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Phenylpiracetam Capsules – 90 Caps | 200 mg


90 Count | 200 mg


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Phenylpiracetam is a nootropic of the racetam class developed in Russia in 1983. Also called Carphedon, its synthesis takes place by adding a phenyl group to a piracetam compound. This action makes it more powerful. It is almost 60 times more potent than regular piracetam.

Piracetam belongs to the racetam group. These include nootropic drugs that improve cognitive functions. Along with phenyl molecule, it is more potent than the substance on its own. Phenylpiracetam remained popular in Eastern countries. Also, it is now widely popular in the West.

Phenylpiracetam gained notoriety in the world of sports with its ability to enhance physical stamina. It is currently on the list of banned substances by the Olympic committee. Athletes undergo a test to determine the presence of this nootropic in their bloodstreams. A positive test result can cause their disqualification.

You can obtain this drug online from various nootropic vendors. There’s no need for a prescription.  You can even purchase it over the counter. The FDA did not approve the drug yet. This means that it still falls into an unregulated grey area.

How it Works

Phenylpiracetam absorbs into the bloodstream and crosses the blood-brain barrier. It metabolizes into 3-hydroxycarphedone & 4-hydroxycarphedone. Your body then secretes it through both urine and bile. It becomes active within an hour post intake. Its effects last for 3-5 hours.

Phenylpiractam is a positive allosteric modulator (PAM) of acetylcholine and glutamate receptors. This is its primary mode of action as a nootropic. By working as a PAM, it improves the signals of two nootropic neurotransmitters – acetylcholine and glutamate. Its stimulating effects may result from dopaminergic properties – possibly aiding in its memory-boosting effects.

It may also work as an antidepressant, antipsychotic, anticonvulsant and potent memory enhancer. Some reports suggest that it’s a mild stimulant. However, it does not work like typical stimulants do.

Phenylpiracetam Benefits

  • Although it has stimulating effects, some suggest it to be anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing)
  • It helps increase the density of NDMA glutamate receptors in the hippocampus. This promotes a marked difference in cognitive capacities.
  • Its main nootropic function is to consolidate memory and reduce memory impairment. The human brain starts to decline with age. Thus, it’s advisable to take timely measures towards its upkeep. One way is to incorporate this drug as a supplement. This is more useful if one has a family history of Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory impairment. It prevents brain cell deterioration and preserves memory.
  • It increases a person’s cognitive skills. However, this is mainly for those genetically predisposed, not those who developed a cognitive disease.
  • It prevents “brain fog”. This often results from stress and neuro-chemical imbalances. Moreover, it reverses some of the ill effects of sleep deprivation, and works in increasing your stress threshold.
  • Phenylpiracetam improves focus and concentration. Those who struggle to focus can use it to enhance their basic mental functions. However, it often takes time for the drug to take effect as it is accumulative.
  • According to studies, it can increase physical stamina. It increases the body’s ability to handle physical and mental stress, which is the reason why the Olympics bans it.
  • Phenylpiracetam improves mood in some people. Those with mood swings or mild bipolar disorder may notice positive changes in their condition. However, there is no scientific evidence to back these claims yet. It’s important to talk to a doctor first. This holds true if you plan to mix it with other psychiatric medications.
  • It improves ADHD symptoms. Also, it lowers the activity level in children and help improve their concentration. However, there are still no studies to back up these claims yet.

Potential Side effects & Dangers

Below are some common side effects:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Digestive tract irritability
  • Insomnia (in rare cases)

These side effects are common among racetams. Many even consider these as normal for the class. Rare side effects, such as allergic reactions, may happen, so it’s best to talk to a doctor before use. No studies about its effects on pregnant women are available yet. To be safe, avoid using it if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Reports of abuse and addiction are extremely rare. In case of addiction, withdrawal effects are mild. Tolerance can build up quickly, so it’s best to cycle it on and off

It may offer an increase in physical and mental energy, without negatively affecting the heart or central nervous system. There are no documented reports of any fatalities, so it’s quite safe for people to use. However, it is important to only consume it if approved by a doctor.

There are limited phenylpiracetam drug interactions. It’s still advisable to be cautious and speak to your doctor if you’re other medications. While it has been available for many years, no serious drug interactions exist, so many still consider it as safe.


The recommended dosage is 100-200 mg. You need to take it 2-3 times a day, totaling to 200-600 mg daily. This is a common dosage for beginners. It’s not advisable to climb above it unless the user tolerated the effects.

It can fight the ill effects of stress and anxiety. Both these mental conditions can be quite over-bearing. However, there’s no conclusive evidence to prove that the drug activates serotonin activity in the brain yet.


Phenylpiracetam stacks well with other nootropics. Here is a list of the best stacks:

With Oxiracetam – Both oxiracetam and phenylpiracetam are in the cholinergic racetam category. Hence, stacking the two can produce a powerful mix. Since both are stimulating in nature, it’s a great mental and physical energy stack.

With Alpha GPC or Citicoline – Alpha GPC and citicoline are acetylcholine boosters. For this reason, the two combine well. Since phenylpiracetam improves acetylcholine receptors and alpha GPC/citicoline increases acetylcholine levels, the stack can have a synergistic effect.

With Adrafinil – Although adrafinil and phenylpiracetam have entirely different mechanisms, it works effectively. Both nootropics have a dopaminergic effect that will most likely improve if combined. This stack is one of the most popular combinations.

Legal Status

The drug is not FDA-approved, so it’s important to treat it as a “potential” drug. It is easily available over the counter. You can buy it without a prescription. Some countries find it difficult to import this nootropic and other racetams. These include Germany, Holland and Belgium, among others. In Canada, US, Australia and South Korea, it is legal. You can easily get it without customs problems. In the UK, the government bans it, and all its chemical relatives.


90 Count | 200 mg

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