Piracetam vs ALCAR

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Piracetam and ALCAR stack Benefits

The Piracetam nootropic is the first ever to be made and was found to improve the processes of learning, the ability to focus as well as the improvement of perception, when first synthesized in the early 60’s. Piracetam vs ALCAR. The stacking of Piracetam with ALCAR has mostly been used in improving synergistic abilities of the motropic user. The drug is  used in making better the growth of nerves as well as the formation of synapses, which in turn boosts the brain’s neuroplasticity levels. ALCAR, in its very own nature has been used for the betterment of brain health and activity, and has a similar mechanism of action overall. Therefore, the drug is essential in making the brain be able to manipulate data, comprehend information, and increase the intelligence of a person consuming the nootropic drug. The stacking of Piracetum with ALCAR is meant to make the effects even more vivid for better results, and results in a much cleaner, more energized overall effect.

Side effects

One thing about these supplements is that not many effects have been associated with them for the time they have been in use. The effects that have been recorded are basically anchored on wrong dosage, or if the users have some other ailments, which cannot go well with the usage of the drug. Many people who have used it have also ascertained that they have not faced any major issues. However, one will end up depending on it if he or she wishes to have the same brain performance, though it is not addictive. Popularity of these nootropic supplements in particular (especially stacks, such as the Piracetam and ALCAR stack) will become mainstream in the coming years.

Piracetam vs. ALCAR

Piracetum, when used with ALCAR should be used in an amount of 800mg of Piracetam, 500 milligrams of ALCAR, if the benefits are to be realized in their full light. The recommended dosages can be from one gram to around five grams in every administration. The maximum dosage that one can use in a day can be ten grams; however, the average consumers of the drug will take an approximated two to four grams of either nootropic. It should be known that people respond differently to each of these drugs, and therefore, different amounts can be needed to initiate the effects. A two or three-week experience with Piracetum is good before stacking it with other compounds. ALCAR dosages can be 500 mg when taken together with Piracetum. However, when one needs more effects, or depending on their body chemistry, they can take 750 up to 1000 mg, tolerance, body weight, confidence, and experience with nootropics, will all play major factors with how the dosages are increased.

Review – My Experience

My first use of the drug was quite pleasant. I had a great mood all day long, (The drugs can make you feel good when stacked together, and their synergistic feeling creates a mild type of euphoria very similar to that of Phenylpiracetam or Noopept). Overall, I could think more clearly, reason better in tough situations and academics, and  was able to grasp even the most difficult of concepts much easier and more quickly. When you first take this nootropic stack, you’ll notice the ALCAR coming up first by way of a quick energy boost, your legs may begin to bounce and you may feel a sudden rush of excitement-once the piracetam kicks in around fifteen minutes later, the total immersion effect kicks in, you’re in your zone-imagine three cups of your strongest coffee and THEN add in a piracetam and low dose of amphetamine. While both of these nootropics may be somewhat weaker in themselves, their synergy is undeniable in experimentation. The nootropic will increase the activity of the brain through the neurotransmitters so that the mental fluidity can be promoted. The brain cells are detoxified so that the communication within the brain hemispheres is increased. The effect of the drug is also achieved when the acetylcholine neurotransmitters are modulated, and the functioning of the brain becomes faster and better. Short term functions and episodic memory are also achieved in the process.`

How Long Should I use it for?

Because these are both long term nootropics, one can take an ALCAR/piracetam stack for as long as six months without even thinking of cycling off (provided the dosage is kept low and CDP Choline is added to the mix in heaping amounts.) Over the long term, the conjunction of these two nootropic supplements with a hefty study regiment will induce a world of neuroplasticity faster than normal, and one will notice the benefits of the cycle even YEARS after administration has been ceased.

Final Thoughts

While we do not have Bacopa Monnieri available, what is available is just as good, and is known as Ashwagandha root, check it out in our nootropics store, stronger affects than Bacopa, and is one of the very few nootropics (because it’s an herb) where you won’t have to hit up that pesky CDP Choline;)

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