Can I Overdose Using Provigil?

What is Provigil?

Provigil is a nootropic supplement that is commonly used to help people increase their energy levels. It’s a favorite drug among everyone from students to Wall Street traders.


Many of the benefits associated with Provigil lie in its ability to help people become much more energetic. A lack of energy is going to hold people back when studying or when completing all manner of difficult tasks, which makes it so important for people to get their energy levels up when they’re taking nootropic supplements. Provigil is going to be able to do that for people more effectively than almost any other nootropic.

People are also going to find that their ability to stay motivated is going to increase upon taking Provigil for reasons that are going to be directly and indirectly related to the fact that they’re no longer as tired. Lots of people are going to feel more focused and more goal-oriented. Provigil is going to give people the mood that they need in order to succeed at difficult tasks.

Many people start to feel more energetic right away as soon as they start taking Provigil which can make all the difference in terms of a person’s mood and general level of enthusiasm. The negative side effects are usually not going to present until later.


On the days where people take Provigil, they should take between 10 – 40mg once or twice a day. Some people might be better off taking the lowest doses of the nootropic, and some of them might be better off taking the higher doses for reasons that have to do with body weight and a person’s general tolerance level. However, the people who are concerned about the long-term effects of Provigil might be better off sticking with the smaller doses. Provigil overdoses are generally not common and are instead a rarity in the realm of nootropics. Other analogues such as Adrafinil and Hydrafinil present the same effects and are low with regards to the risk of overdose.

Side Effects

Provigil can cause liver damage in the long-term, and it can cause headaches, restlessness, loss of appetite, irritability.

Long-Term Use

Provigil is not a safe nootropic to take in the long-term, which is reason enough for some people to avoid it altogether. This is a nootropic that can increase a person’s liver enzymes, thus causing long-term liver damage. However, the people who only take moderate doses of Provigil when they need the supplement the most are usually not going to run into any of these situations. Technically speaking, Provigil is not significantly more dangerous than Tylenol in terms of its potential effects on the liver, and people tend to be much more cavalier about taking Tylenol.

Short-Term Use

People are going to experience all sorts of cognitive benefits from taking Provigil in the short-term. They might also experience headaches, restlessness, feelings of nervousness. Getting this prescribed is somewhat difficult.

Comparison With Other Nootropics

Provigil is a supplement that is going to be more dangerous than some of the other nootropics that people might use, given its more severe long-term side effects. However, it is still going to give people a level of energy that they are almost never going to be able to achieve with some of the other nootropics that they might take, which is already going to make the supplement worth it for a lot of people.


The research into the long-term effects of Provigil that a lot of people have conducted has been fairly limited, which is why some people are fairly suspicious of the supplement. However, the research that has been done still attests to its cognitive benefits.

Legal status

Provigil is available through prescription only in the United States an in many other countries. People should not walk around with the pills even if they have a prescription, just to be on the safe side.


Provigil is certainly not without its risks. However, it is almost unparalleled when it comes to its mental stimulation effects. As long as people don’t take it too often, they should be fine on all counts. It is very rare that one overdoses on Provigil. In case of an overdose, however, seek immediate medical attention.

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