Adrafinil Capsules – 30 Count | 300 mg

Adrafinil Capsules

30 Count | 300 mg

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What is Adrafinil?
Adrafinil falls under the category of Eugeroic, a kind of Nootropic agent, which helps in improving concentration and alertness. It is a type of stimulant, which helps fight sleepiness, exhaustion and fatigue for a longer duration. Adrafinil capsules are often used by people who work overnight hours. It’s been proven to increase their motivation because of the positive effects from the dopamine receptors.
Originally discovered in the 1970’s in France by pharmaceutical company Group Lafon, Adrafinil is a central nervous system stimulant. Connected with a stimulation of Hypocretin, this drug causes an increase in dopamine, norepinephrine, and histamines. All three plays a vital role in overall energy levels, making it an ideal nootropic to take before an intense workout or long study session.

Pros and Cons –
Adrafinil has low addiction potential. In short period use, it doesn’t cause tolerance or dependency among patients.
On the down side, Adrafinil can cause headaches, stomach problems and elevated blood pressure. High dosage of Adrafinil can decrease the frequency of urination. It may cause people to have daydreams or hallucination. The drug may also affect the liver and kidney due to prolonged usage.

Dosage –
Adrafinil capsules are readily available in 30 count jars of 300mg. The standard dosage for adrafinil is reported to be 600-1,200mg range. Adrafinil is water soluble and can be taken with water or juice on an empty stomach. Patients should start Adrafinil in lower quantities and can gradually elevate to higher recommended dosages.

Buying Adrafinil –
One can buy Adrafinil from Smartdrugsforcollege online. We offer 30 count jars of high quality Adrafinil. If you buy Adrafinil capsules – 30 Count | 300 mg from Smartdrugsforcollege, you don’t have to worry about shipping as it’s free. These products are thoroughly tried and tested and are highly regarded by our regular consumers across the world.

Adrafinil Capsules

30 Count | 300 mg



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