Pramiracetam Supplement

What is Pramiracetam?

 A highly advanced and extremely potent part of the racetam group of nootropics, Pramiracetam is emerging as the forerunner in the nootropics market. It offers powerful benefits for people who are looking for a cognitive enhancer. Pramiracetam is a derivative of Piracetam but is thought to be 10 times more potent. This brain enhancement supplement improves memory and learning for those that feel they need a boost. Pramiracetam is often times compared to Piracetam as the stronger overall alternative. As it is a derivative of Piracetam, it is actually much stronger and is touted on most nootropics forums as up to as much as 30 times that of the original smart drug Piracetam.


As a nontoxic nootropic used for motivation, Pramiracetam is able to be used on a long term basis making it different from other cognitive enhancers. Increasing blood flow to the cerebral cortex allows a better oxygen supply which in turn helps with alertness and wakefulness. Pramiracetam supplies glucose to the neurons which are the primary fuel supply to your brain, therefore, assisting with better metabolism.

All of this allows for improved cognitive performance, significant improvement in alertness and focus and aids in long term memory formation. Users have also noticed a huge improvement in their mood when using this supplement.

Side Effects

As with any supplement, side effects may be felt by some people. The most common are headaches, tiredness, nervousness, and GI Tract distress. Often the reason for these side effects is related to the amount of supplement that is taken. Keeping to the recommended dose is the solution to this. So always be sure to take the minimum effective dosage, which is usually 250 milligrams, and be sure not to take on a regular basis…this goes for all nootropics.


Higher sensory perception levels improved working as well as long term memory are a few of the effects that users have reported. Other effects are improved focus and concentration and an increased ability to learn. Users have found that is easier to think more logically and technically when using this supplement.

Long-Term Use

As it is non-toxic, Pramiracetam is safe for long term use. This supplement is less toxic than table salt on the LD 50 scale which is used to measure various compounds and their toxicity to humans.


200 – 400 mg per day, taken all at the same time or split doses throughout the day is the recommended dosage. Starting off with a very low dose and then increasing to the recommended dosage is a good way to test your sensitivity. 50 mg is a good starting point.


Pramiracetam is becoming more popular and has more positives than negatives as there is no serious risk of side effects or overdose. It is available for purchase online in most countries around the world. It seems to be helping a lot of people who are showing amazing results so it would definitely be worth a try for anybody looking for a cognitive enhancer.

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