A Brief Review of The Costs of Provigil

What is Provigil?

Provigil is a very powerful nootropic drug with loads of benefits including improved wakefulness, better memory, mood and focus, and an overall better ability to accomplish daily tasks. While this may sound somewhat exaggerated, consider all the CEO’s, successful working individuals, and internet entrepreneurs that have used the drug to significantly push their career to what it is now.

Provigil Price

The Provigil price varies significantly from vendor to vendor but typically goes for about 1-2$ per tablet.


Provigil, a smart drug provides a wide array of handful benefits to its users. Here’s a summarized list of benefits as provided by this smart drug:

  • Provigil provides its users with an improved mood.
  • This drug claims to provide around 10 to 12 hours of wakefulness. The typically Provigil price of such power is $1 per tablet.
  • With continuous usage of Provigil, users become more observant, focused, and more productive.
  • Finally, this smart medication increases & retains cognitive function.


Typical dosages of Provigil range from 100-400-mg daily. On average, the recommended adult dose is 200 mg orally once daily in the morning.

Side Effects

Some of its users have reported few minor & short-term side effects of Provigil. Those can be a headache, dizziness, weight loss, and loss of appetite. Though anyone hasn’t faced any major side effects of consuming this smart drug as of now. However, it’s recommended to seek a doctor’s advice if you experience any major problem.

Nootropic Use of Provigil

Provigil, a popular smart drug comes with a wide range of various cognitive benefits. It is an effective & efficient cognitive enhancement nootropic. Provigil is typically used by hard-working individuals who are looking for a boost in their work. Even, in a recent scientific study, it has been also proved that the effects of Provigil tend to last much longer than most other conventional nootropics. As a nootropic, the Provigil price typically ranges about $1 per tablet.

Long-term Use

The exact nature of Provigil long-term uses and effects are not known. Nevertheless, you must be well known about the fact that this drug pertains to an official use as a prescription.

Short-term Use

Due to its proven benefits, the short-term use of Provigil is globally accepted. Even, it’s recommended by a millenary of physicians, established medical practitioners and medical representatives etc.

Online Reviews

Provigil is one of the top-rated drugs to consider in its category. After its proven abilities & capabilities to treat excessive sleepiness, thousands of patients have consumed this drug to promote wakefulness.


Provigil has always been an immensely popular smart drug and many scientists have done various types of research on this smart drug in order to reveal its potential benefits. They’ve identified that this medication has its proven benefits of treating sleepiness and other relevant sleep issues as the outcome of one such research.


Scientifically, Provigil provides central nervous system stimulants that are used in order to improve wakefulness in those patients who suffer from excessive sleepiness. Nevertheless, it’s the best drug in its category with its diverse range of potential benefits. That’s why it’s widely accepted by its numerous global users and it’s being recommended by experienced doctors and health-care practitioners.




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