A Review Of The Pramiracetam User’s Experience

Smart drug compounds, or nootropics as they are also known by, have gained much popularity in the last few decades. Nootropics are known for their cognitive enhancing capabilities such as increasing mental efficiency and even some measures of intelligence. Nootropics are sold in the market these days as brain-boosting supplements. They have been used in many clinical and medical types of research including, but not limited, to treating mental disorders and even reversing the negative side effects of brain aging.

What is Pramiracetam?

Pramiracetam, one of the strongest nootropics in the industry, is available these days as a supplement. Pramiracetam is a central nervous system stimulant that has been popularized in most of Italy and Eastern Europe. In the clinical field, it has been known to work as a treatment for memory & attention deficits in aging people and those with neurodegenerative and vascular dementia. Pramiracetam primarily works by increasing acetylcholine uptake in the hippocampus, increasing the level of its circulation within the brain to ultimately improve neuronal impulse flow in different brain regions.


This nootropic agent was discovered in the late 1970s by scientists at Parke-Davis, a subsidiary of Pfizer. At the time, pharmaceutical company Warner-Lambert owned Parke-Davis and was able to conduct various clinical trials involved in improving cognitive functions. The first patent for a supplement was obtained in 1978. Pramiracetam is derived from its parents, racetam and Piracetam, although it is said to be roughly 15-30 times more efficient and stronger in potency than Piracetam. Although it was primarily used in medical conditions initially, more recent research into nootropics and its cognitive benefits has brought new light into Pramiracetam supplementation as a way to increase mental activity for any purpose as needed.

Pramiracetam Research

Much like other nootropic supplements, Pramiracetam’s exact mechanism of action is not fully known. Although, Pramiracetam has been known to outperform its nootropic counterparts in studies. It has been a steady subject of research since its discovery and seems to have many positive implications in the neurological field. In a set of clinical trials conducted by psychopharmacologists Brouwers and Dimond, Pramiracetam was shown to enhance verbal memory and intelligence. 16 college students participated in the research, all of who were in suitable mental and physical health. After two weeks of receiving Pramiracetam as a supplement, 14 out of 16 participants showed significant improvement in verbal learning. Other studies on Pramiracetam have shown the nootropic’s safe levels of toxicity. These studies have shown evidence that a healthy adult can take up to 1200mg of Pramiracetam on a daily basis for a whole year without incurring any negative side effects. Pramiracetam has been well researched over the years and now claims over a thousand published scientific papers for the purpose of its study alone.

Uses of Pramiracetam

In the field of cognition, Pramiracetam is used to enhance overall cognitive performance as typical of nootropic supplements. There are other uses for Pramiracetam in other fields of study. Pramiracetam has been shown to help with other conditions such as alcoholism, senile dementia, depression, motion sickness and vertigo, and some symptoms of concussion. It can also help improve learning difficulties associated with reading and writing in people with dyslexia. In age-related studies, it can be used to improve signs of cognitive aging. Personally, I notice that Pramiracetam has a noticeable stimulating effect and that in high doses (1 gram or more in one sitting) they can be somewhat euphoric.


The intake of Pramiracetam helps increase blood flow to the brain. This, then, enhances blood circulation accompanied by the increase in cranial oxygen uptake and resulting in enhanced glucose metabolism. This interaction results in the increase in overall mental energy and alertness that people feel when on Pramiracetam. The supplement is not intended to make anyone smarter, but it will improve memory, concentration and focus, and even energy levels. This nootropic helps in the development of new neurons and connections in the brain, which is very important in matters of learning. It helps improve fluid intelligence, which allows for faster reading, better writing, and better ability to engage and hold conversations with longer attention spans. The speed of mental processing has also been shown to increase as well. In European countries, Pramiracetam is used as a prescribed treatment for various degenerative cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It is also prescribed as a treatment for ADHD and has mild anti-depressant and sedative effects.

Recommended Dosage

The Pramiracetam supplement is very potent and does not need to be taken in large doses for it to work. The most effective dosages are about 15mg per kilogram of body weight. Therefore, if you are taking a Pramiracetam supplement daily, a dose of 500-600mg 2-3 times a day will be effective. The supplement’s shelf life is approximately 5 hours. Therefore, the dosage must be broken into even administration, such as once in the morning and once at night, to make sure that there are consistent levels of nootropics in the body. This will work only if Pramiracetam is taken on its own. Since all nootropic drugs and other brain nutrition supplements synergize with each other, make sure to account for combining dosages to avoid any possible negative side effects. Since the supplement is fat soluble, it must be taken with food, milk, or fish oil.


The supplement has been proven in studies to be less toxic than table salt. Pramiracetam is considered to be very safe and very mild. Although not everyone will get the same positive effects when taking the supplement, no serious side effects have ever been reported at all. Pramiracetam has been proven to be well tolerable by healthy adults and also has no known interactions with other drugs. Some people may experience mild headaches, which may be reduced by the addition of a choline supplement to the regimen. On rare occasions, some might experience an allergic reaction. Most Pramiracetam experiences from our customers show that the drug is largely free of excess side effects.

Short-Term Use of Pramiracetam

The short-term benefits of this supplement are tremendous. Students who are looking for a boost in their studies can take Pramiracetam to feel effects right away. Some nootropics such as Piracetam and Aniracetam take a while, sometimes even weeks, before any significant benefits take effect. Since the effects of Pramiracetam happen quickly, it is great as a solution to immediate problems and situations that need addressing. For example, people who are feeling a lack of energy or mental concentration can take Pramiracetam before taking on a project at work or at school. The supplement can also help improve focus and alertness whenever needed.

Long-Term Use of Pramiracetam

The long-term use of Pramiracetam can possibly take on a cumulative effect. As more of the supplement is taken into the body, the effects of it will continue to get stronger and more effective. Using this supplement for the long term can possibly increase the stimulation of the cholinergic system permanently and considerably improve memory even after regular use of the supplement is ceased. Long-term intake of Pramiracetam may eventually induce improvements in synaptic plasticity due to its ability to stimulate the growth of new neurons and connections in the brain. The long-term benefits of Pramiracetam are still subject to further research and development, though the initial claims are proving to be impressive.

Is Pramiracetam Legal to Use?

Concurrent with today’s laws and regulations, Pramiracetam is legal for purchase and consumption in the United States. This is also true for the UK, Canada, and Australia but with some limitations. Pramiracetam continues to not be regulated in all these nations including the US. Majority of Pramiracetam supplements are being exported from the USA, and importing for other countries apply the same laws as importing of any other smart drugs. Some countries put a limit of 1-3 month supply per order. In the UK, Pramiracetam may be more difficult to attain.

Online Reviews

Being one of the more advanced nootropics in the racetam family, Pramiracetam has garnered generally positive reviews both from regular users and also professionals in the industry. In comparison to other smart drugs, Pramiracetam has performed well and sometimes even better. It typically holds more power and more potency than its competitors, and the lower dosing is preferred by some people rather than having to take so much more of other supplements just to get better results. The effectiveness of Pramiracetam is subject to whoever is taking it. The benefits manifest themselves in different ways to different people. Younger, healthier adults who use the supplement for simpler terms such as improving focus, concentration, and energy have seen results faster than those who are using it for medical purposes. Scientific reviews of Pramiracetam are also generally positive with success in laboratory testing for its long-term benefits in animals.


As with taking any drugs or supplements for the body, a medical professional or health care provider must be consulted before starting a regimen. Pramiracetam has been studied and tested enough to fairly account for its safety and effectiveness. This is a good supplement to try if you are looking to use smart drugs to help improve any cognitive functions. Pramiracetam has many benefits that can be helpful for anybody who properly takes it. If you are looking for overall enhancement for brain health, then Pramiracetam is just the supplement that can help. Most uses Pramiracetam experience reports are extremely positive!

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