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90 Count | 200 mg


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Sulbutiamine is a nootropic used to improve cognitive functioning and energy levels. Like others, it crosses the blood brain barrier when consumed orally. It has a biological half-life of 5 hours. This means it loses half its pharmacological potency within this time.

It can stave off stress and improve memory and cognition. Often, doctors prescribe it to those with learning disability because of its positive effects on learning. You can mix it with other brain drugs to reduce anxiety and related symptoms.

It comes from bonding two thiamine’s molecules together. Unlike thiamine, it is fat-soluble.  Another popular name for thiamine is Vitamin B1. It’s important for brain health, cognition and learning. Thiamine also keeps brain cells healthy. This makes it an essential vitamin for the body.

Sulbutiamine is easily available as a supplement. You can consume it to make up for the lack of Vitamin B1 in the body. You can avail of thiamine through food sources. However, it also requires you to follow a strict diet. Consult a dietitian to learn how you can replenish it in the body.  Some natural sources of this vitamin are pork, beef, eggs and legumes. You can incorporate these in your diet to increase its level in your body.

How Does it Work?

Sulbutiamine is a nootropic, which works uniquely from the others. Like others, it moves through the bloodstream and affects the brain positively. It has calming effects to the mind. It also raises your energy. You may feel an initial rush and calmness after consuming this supplement.

It works by increasing the level of thiamine in the brain. This chemical is responsible for enhancing brain activity. You can combine it with other nootropics to avail a synergistic effect.  Once it bears effect on your mind, wait to see if you are fine with the dosage. This will also let you know if you need to increase it a little.

No one still understands how it fully works, but studies show it’s more powerful than Vitamin B1. Speculation suggested that it also has effects on dopamine and acetylcholine – both nootropic neurotransmitter systems.


  • Like most nootropics, this can enhance brain activity and improve cognition. Consuming it helps improve your thinking capacity and reasoning power. However, it is important to have reasonable expectations from it. Give it a little time to show positive effect.
  • Studies show that it can increase brain activity. You can also mix it with other nootropics to experience more benefits.
  • Sulbutiamine is much more powerful than Thiamine. However, it should not replace the natural vitamin. Again, you can combine it with other nootropics if you wish to avail greater benefits from it.
  • It helps increase the levels of dopamine activity in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for keeping you happy, motivated and focused.
  • If you can’t focus then you may want to try this supplement. It enhances focus, learning and concentration. Try combining it with Theanine to enhance the effect. However, it’s important to remain within the recommended dose for both.
  • It enhances decision-making capacity.

Side Effects & Precautions

Like other nootropics, Sulbutiamine also comes with its fair share of side effects. Below is a list of the most common ones:

  • Some people reported skin allergies after consuming it. If you notice a rash then it is best to discontinue use.
  • Excess intake can cause mood changes and agitation in some really rare cases. If you notice changes in mood, discontinue your intake.
  • Excess intake can also build up tolerance to the drug. This means that you may no longer avail its benefits even if you take the recommended dosage. You may need to consume large doses to achieve the same effects as before.
  • Some people complained about mood swings when on the drug. Although there is no conclusive evidence on this, you cannot rule it out as a side effect.
  • Sleep disruptions are common when consuming this supplement. If you are experiencing insomnia then discontinue your intake. You may also take it in the mornings only.
  • It suppresses appetite in a select few people. It is therefore advisable to remain within the prescribed dosage.
  • It’s not ideal for long-term use. It is best to use it for a month or two at most. Your doctor can recommend the best dose for you.
  • There have been extremely rare cases of addiction. It is important to remain within the recommended dose as over-consumption may cause addiction. If you think you’re developing an addiction, discontinue your intake right away.  You may experience a few withdrawal symptoms. Taking high doses for as little as 10 days may cause you to have (extremely mild) withdrawal symptoms.

Who Should not Take it

There is not enough research on its effects on pregnant women. It is, therefore, advisable, to avoid it if you are pregnant. The same extends to lactating women. It is best to avoid consuming it if you’re a lactating mother.

Dosage and Recommendations

While there are no exact dosage specifications, the norm seems to be 150 to 400 mg per day. You can vary the dosage based on your body’s capacity. You can then increase it a little if necessary. Always be careful with dosage and perform an allergy test before taking large doses.

Sulbutiamine is ideal for those who wish to enhance their cognition. Consume the nootropic regularly to improve your memory. Students tend to consume it before exams. This helps them concentrate more and focus on learning. However, it’s best to discontinue it after a month or so to avoid tolerance.

Legal Status

The drug is legal. You can buy it online. It is not FDA approved and will not require a prescription.


90 Count | 200 mg


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