Pramiracetam Stack Ideas and Benefits

One of the toughest things to deal with for aging individuals is that of memory and cognition. While there are a lot of different treatments that can be established, finding results from them can be tough. There has been some hope found in certain supplements, however, and one of the major options is that of Pramiracetam. This is proving to be interesting, thanks to research that showcases some benefits. Common Pramiracetam stack ideas typically involve Hydrafinil, Adrafinil, Noopept, and CDP or Alpha GPC Choline.

What is Pramiracetam?

The science of this supplement focuses on nootropic elements. It is found within the drug family known as racetam. This is a solution that has been discovered to help with central nervous system improvement, specifically for the aid of memory discovery.


The main benefits associated with Pramiracetam include memory recognition, long-term memory formation, and improved cognitive function.

Side Effects

As with anything that you may take as a supplement, there are some side effects to consider. While they are rare and mild, it should be noted that there are some issues to consider. The only major issue that people seemed to have in studies was that of headaches. Aside from that, minor issues with tiredness were found. However, these are rare, and studies indicated diminished effects. Always be sure to take a choline source when using Pramiracetam.


The effects come through over time when taken on a daily basis. Pramiracetam delivers assistance to memory, and focus, alongside a boost of energy over time. However, as with many nootropics, it can take some time to feel the effects, as it is not immediate. Pramiracetam stack ideas usually recommend choline.

Long-Term Use

According to studies found from Parke-Davis, and others, it has been established that long-term use of this nootropic supplement, is safe. While the FDA has not commented on this, studies do show positive results from individuals that have taken this on a regular basis. Long-term use shows no major side effects or issues aside from a very small minority of users. As stated in the former, Pramiracetam stack ideas typically recommend choline or Adrafinil.


The dosage of Pramiracetam can vary from the company you purchase the supplement form. However, it has been recommended that a good typical dosage ranges from 200 to 400 mg at least once a day, with a maximum of 3 times a day.


At the end of the day, you’re going to find that Pramiracetam is a solid supplement to utilize. It has been tagged with a group of popular supplements called “smart drugs”. It helps with memory, creativity, and focus. It’s safe to use, helps with memory, and can even help patients that have experienced head trauma. It’s safe to use, simple to take daily, and can definitely bring about change for those that need a little boost for academics, work, and other memory intensive situations. Overall, Pramiracetam is a really great and powerful nootropic supplement with very few side effects. It is the strongest racetam and has been touted as being over 30x as powerful as the next leading racetam (and the original one) Piracetam.

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