects. This is often a result of exceeding recommended dosages those who experience them should reduce their dosage or stop taking it until these side effects are no longer a problem. Side effects can include headaches, insomnia, nervousness or shakiness, weight gain, or increase anxiety. This may be due to not being able to build up a tolerance to excessively high dosages. Stacking with other racetams or other choline compounds like Citicoline, Alpha GPC or Centrophenoxine. Piracetam sublingual use will not be “too strong” as Piracetam is a very subtle nootropic.

Long-Term Use

As it is often considered the mildest of nootropics available on the smart drug market, Piracetam is not known for significant long term use effects. It has a lower LD 50 toxicity level than table salt or caffeine. There are also even reported beneficial results of long term use of Piracetam. It has been shown to change brain chemistry in a way that increases activity in certain areas of the brain. It has been shown to protect and even reverse the damage incurred by alcohol abuse. It’s also suggested that it can boost overall mental cognition in long term users of the drug.

Short-Term Use

When it comes to short term effects of using this supplement, people taking Piracetam should expect to experience improved cognition, a boost to motivation levels akin to caffeine use, and improved mental fluidity. Overall, this will result in users become quicker as certain types of tasks (like faster thinking or memory recall). Also, a mundane task like writing and reading will require less thought and effort. There are also reports of increased conversational and social skills when using Piracetam.


Piracetam is a derivative of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and is supposed to aid in the restoration of cell membrane fluidity. At a neuronal level, it modulates neurotransmission in a range of transmitter systems (including cholinergic and glutamatergic), and has neuroprotective and anticonvulsant properties, and is even known to improve neuroplasticity. At the vascular level, it seems to reduce erythrocyte adhesion to vascular endothelium, hinder vasospasm, and facilitate microcirculation. This diverse range of physiological effects may account for the many benefits of using this supplement such as memory enhancement, increased concentration, and anxiety relief.

Comparison to Other Nootropics

The main nootropic, Piracetam, has been compared to is one that has only recently been developed named Noopept. This is a more potent type of smart drug that only requires half the dosage of Piracetam. The main difference between Piracetam and more potent nootropics is the potential to exceed recommended dosages that result in more acute side effects. In addition to the side effects resulting from too many Piracetam-like headaches and shakiness and insomnia, exceeding dosages of Noopept can also result in feelings of emotional numbness. This is why Piracetam is considered one of the more milder nootropics on the market due to having to take a lot more to exceed recommended dosages.

Legal Status

Though it is not approved by the FDA in the United States for clinical use by medical professionals looking to subscribe it to patients, this is not due to safety concerns. It is legal for purchase and shipment in both the United States and the United Kingdom as well as in other parts of the world. It is just prohibited from being prescribed in a clinical capacity by any doctor or psychiatrist.

User Reviews

Most user reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, as shown below:

I just recently started taking it for memory and overall brain function that I damaged from drug use. I have noticed an improvement in all aspects of my memory, cognition, mood, sleep, etc. From what I’ve read about it on the web, I think it’s going to help me greatly with my recovery. I am so grateful for this.

This helps immensely with the concentration issues developed from prior memory loss, and in memory itself. The distinct taste led me to buy gelatin capsules it is so bad. But it’s so worth it.

I’ve been taking piracetam every day now for about one month, and have found it to be extremely effective in my daily cognitive activities. It helps me think clearly and also has helped me become more sociable, as it gives me a positive attitude. I have also found that piracetam makes me more spiritual and thirsty for wisdom and knowledge, as I am more interested in prayer and reading when I’m taking it. I recommend buying it in bulk powder form and mixing in some powdered stevia to get rid of the bitterness. I take anywhere from 1/2 to 1 full teaspoon of piracetam a day with two 250mg tablets of choline bitartrate, as recommended by nutritionists.

Final Thoughts

There may be more refined and effective forms of nootropics that will be developed in the future and there are more potent and potentially more effective smart drugs currently on the market. The main concern when using such as supplement is risk and safety concerns. This is why Piracetam is still extremely popular and is the most recommended smart drug for those looking to improve their memory, increase their mental cognition and focus and elevate mood levels in healthy individuals.


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