Is NZT 48 A Real Drug?

What Is NZT 48?

You may want to read this entire article, I’ll start off by saying that. I go into all the top Smart Drugs you can use properly to become “Limitless” and super secret Smart Drugs in Development. I’ll also go into a synopsis of the movie so that in case you haven’t seen it, you know what’s going on. Now, this is a smart drugs blog, not a movie review website, so the synopsis will be brief.

Plot From the Movie ‘Limitless’

So basically, ‘Limitless’ is a 2011 Hollywood picture film about a struggling writer on his last leg. His girlfriend (Abbie Cornish) breaks up with him, he’s broke, depressed and about to move back in with his father at the age of 30. Suddenly (what luck right…just out of the blue..I digress), he runs into his cousin who gives him a Real NZT48 pill. Reluctant to take it at first and thinking its some kind of street drug, he ponders it but eventually realizes, and I quote, “in the end, how much worse could it get.” Suddenly, it’s like the clouds open up and he has a burst of knowledge, he can use 100% of his brain (myth..we already use all of our brains. They should’ve said it lets US use all of our subconscious brains, but anyway).

He writes his book, gets laid, cleans his apartment and a whole bunch of other stuff, while his brain is firing off one million miles a minute. If I had to compare a smart drug to this, it’d be something like Adrafinil, which is a very powerful nootropic stimulant. Obviously, it’s not going to be THIS, but you’ll get amazing brain benefits off of it that’s for sure.

Okay, so, back to it. The pill works amazingly, so he tries to get more. He goes to his cousin’s apartment, and his cousin is X’d out by the mafia or something, so Eddie searches his apartment. He finds the pills and now all of a sudden he’s got a huge bag of it (400 pills or something I think they mention).

Okay, so, from here he does day trading and makes millions, gets the attention of a big industrial mogul, makes a deal for a $40-million dollar contract, the deal fails, he almost loses his stash and dies a few times, and then he gets it back and ends up running for President or something at the end. Idk why they threw that in there..even though I thought it was kinda cool in a cheesy nerdy way. Anyhow, as you can imagine, a movie that is this thought-provoking with regards to what our minds can do definitely squandered up a conversation about smart drugs, and thus, a host of profit-seeking internet companies (like mine!) were born.

My Favorite Part of the ‘Limitless’ Movie

My personal favorite part of the ‘Limitless’ movie is the part where he gets the big bag of tablets and starts making movies, the scene was awesome.

How the Movie Started the Nootropics Industry

Nootropics were practically unheard of before ‘Limitless’, and since then they have EXPLODED. If you look up Adrafinil or Piracetam or any other nootropic you can think of, they get hundreds of thousands of searches on Google every month, it’s absolutely ridiculous how many fellas are into smart drugs, it’s a one billion dollar market…and for good reason, while they may not be real NZT48, they’re good still. Nootropics are also a safe alternative to many other dangerous drugs people use to try to recreate this effect, such as when doctors prescribe this.

The New ‘Limitless’ TV Series

‘Limitless’ was recently made into a TV series based on the movie, featuring Jake McDorman as Brian Finch, a kid who gets an NZT pill from Eddie. The show basically continues where the movie left off. The new ‘Limitless’ TV series has also helped to skyrocket the nootropics market, related to people searching for the real NZT48. Again, while it’s a fictional drug, there are many theories regarding compounds the drug was based on, including Modafinil, Adrafinil and a host of others. I’ve seen the whole show a bunch of times and give it two thumbs up!

Why Nootropics Are Not NZT…But They’re Pretty Good Anyways

Most have effects on critical neurotransmitters of the brain, including dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, histamine, acetylcholine, and a host of others. These are the reward circuits of the brain that are activated naturally by things like eating, having sex, talking to friends, accomplishing something etc. When Smart Drugs get in there and hijack your receptors, your brain functions at a higher rate of vibration, and overall helps the user to perform better.

Nootropics That Provide Some of the Effects From the Movie

Here are the top nootropics that can give you a “Limitless NZT” type feeling.

  1. Noopept – Noopept is an Ampakine and peptide-based nootropic that is a spin-off from the original nootropic drug, Piracetam. Noopept is….wait for it…….1000 times stronger than Piracetam! No this doesn’t mean 1000 times the effects per se, what it basically means is you get the same effect with a 1:1000 ratio of dosages. Noopept for best effects should be taken in 10-mg dosages.
  2. Piracetam (Long-Term) – Piracetam is the original nootropic drug and has been around since the 1960s. The drug is ultra powerful if taken on a regular basis and while its effects may initially be very subtle,
  3. Oxiracetam – Oxiracetam is the speedy racetam nootropic. It’s a lot like Piracetam except functions more on the dopamine receptors (as well as other excitatory neurotransmitters you’ve probably never heard of) which gives it that kick in the pants that Piracetam lacks. While it won’t get you quite the effects of the Real NZT48 found in the movie, it’ll definitely mimic some of its qualities. Oxiracetam is up to 15 times stronger than Piracetam.
  4. Hydrafinil – A short-acting, but powerful stimulant
  5. Adrafinil – Adrafinil is a prodrug, and is one of the most powerful nootropics we’ve got in the shop. It can last for up to twelve hours and allows the user a boost in mood, energy, focus, and confidence. Aside from Hydrafinil, this will give you the best bet at that “feeling” found in the movie, ‘Limitless’.

NZT48 Benefits

The film centers on about half on the benefits of NZT and half on the downsides and dangers of the drug. The benefits in the movie are:

  • Access 100% of your brain..all your old memories, everything you’ve ever glanced at
  • Overarching Confidence
  • Better Social Skills
  • Fear is Entirely Gone
  • 4 digit IQ
  • A desire for wealth, power and love in unprecedented amounts

NZT48 Dosages

Dosages of NZT in the movie was 1 pill a day, which is a very standard framework for all nootropics. In the movie, much like nearly all substances, once Eddie went above one pill a day, became impetuous and started upping his dosage, he fell into loads of side effects. Always take the minimal effective dosage of all of our nootropics.

NZT48 Side Effects

In the movie, the side effects of NZT are blackouts, psychosis, and death if the user stops taking the drug. None of our nootropics are like that, the only real side effects you’ll get is a mild headache if you take too much, and maybe a little cotton mouth when the supplement first starts working.

NZT48 Effects

Effects, as in, what the user “feels” when they take this is the better vision, focus, memory and a positive outlook on life, as well as access to ALL of one’s memories. The way the movie’s effects are with regards to how the user feels when on the smart drug is absolutely incredible.

How to Use Nootropic Alternatives to Real NZT

Many of the nootropic alternatives that we have in the shop function best if taken in combination with some other nootropics, for instance, Piracetam and Oxiracetam work best when they are taken with a choline source. Adrafinil typically works best if taken with the amino acids L-Tyrosine and Phenylalanine as they can sometimes help the user to repair burnt out dopamine reward circuits, of which Adrafinil serves to activate in order to create its nootropic effect.

Top Nootropic Stacks that are Like Real NZT48

  1. Semax
  2. Optimind
  3. Neurofuse
  4. Cheap Nootropics Stack
  5. Alpha ZXT
  6. Alpha Brain
  7. Ciltep
  8. NeuroEnhance

Final Thoughts

While there is no real NZT48 that’s as powerful as from the movie ‘Limitless’, as a whole, nootropics make up a pretty damn good alternative. We don’t call em “smart drugs” for nothing, they work!

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