Pramiracetam: What Is The Big Deal About The Little Pill?

What is Pramiracetam?

Today, getting a leg up on the competition is now more important than ever. But, how to do it, we all can’t go to the Harvard Business School that virtually guarantees success. We also may not have the connections or a mentor that can help boost our careers and any other approach is costly or time-consuming.

What if you could take a pill that would rocket you to the top and make you the king of the hill? Sounds like something out of a SciFi flick. You’ve perhaps seen the movie “Limitless”, where a nobody stumbles onto a little blue pill that turns him into a human computer with almost godlike powers. There is even a TV series about it and the mysterious drug called NZT-48.

Well, the movie and TV shows are all based on fact! A little blue pill can turn you into an Einstein. Actually, there is an entire industry making them and there is a plethora of them to choose from. The name of one of the most powerful is Pramiracetam and that’s what you going to find out a little about today and what it can do for you now and you can get it without a prescription over the counter.


It was actually discovered in the late ’60s in Belgium by a pharmaceutical company looking into ADHD and ADD they found it had other applications that started the “Nootropics Boom” in Europe, which is continuing today. There are now over 127 different Nootropics supplements available and is a billion dollar plus a year industry. When you mix and match this allows for an almost unlimited number of Nootropics combinations available today.

It is a drug from the racetam family of drugs that kick starts your cerebral functions and overclocks your memory and perception. Right now, all over Europe and here in the States students are taking this drug, blasting through the toughest curriculums imaginable, and acing their exams and finals. This, of course, puts them at the head of their class and they graduate with top honors and are sought after by companies that are only hiring the best and brightest. Wall Street and 5th Ave. savants are not the geniuses we think they are they often owe their keen perceptions and analytical ability to a small pill. It is a fact; people in all walks of life are now relying on Pramiracetam to get them more out of their careers and moving up the corporate ladder.

So what else can it do?

Uses for Pramiracetam

Primarily, Pramiracetam is used as a cognitive and memory booster though it also can allow for extended periods of concentration as well. Similar to drinking a Starbucks double espresso, you have better concentration and recall with an energy boost that can keep you going.

European students and Asians as well use it to beat Americans at the taking tests at universities in this country are trying to ban the use that the rest of the world is taking for granted and in this, we are behind the curve as compared to China and the EU. This perhaps should be addressed at the national level if we are to remain competitive on world markets in the future.

Benefits of Pramiracetam

Medically, it can help those with attention deficit disorder, ADHD or ADD. It increases blood flow to the brain and improves cognitive function to an unparalleled level. The best part about it is that it also increases productivity and focus. People who use it over time also have more motivation and better concentration as well. Overall, you mental facades accelerate and your brain runs at a faster rate, which means time stands still and you can see what’s happening better and have to the time needed to decide on a course of action.

The military is funding studies in the use of Pramiracetam and other drugs like it for the soldier as under battlefield conditions the ability to reason clearly and take in all the data that the electronic senses and smart weapons used today would swamp a WWII infantryman and for the Warfighter of the 21st century, even more, is demanded. We have Pramiracetam for sale in 9 different sizes, and it is one of the most powerful nootropics in the nootropics industry.

So, how much do I have to take to get these benefits?

Well, that’s up to you how quickly you want to see the results. 250mg taken with a meal seems to suit most people. But as with many supplements, it all depends on your tolerance. Since the 1970s, thousands have taken this drug safely and in even higher dosages. But to start out you might want to start at a lower level and build up the dose as you start seeing results and until you get the results you’re looking for.

Some people make up a cocktail of these Nootropics as they are called to elevate mood and to have more energy and be able to work longer than they ordinarily would be able to.

Side Effects

In some cases, users have reported headache, nausea, and dizziness. The headache issue is the most common side effect and is related to your brain using Acetylene faster and more efficiently, which is why those who suffer from headaches have found adding a Choline supplement to their daily dosage of Pramiracetam.

Though most times these symptoms are the result of too high a dosage above the 250 mg range, if you get a headache reducing the dosage seems to do the trick. The amazing fact about Pramiracetam is that it actually feeds your brain and makes it healthier. After over 30 years of use, it has been shown to be less toxic than common table salt, which in the world of pharmacological drugs and supplements is almost unheard of today.

The bottom line is that if taken in the recommended dosage range, it has virtually no side effects and is actually good for you, in addition to, all the mental benefits your reap as well. The only Pramiracetam for sale that we keep is free of additives and fillers, and is 100% entirely pure Pramiracetam nootropic powder!

The Long-Term Effects vs. the Short-Term Effects of Pramiracetam

As mentioned with virtually no side effects you can take the drug for long periods of time without ill effects. During the short term, you’ll see the benefits mentioned earlier and with long term, use these benefits seem to stick with you on a permanent basis and after a while, you can cut the dosage and still get the same benefits. This may be due to the brain’s plasticity and its ability to adapt to running at a faster rate, which then becomes the norm.


Yes, currently with the number of studies done in the EU and more is being done by the various supplement makers in efforts to improve the current crop of Nootropics. The FDA has not asked for any work in this area as they seem to have a hands-off policy on enhancement supplements as their charter if for drugs that are made for diseases and human enhancement does not fall under their mandate. Though this could change at any time as they seem to stick their fingers in anywhere that Congress decides.

Online Reviews

Amazon sells many Nootropics and even Walmart has stocked Nootropics as well. If you do a search on reviews, you will find an overwhelming number of users who praise the use of Pramiracetam for helping them in their personal, study, and professional lifestyles as well as their day-to-day activities. They often mention how everything seems to be more intense, from a sense of taste, smell, color, and even their sex lives have improved markedly.

Very few mention the side effects and even these say they were alienated by adding other supplements or reducing the dosage of Nootropics they are taking.

Final Thoughts

Watch the movie “Limitless” or the TV show by the same name and see for yourself and see a fictional world where Nootropics are in use. Your friends wouldn’t talk if they are using them. Because they don’t want you to learn their secret. That’s why articles like this one are written to help you understand you aren’t a failure as some people seem to be smarter than you. You and they have the same abilities. Your Friend may be using Nootropics to boost his/hers. So, if you do the same you’ll be able to compete and perhaps surpass them as well with the knowledge you get from reading articles like this one.

You can have a limitless life with Pramiracetam and the other Nootropics that can bring you a better life, job, and career.

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