A Brief Review Of The Side Effects Of Using Pramiracetam

What Is Pramiracetam?

Pramiracetam, a nootropic (“mind expander, mind booster”), is a derivative of Piracetam (a classic nootropic), designed for a higher range of cognition-improving properties. As such, it structurally and chemically belongs to the class of racetams. It is a newer generation nootropic synthesized in the late 1970s, with a great body of scientific studies affirming its expanded nootropic qualities. It is a lipophilic substance (having affinity for fat), with high bioavailability in oral uptake. Side effects of Pramiracetam are typically non-existent, and the drug is well-tolerated among nearly all users.

It is stronger than Piracetam, which means that common effects of both compounds appear in smaller dosage in Pramiracetam than in Piracetam. On the basis of studies and anecdotal evidence, Pramiracetam is considered 15 to 20 times more potent to Piracetam. Maximum concentration, when ingested by fasting people, is achieved in one half to 1 hour. Pramiracetam’s affinity for fat provides fast and intensive absorption by the brain. Its half-life is about 4 hours in a healthy subject and given that this is a relatively short time, it is advised that its intake is spread several times a day. Pramiracetam side effects are typically not something to worry about, and if you take enough choline with the nootropic supplement, they are easily mitigated and entirely eliminated. Without enough choline, however, a mild headache can persist whilst taking the drug.

Regarding the affinity for neurotransmitters in the brain, it doesn’t have any effect (agonist or antagonist) for adenosine (commonly modulated by caffeine), adrenergic (Venlafaxine, Remeron and few other prescription drugs), benzodiazepine, dopaminergic (amphetamines) receptors in the central nervous system (CNS). Its nootropic activity is, by a high margin, one of the best among racetam-class compounds. Its main beneficial mode of action is interaction with Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that has a direct effect on cognitive functions, such as storage and retrieval of data.


Basic health benefits of Pramiracetam are apparent and well-studied in neurodegenerative diseases that affect the brain in older age, like Alzheimer or Parkinson diseases, although a very strong antioxidant effect, increasing blood flow to the CNS, as well as protection of neurocytologic structures in the brain ensure the relative “youth” of the brain. This is one of the indirect bases for Pramiracetam’s nootropic effect in a course of long-term use. In Alzheimer, cerebral strokes or Parkinson diseases, depending on the stage of severity, it may improve focus and attention.

These neuroprotective effects as well as subtle, yet perceptible improvement of the aforementioned pathological state of the brain have relevance not only for senior citizen population in which they are common, but also as a tonic for a young brain that brings balance among neurotransmitter actions as well as protection from toxins (polluted atmosphere, usage of certain drugs, accidental exposure to toxins).

Pramiracetam, as a prescription drug and sometimes as an over-the-counter (OTC) substance, is used in some Central and East European countries as collateral supplements of the baseline pharmacological palliative measures for the aforementioned neurological states.

Pramiracetam, among the racetam class of nootropics, has an extremely potent and diversified (affecting several mechanisms in the brain, which translates in the concrete enhancement of the mental performance) modes of action. Memory (short, long-term as well as the working one) is significantly improved.

Anxiolytic and mild mood improvement qualities also add to improvements which are important in every situation of everyday life and is especially beneficial in improving the intellect at school, college, independent studies, and other strenuous, goal-oriented activities.

Through cholinergic action and completely safe effect on the adrenal gland, Pramiracetam is one of rare racetam nootropic whose beneficial action is felt quickly after consumptions. In healthy subjects, ingestion of Pramiracetam together with an anticholinergic substance denies the benefits of memory formations, which is proof that Pramiracetam is suitable for healthy individuals in terms of nootropic action. Pramiracetam’s stronger property is its extremely beneficial effect on the memory, which is most pronounced among racetams and for which no commercially available drug – a prescription drug or an OTC one – is a match.

Mental energy, delay of fatigue, increased focus, lack of exhausting “highs” on the mind and body (which can be facilitated through such widely consumed psychoactive substances as coffee) are well-documented effects among humans using Pramiracetam. Furthermore, a boost of the long-memory storage and memory recall facilitated by long-term use of Pramiracetam are, by default, desirable effects in academic activities, where the sheer quantities of facts, which increase with progression in modern times, demand a cognitive enhancer.

Relief from anxiety may be of direct benefit – further so because Pramiracetam doesn’t create habit or tolerance – in scholastic and professional activities practiced by people that may have a predisposition towards basic/generalized or social anxiety.

Recommended Dosages

Use of doses as high as 2,400mg is safe, although daily dosages in a range from 400mg to 800mg may be effective in some individuals. Dosage of 1,600mg is considered a ‘gold standard’ among long-time Pramiracetam users. Due to its relatively short half-life, Pramiracetam should be ingested in smaller dosages over the course of the day. Its very strong interaction with cholinergic activity in the brain (which is one of the chief mechanisms that provides nootropic effects) demands strong supplementation with choline, a substance which provides the basis for the human synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Pramiracetam is extremely safe in overdose, which shall cause some nuance for the user, such as headache (due to depletion of Acetylcholine, a state that can be surpassed with adding an appropriate amount of choline). Anecdotal evidence suggests that capsules are a far superior method of delivery, because of the extremely bitter taste of Pramiracetam formulation as a powder, as well as the disadvantage of poor mixing in water and difficulty in calculating the correct dose.

Side Effects

Undesired effects from Pramiracetam are localized in the form of short term effects (headache, nausea, upset stomach) as a result of a high dosage being used, as well as because of an inadequate supply of choline, either through conservative nutrition or through neglecting to use choline supplements. Pramiracetam requires choline to work properly, and if taken in proper amounts, completely eliminated most undesirable effects.

Pramiracetam has an extremely high toxicity range and therefore its use in recommended dosages doesn’t cause any acute or chronic malfunction of the organism. Mega-doses of Pramiracetam are frequently used without side effects (and with plenty of choline!), and are raved about on forums such as Longecity, in which users take as much as 10x the recommended dosage to extraordinary benefit!

Is Pramiracetam Legal?

The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), the chief authoritative arbiter of substances for human consumption in the US, neither approves Pramiracetam for specific nutritional or clinical use, nor it bans it or considers it a harmful substance. This stance means that any user of Pramiracetam may legally purchase, store and use Pramiracetam preparations in the U.S.

Research on the legal status in other countries, if one plans to purchase Pramiracetam abroad is advisable, as well as giving attention to the quality of the product. Pramiracetam is currently legal in the United Kingdom and Canada, where it is an unregulated substance. In the case of Canada, the only minor quantity may be imported for a given time, provided that the substance is exclusively for personal use.

Final Thoughts

Pramiracetam, as a strong improvement from the basic racetam, Piracetam, has extremely strong nootropic potency, evidence for which is furnished by a plethora of biomedical and psychological studies, which was one of the reasons that it was recognized as beneficial drugs in Germany and many countries of Eastern Europe. The combined wealth of studies gives a solid ground to conclude that Pramiracetam is a powerful memory booster, an effect which is much appreciated in academic settings.

Pramiracetam’s pharmacological profile reveals a substance that has no appreciable side-effects even in an overdose that far surpasses the recommended daily intake. It’s a broader range of benefits to the mind, such as memory-recall, increased attention and focus, adaptation of the brain to work in unity of all parts that define the higher mind, makes Pramiracetam alone, or – much preferably – stacked with other racetam-class nootropics like Aniracetam, a priority source for improvement of one’s mental performance, reduction of anxiety and boosting clarity of the thought process demanded by contemporary living, including academic and professional settings.

Pramiracetam offers thorough health benefits as an anti-aging antagonist of free radical and also by providing the brain with greater oxygenation and supply of its most important metabolic fuel, glucose. All modes of action of Pramiracetam on cellular, neural, synaptic and metabolic processes in the brain express themselves as an improvement and extension of crucial aspects of mental performance, thus optimizing the baseline function of the mind.

Unlike “conventional stimulants” which offer minimal benefits at the cost of causing stress to mind and body during acute and long-term use, Pramiracetam has a targeted way to improve neuroplasticity, glucose metabolism and optimize the effect of acetylcholine, crucial neurotransmitter in the process of memory formation and recall.

The effect on focus, the capability to reject irrelevant info and stimuli in favor of what is relevant and needed are most pronounced not only among racetams but other substances designed for the stimulation of the brain as well. These qualities make Pramiracetam an ideal choice for maximizing the performance of the mind.

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