Pramiracetam Tablets

What is Pramiracetam?

Pramiracetam is an exquisite nootropic medicine that may help in enhancing one’s cognitive, intelligence, memory, and neural capabilities.  It was patented in 1978 in Belgium and was defined to be lipid-soluble of all racetam medicines. It is stronger than Piracetam and Aniracetam. Pramiracetam has proven to be beneficial in maintaining neurons in the brain.

It is an exquisite and exceptional medicine as it has several potential mechanisms of action such as increasing high oxygen demanding choline uptake and the possibility of acting on sides of an organ that depends on the adrenal glands. It is efficient in restoring the membrane fluidity allowing more effective and efficient signaling of a cell.

There are still many variables when using Pramiracetam that has to be looked and checked on with the goal of improving the cognitive abilities of a person. As a result, it is very hard and cumbersome to actually determine just how effective Pramiracetam would be for a specific individual. It all comes down to their current cognitive ability and their needs, as well as the lifestyle one, chooses to live. It is said to enhance memory and cognitive function hence it is more effective than Piracetam. Be sure to always do your own research, trials and to use proper judgment before taking any supplement.


Pramiracetam may increase one’s abilities and capabilities such as long-term memory, hence allowing a person to recall knowledge with greater ease. It encourages secretion and synthesis of Acetylcholine as it makes with high-affinity choline uptake to an organ in a person’s brain called the hippocampus.


The recommended dosage of Pramiracetam is usually 600 to 900 mg per day, taken as 300 mg individual dosages, 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. Pramiracetam supplement is sold in powder, tablet and capsule form. The traditional Pramiracetam dosage for any given user is usually not more than a 1200 mg dosage each day, often separated into three or four doses.

Positive and Negative Effects

Pramiracetam is exceptional and exquisite as it has been found to improve brain function and act as an antioxidant to a person’s brain. Pramiracetam’s rise in popularity has come mainly due to its effects on Acetylcholine in the human brain, which controls memory, mood and motor skills.

Though Pramiracetam has been found to be extremely beneficial and advantageous, it has also been found to have negative effects both short and long term, though they are not toxic and adverse. The main side effect one may feel when taking this drug is in-fact a headache, which occurs when not enough choline has been taken by the user. A single dose of CDP Choline or Alpha GPC will be enough to diminish this side effect altogether.


Pramiracetam was first patented in 1979 in the USA. It is a potent medicine as its potency ranges between 10 and 15, stronger than Piracetam. It is a lipophilic medicine hence it is absorbed in the lipid bi-layers more rapidly than other racetams.

Research is going on relating to the use of Pramiracetam currently and has been doing so for decades. It has been found to improve one’s attention span, alertness, learning, concentration and it increases one’s rate of high-affinity choline uptake, and while we cannot make any direct claims to how this will affect individual users, there is extensive research to show that Pramiracetam can indeed have beneficial affinities in these areas of the mind. Pramiracetam tablets are actually somewhat uncommon in the nootropics industry and are typically replaced with the much more convenient capsules or powder.

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