Provigil vs Modafinil for Optimum Cognition


Provigil or Modafinil, Does Brand Name Matter?

Consider the case of brand recognition in Provigil vs Modafinil, the same exact drug, yet one is an HAB Pharmaceuticals, over hyped brand name…and the other, a blank, generic, white pill with a line down the middle. Provigil and Modafinil are both easily compared (as both are chemically the exact same drug, right down to the last molecular structure) yet are hugely mistaken in the nootropics community for drugs of different potency’s, this article will serve to debunk this myth, explain any noticeable differences between the formulation of this compound, and will lay the groundwork for how users of all cognitive enhancing drugs can go about deciding on cognitive enhancement strategies. Typical Dosages of Modafinil range from 2-400mg taken once daily.


More about Modafinil

Provigil is a drug used by students and businessman nationwide in order to increase productivity, overall clarity of thought and focus levels, and finally, to hugely stimulate artificial motivation and energy levels.  The Modafinil in the Provigil Pill-which usually comes in the form of 200 milligram tablets (and is almost always sold only in this form if buying from an illicit pharmacy online-which I don’t recommend, as the legal, Adrafinil is just as effective) acts quickly, and the effect stays for a prolonged duration. Users are gifted with an enormous super power for action, immense drive and productivity, and are in fact better equipped, for the 9-14 hour half life of this potent drug (this is extremely dose dependent) to perform long tasks than before they had taken the pill.

Modafinil is an increasingly popular eurogenic drug. These drugs improve and stimulate the brain chemicals that trigger enthusiasm, such as the catecholamines of Dopamine, Seratonin, Norepinephrine, and noradrenaline. These drugs are termed as nootropics, and Modafinil (or Adrafinil, as it is 100% just as effective) is at the top of the list in terms of stimulation-many ampakines and racetams, however; are still much better at inducing euphoria, memory, and learning, and may be a much safer alternative long-term. These however, prove to bar and away, be the best absolute attention enhancers, and comparing these babies to something like-a modern day psycho stimulant would not be entirely out of the question whatsoever. There’s a reason Adrafinil is 80$ a bottle (+ Shipping and handling), and why Modafinil is a US Schedule IV, FDA Approved prescription drug for ADHD, Narcolepsy, work-shift sleep disorder, and mild to moderate obesity, THESE DRUGS WORK!

With all these advantages however, Modafinil is becoming next to impossible to get a prescription for (unless your dad is a physician or you happen to actually have narcolepsy-in which case God bless your soul) and ordering from online pharmacies is as illegal as ever. Adrafinil is a safe, legal alternative with all the potency of Modafinil. It is dosage dependent on a 1-3 basis when compared to Provigil or Modafinil, So for a 200mg Provigil tablet that you’re trying to mimic the effects of, take 600mg of Adrafinil, or two capsules on our website!

Modafinil/Provigil Side Effects


History of Provigil

Provigil was originally created as a general brain stimulant, yet was taken off the market for this purpose by the FDA and other governmental agencies who feared the public might try go get their hands on it for non medicinal purposes such as cognitive enhancement, rather than for treating a disorder-This is 100% true look it up if you don’t believe me. Since then…it’s been proven that this strategy well, didn’t quite work, Modafinil now has three main derivatives, Adrafinil (a tad weaker but legal, easier and much faster to get) Modafinil-the main one of these, and Armodafinil, an extremely expensive but enhanced form of Modafinil-that’s also extremely hard to get. Provigil was invented in the 1960’s, and has boomed to extreme proportions since, in use worldwide for a host of easily treatable conditions, with this drug, such as narcolepsy, obesity, ADHD, and work-shift sleep disorder. It is also prescribed off-label for fatigue, and taken in the form of Adrafinil by millions of smart drug guru’s worldwide looking to increase their mental prowess.

User Reviews of Provigil

Most users report that provigil gives them significantly increased energy levels, focus, heightened awareness, and much better memory than it otherwise would be without the addition of the potent stimulant nootropic drug. Provigil is used in the military by fighter pilots on long missions, who sometimes need to stay awake for days in a row, for good reason, it is extremely potent, yet non-addictive in comparison to amphetamines.

Most Common Improvements to cognitive function, as stated by users of both overseas provigil retailers, and the Adrafinil product on our website (much more highly recommended for legal reasons):

  • Heightened Focus
  • Significant alertness
  • Better Working memory (this is more of a by-product of the enhanced focus)
  • More energy and greater clarity of thought
  • A serious increase in one’s productivity throughout the day
  • Lasts all day for over 12 hours
  • Minimal side effects
  • Rarely causes insomnia
  • Does not harm appetite significantly

Now if you compare this to the general consensus on how Adderall makes most users feel

Insomnia, sweating, tremors, twitching, shaking, loss of appetite, dilated eyes, restlessness, over enhanced focus, worse memory, addiction, withdrawal, cravings for alcohol and/ or cigarettes, cravings for caffeine. For some people Adderall works…if you actually have ADHD-in which case most of these symptoms won’t apply, however for your average Joe looking for a little cognitive enhancement, Provigil…or better yet Adrafinil, is the much better way to go.

Provigil Long Term Benefits

While with Provigil, no long-term benefits on Nerve Growth Factor, Long-Term Potentiation, or Brain Derived Neurotrophic factor exist, such as in the case of the racetams or in something like Noopept, long term effects on your rate of learning, as well as on productivity exist. Productivity, because when you take something like Adrafinil over the long-term, you’re going to get a LOT more done than if you were going about your day taking something like just caffeine-over the long term, this equates to more money, work done, etc.

In effect to long term productivity by an increase in the way of learning-while not entirely proven (though currently being thoroughly studied in its phenomenon) Provigil over the long term can help increase learning when its been taken consistently, because of how it essentially “rewires” your brain to maintain that heightened level of focus, memory, and creativity. Sure when you get off Adrafinil etc. you may feel somewhat sluggish for a time, and your recall may not be as good until you take a break from consistent dosing, but you’ll still remember what it was like when you were “enhanced” and you’ll keep a large part of that rate of learning even after your days of using Provigil/Adrafinil/Modafinil are long-gone!

My Personal Review of Adrafinil, The Provigil vs Modafinil brand name debate, and on what you’ll actually feel….

Adrafinil, the much safer alternative to Modafinil or Provigil, not in effects, but because of legal issues, in my opinion was 99% as effective as provigil. Because I knew what I had taken, and having needed to take two pills of Adrafinil to mimic one pill of Provigil, I can attest that Modafinil was slightly stronger. However, if I had been in a blindfolded placebo test with 200mg of Modafinil vs 600mg of Adrafinil, I can tell you 100% I would not be able to tell the difference if my life depended on it, it’d be a 50/50 guess, is that extra 1% efficiency really worth higher prices, potential legal issues, and not to mention 21 + days shipping time (off-shore pharmacies that sell Modafinil) vs 1-3 days with us worldwide express shipping? You be the judge of that question.

When you take either of these drugs, you’ll get a quick sense of short lasting euphoria, and you’ll feel much more alert, focused and mindful for the first hour or two-this will let you know that the drug has taken effect. With Modafinil however, its not like Adderall, you don’t have a cracked out urge to clean your living room or work on all your homework for the next 6 months-instead, once you get started on a task, you are unstoppable. So take the Modafinil, then get to work, because once it kicks in you’ll want to stay focused on whatever it is you’re doing.

Final Thoughts on the matter

Modafinil is a very potent biohack, one of my all-time favorite smart drugs, and its counterpart, Adrafinil, is the cream of the crop with relevance to the nootropics we sell here at smart drugs for college. Whether you have ADHD, are in college, you’re an entrepreneur, or you’re overly stressed at work, you can benefit to extreme degrees from long or short term use of mild to moderate nootropic stimulants, like yours truly, Adrafinil! Subscribe and get 5% off:)



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