A Brief Review And History Of Pramiracetam

What Is Pramiracetam?

Our Pramiracetam review on the adequate dosing to minimize side effects will consist of a definition and history of Pramiracetam. It will, then, delve into research and user reviews from our customers. It will finish with our dosage suggestions and guidelines for proper use of the nootropic drug.

Pramiracetam is a stimulant drug that influences the central nervous system and is classified as a nootropic agent belonging to the racetam class of compounds. Parke-Davis discovered this particular type of nootropic during the Warner-Lambert era in the late 1970s with proprietary rights having expired in 1966. Warner-Lambert performed clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease but later abandoned the project after discovering the project showed mixed results.

It then garnered popularity as a solution for electroconvulsive therapy for major depressive complications and as a way of taking advantage of the administrative right offered for its prescription. The license was then forwarded to Marin, who continued further research on its capability for mitigating the effects of dementia as well as other myriad forms of mental complications.

Pramiracetam is well known for its high potency and oral bioavailability as well. It is for this reason that medical experts recommend that it be consumed in reduced doses that its prototype. The more potent version is sometimes offered as an alternative to weaker racetams for individuals who want an enhanced sense of well-being and increased alertness.


The drug was primarily developed in the late 1970s by a man known as Parke Davis and is currently categorized as cognitive supplements. What is more remarkable is that some people now consider it as an anti-aging drug. The drug`s first official patent was issued in 1978, in Belgium and in 1079, in the United States. Since it was a modification of its prototype Piracetam, it was mostly synthesized in 1984 for its recall enhancing capabilities.


The primary benefits of Pramiracetam are that it helps increase blood flow to the brain, which in turn contributes to enhancing cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and focus. Some of the other notable benefits include:

  • Enhances memory – Users have reported enhanced memory due to the new neural pathways that are created by neurons.
  • Improves overall learning capacity – Since Pramiracetam helps in the connection of various neural pathways, it allows users to form memories more efficiently as well as helping them to enhance their information processing and problem-solving skills.
  • Enhances focus and mental energy – This is perhaps the single most significant effect of Pramiracetam. It allows users to become more productive in tasks that require a hand on attention. More so, it enhances overall food metabolism thus supplying the neurons with sufficient energy and glucose for everyday tasks.
  • It can be used for treating degenerative cognitive complications – Some of the psychological difficulties that are cured in this category include ADHD, Alzheimer’s as well as dementia. For patients with ADHD, it helps renew levels of focus and attention with significant effects.


Some medical professionals have suggested that cognitive enhancement supplements such as Pramiracetam only work when administered when there is a proper balance of body hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. This would indicate that some females, in particular, might require some minimal hormone therapy to realize the full potential of the drug. Furthermore, male androgen tends to decline with age thus making a hormone checkup an imperative task for a majority of elderly men. Pramiracetam review logs have it as an entirely safe nootropic.

Some of the side effects that have been observed in patients with Alzheimer’s include improved intelligence; better recall as well enhanced ability to learn as well. In some cases, mild depression typically associated with Alzheimer’s is also mitigated.

Recommended Dosage

The particular dosage of Pramiracetam typically varies with your doctor’s guidance and medical knowledge. In most cases, it is highly recommended that you seek a medical expert to analyze all the vitals of your body to avoid any food poisoning. Some of the common side effects reported when consuming incorrect doses include nausea, stomach ache as well as headaches.

More comprehensive studies on the drug might provide better insight into the capabilities and side effects related to specifically administered dosages. As a cognitive enhancement pill or supplement, it is highly recommended that you proceed with utmost caution since it can damage the liver.

More importantly, the doctor will also help the patient in determining the drug`s compatibility with current medication and prescription drugs. Pregnant mothers and those with heart conditions should avoid higher dosages of the drug due to its increased bioavailability.

It is vital to be aware that since this nootropic supplement is relatively potent, you do not need to consume it in large doses. In fact, the modern medical literature has it that Pramiracetam is 30 times stronger that Pramiracetam from which it is obtained. In most cases, a dosage of 400mg two or three times a day is an adequate prescription to suit your unique mental enhancement needs.

Some brilliant suggestions include breaking the total dose into two even administrations per day- one in the morning and one late in the afternoon. The main gist behind this sort of drug policy Is that this supplement has a half-life that ranges between 4 to 6 hours. For this reason, consuming two dosages of Pramiracetam will help guarantee a superior level of side effects felt on the body.

Moreover, for any prospective user of these supplements, you are required to conduct some sufficient improvisation to engender the dosage that best suits your needs. It is important to note that different people have different experiences with the drug as well as varying tolerance levels to the build-up of the drug. Broadly speaking, you want to avoid consuming excessive amounts of Pramiracetam since this could lead to adverse and uncomfortable side effects for the body. One popular alternative to the conventional attack dosage strategy would be to consume this nootropic in a dosage range of 1 to 1.5 grams per day.

Side Effects

This nootropic supplement is safe for a majority of healthy adults, and there are hardly any reported cases of deaths as a result of consuming this nootropic. More so, there are no known adverse reactions with other drugs, and it does not have anabolic effects on the consumer. Having said that, you can never go wrong by asking your medical or general practitioner to ensure that your body can accommodate the side effects of Pramiracetam.

A majority of first-time users usually reports of side effects such as headaches and nausea, which can be controlled, with the addition of Cholines compounds in your medicinal regimen. Some of the common choline prescriptions include Citicoline and Alpha GPC.

 Long-Term Use

Since Pramiracetam is a non-toxic substance, it is completely safe to use on a recurring basis. Furthermore, due to its potent effects, it cannot be used often thus making it an ideal solution for individuals who are in the competitive field. This nootropic supplement has also been known to have long-term benefits for overall motivation and productivity levels for its users.

Short-Term Use

Due to its significant effects on mood enhancement and alertness as well, users should not consume Pramiracetam prior to sleeping. More importantly, short-term use has dependency side effects as when compared to conventional cognitive enhancement drugs currently on the market.


According to a recent study by a medical student of the possible impacts of Pramiracetam on rats determined that rats who received regulated doses of were more likely to remember the particular routes in the mazes that would lead to getting a reward. The main idea behind this type of effect being that this nootropic supplement enhanced memory recall and alertness levels in the consumers’

Is Pramiracetam Legal?

The following is the legality status of Pramiracetam in some countries:

  • USA – It is not regarded as a controlled substance and has no certification provided by the FDA. However, residents in the USA can purchase, use and store the drug legally.
  • Canda – Pramiracetam is entirely legal in Canada
  • United Kingdom – resident of the UK can purchase the drug though it still remains an uncontrolled substance
  • Australia – the drug is legal to use and posses, but can only be bought in regulated amounts according to the government

A Pramiracetam Review From One Of Our Customers

You can tell he’s on Pramiracetam…..because of how fast he’s talking lol;) Our Pram helped him with his math homework! He did it in his sleep! #powerofnootropicsThe following are some of the customer reviews:

Digital Jazz says:

I still use the 500mg dose to especially when I have pending assignments of exams around the corner. I find it beneficial for enhancing focus and depth of focus for up to 3 hours. Unlike most nootropic medicines that I have tried in the past, Pramiracetam has reduced side effects and can even be used when operating large machinery. However, it does tend to make me a bit introverted in social contexts.

Seraphim 1969 says:

I would have to mention that Pramiracetam provides a significant improvement in my experience over piracetam. I think one notable variable worth mention would be its possible contextual effects. I mean in my workplace organization, accuracy, and physical stamina I felt more rejuvenated and energized with every single passing day. Moreover, it provides me with a splendid lucid awareness and problem-solving ability that is beneficial for predicting outcomes. I highly recommend this nootropic for those who are tired of taking seven cups of coffee to feel significant enhancement in mood or alertness levels.

Razz Fella says:

I have been having trouble focusing on simple tasks such as studying and completing other forms of academic-related work. In simple terms, I think I have been suffering from a mild case of ADHD and have never consulted any medical professional help from the doctor. A friend recommended me this nootropic supplement and the results have been astounding. Aside from being completely legal and approved in my home country, Canada I can say I can now control the effects of my mental complication with ease. What is even more remarkable is that it doesn’t have any adverse side effects even after I consume it for several days.

Final Thoughts

Overall, when taken together, Pramiracetam is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a convenient and legal to enhance the myriad aspects of their cognitive functionalities. Furthermore, since it has no well-known adverse side effects to the user, it can also be used as a long-term solution for migrating the impact of common mental health complications such as ADHD, Dementia and to enhance concentration levels. It is readily available online in various supplements to suit your unique cognitive enhancement needs.

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