Provigil & Recreational Use


Provigil (also known as Modafinil) is a eugeroic (wakefulness-promoting agent) that has become increasingly popular among students and business professionals as a study drug. Commercially, it is used to treat narcolepsy, jet lag and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). It has been featured on ABC News and was espoused by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.


As mentioned above, Provigil is often used as part of Narcolepsy therapy and is sometimes prescribed to those with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) to facilitate fatigue relief. Provigil’s rep is strong among nootropic enthusiasts with it showing up in multiple stacks. Highly rated on sites like and Nootriment, Provigil is well-reviewed and prominently mentioned in sub-Reddits. It is useful for those with shift work sleep disorder, Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome and more.

Benefits include the following:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Increased Alertness
  • Sharper Focus
  • Better Retention
  • Increased Energy Levels

It has also been known to treat depression, although this is an off-label use. Which brings us to the point: Are people using Provigil as a recreational drug?


The answer to the above is, of course, Yes. The thing that must be understood about Provigil is that it doesn’t just make studying, reading and other mechanical processes seem more achievable. It also makes them more enjoyable. Cognitive enhancement supplements affect the brain’s reward system. We feel more productive and, as a result, more elated by what we do.

We all know how popular stimulants are on the whole, but Provigil is one of the stronger nootropic stimulants out there. With companies popping up left, right and center to offer this drug to people without a prescription, the number of recreational users is growing exponentially with each passing day.

One can turn to any number of online forums to read all about people’s individual experiences popping Provigil pills to achieve a rush and feel extra energized. Many of these same forums feature posts that warn of the bad experiences users have had by taking too much or mixing it with the wrong stack items. 


Users have admonished the public about a number of adverse reactions one may have to Provigil use, perhaps the most ironic being a bad night’s sleep. A poster at LongeCity said of the wakefulness-promoting agent, “It f**ks up the quality of my sleep.” This same poster cautions against using it for its “big potential for addiction.”

The most common side effects that crop up from recreational or long-term use include the following:

  • Headache
  • Acute Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Pain
  • Easy Bleeding & Bruising
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Confusion

More severe symptoms can include:

  • Fever
  • Anxiety
  • Vomiting with Severe Blistering
  • Peeling
  • Red Skin Rash
  • Sore Throat

Tolerance is another big problem when it comes to Provigil use, particularly recreational use since recreational users are prone to taking larger than recommended dosages and prolonged use. 

Provigil also presents a serious withdrawal risk, although their exact symptoms are something that can not be quantified as they tend to arise on a case-by-case basis. Users are advised to steer clear of long-term doping with Provigil so as to avoid both tolerance and withdrawal concerns.

If you’re curious about trying Provigil for recreational purposes, make sure you abide by recommended dosage instructions. Be safe, be smart and emancipate your mind.

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