Pramiracetam Powder

What is Pramiracetam Powder?

Pramiracetam is a nootropic drug that works on the central nervous system and is categorized as a nootropic compound that comes from the racetam sets of compounds. The company responsible for the production of the drug is known as Menarini, though other licensed manufacturers are also involved in the production process. The drug is often sold under the name Pramistar. The man who discovered the drug is Parke Davis during the Warner-Lambert era in the 1970s and he patented the drug with copyrights.

This nootropic is also well known for its high potency levels and bioavailability when it comes to the human body system. As a result, many medical practitioners may recommend this drug as an excellent alternative for low potency racetams for who individuals who seek increased attention and improved alertness levels.

Benefits of Pramiracetam Powder

The main advantages of Pramiracetam are that it helps to increase the flow of blood to the brain, which in turn works to improve various cognitive functions in the brain such as attention, memory and focus as well. Besides that, Pramiracetam also helps to improve users memory since most users always report a sense of improved memory that results from the new neural pathways that are developed by neurons. Additionally, Pramiracetam also works to enhance users learning capacity since it works to enhance the connection of a broad spectrum of neural pathways in the brain.

More so, it has also been shown to help users to develop memories more efficiently along with helping them to improve various aspects of their information and problem-solving capabilities. The drug has also been shown to be an excellent strategy for improving mental focus and energy thereby making it one of the most potent pramiracetam available on the market. It works to help users to become more productive when it comes to completing tasks that require additional attention. On top of that, the drug has also been shown to enhance the food metabolism levels of individuals thereby allowing them to supply their neurons with increased energy and glucose for completing day-to-day activities.

Typical Dosage of Pramiracetam Powder

The specific pramiracetam dosage that suits individuals is often influenced by the doctor’s guidance along with various aspects of your health. It is recommended in most cases that you settle for the services of a qualified medical expert to help you to evaluate all the essential body functions to mitigate the effects of food poisoning and any other related body complications. Some of the prevalent side effects that are often reported when overdosing occurs may include headaches, nausea and stomach upsets, though no deaths are known to have resulted from consuming the drug. The doctor plays an important role since he will help to mitigate any possible complications such as liver toxicity that may hamper your overall health. By the same token, pregnant or lactating mothers are recommended to avoid consuming high doses of the drug as well.

Side Effects of Pramiracetam Powder

Pramiracetam is relatively safe for consumption for various health adults, and there are no known cases of deaths have been caused by taking the drug. Additionally, the drug is also known to be compatible with various prescription drugs though it may be consumed with alcoholic beverages. This rug is highly potent, and it won’t lead to any adverse reactions since it’s not classified as an anabolic drug. With that being said, a good suggestion for you would be always to seek your general practitioner’s counsel before adding the drug into your regime. It’s also important to note that a significant portion of first-time users often experiences side effects such as nausea and headaches, which often disappear after a while and can also be controlled.

Long term use of Pramiracetam Powder

Since Pramiracetam is classified as a nontoxic medical supplement, it is completely safe to consume on a constant basis. Besides that, due to its highly potent side effects, it only;y requires a few pills each day thereby making it an excellent addition to individuals who are involved in the realms of the competitive world. In some sense, it is classified as a nootropic supplement that has various long-term benefits, and it also improves the user’s motivation and productivity levels as well.

Short-term use of Pramiracetam Powder

Since this drug has various benefits for the user, it acts as an excellent mood and focus-enhancing supplement, it’s important that you avoid consuming the drug before retiring for sleep. Moreover, short-term use has various dependency side effects as when compared to the standard cognitive enhancing drugs that are available on the consumer market today.

How to take Pramiracetam Powder

This supplement is primarily sold in capsule and powder format, thereby meaning that it is mainly consumed through oral methods. The powder is often dissolved in lukewarm water or water that has an average temperature. The capsules can be consumed with almost anything including juices, tea, and water but not alcohol.


According to a recent study by a medical student of the possible impacts of pramiracetam on rats determined that rats who received regulated doses of were more likely to remember the particular routes in the mazes that would lead to getting a reward. The main idea behind this type of effect is that this nootropic supplement enhanced memory recall and alertness levels in the consumers.’


Similar to all prescription drugs, taking more than the recommended dosage always has harmful side effects on your overall health. Since Pramiracetam is a highly potent supplement, it can often lead to some notable side effects when consumed inappropriately. Some of the negative side effects during overdosage may include headaches, fever, nausea, and stomach aches among various other health complications

Legal Status

The drug is available in most European countries for the over the counter purchase though some countries have some stringent regulations regarding using the drug. For instance, Canada and the USA do not classify the drug as a controlled substance, and it can be acquired over the counter. Other countries, such as Australia, also have no restrictions on the drug. However, the United Kingdom limits the amount that one can purchase at any moment.

Capsules vs. Pramiracetam Powder

When it comes to Pramiracetam powders and capsules, both of these forms of the drug have potent side effects, and it is, therefore, important that you select one that suits your unique needs. The powder form of the drug tends to be absorbed much faster by the body than the capsule method, though both are highly effective methods of consuming the supplement.

Where can you Purchase this Supplement?

Pramiracetam is a supplement that is available in a broad spectrum of purchase platforms. For instance, in most European countries, you can easily purchase the drug at your local chemist, or you can perhaps purchase the drug at your local Home Depot. Besides that, this supplement is also available for online purchase as well.

Reviews from Bloggers About Pramiracetam Powders

Danny Dover says

I love this supplement. Being a student who has to, often focus on accomplishing their practical assignments and academic papers on time, I have over the years had to rely on some ineffective methods to enhance my productivity and focus levels, such as coffee. But, since I discovered, Pramiracetam, I must say that my entire health regime has changed for the better, and I am more productive as well.

Stacy Winter

I’m always apprehensive of mind-altering prescription drugs, especially after what these things did to my sister. However, during my busy work schedule, I have had to find ways to enhance my focus and concentration levels. I once tried meditation, exercise, and even yoga, but nothing seemed to work in my favor. That is, until one day, I came across an online advertisement depicting the potent effects of this drug. I must say, that I may even recommend it for my daughter who is completing her bachelor’s course very soon.


Pramiracetam qualifies as an excellent example of such a solution since it has various cognitive and mind enhancing benefits for the user. By the same token, the drug doesn’t have any notable side effects that may cause concern for any prospective user who wants to invest in the drug for their unique needs.

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