A Personal Review of Adrafinil

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Review of Adrafinil

Adrafinil My Review – After having taken Modafinil on several rare occasions (all nighter for final exams, speech,

and a ten page paper) I wanted to try a form that is available without a prescription, and one that has been reviewed to have almost exactly the same effects..I wasn’t dissapointed. Adrafanil kicked in after an hour of orally ingesting the substance, one 300 milligram capsule, and immediately I was in the zone, and knew it was the strongest nootropic I had ever taken. Vision became clear, colors became brighter, and my heart rate increased ever so slightly, like a combination of coffee and pramiracetam, only without any jitters and few side effects. Over the course of five hours, I had written a paper for macroeconomics, studied nearly a hundred pages from my business calculus book, and still had energy for the gym afterwards. Review of Adrafinil

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Adrafinil was again used on several occasions (once a week to minimize tolerance build up) with no sign of tolerance, and virtually no tolerance. When using Adrafanil, limit it only to days in which you have something special that you need to be mentally prepared for (ie: don’t take it every day for class.) Use it as an alternative to the common college aid of Adderall when you have to pull an all nighter, or if you haven’t slept well lately, and need a boost while taking your final exam. A warning to those who are prone to having an addictive personality however…please be cautious of the dosage you take. The standard dosage of 300 milligrams is perfect for first timers, and for each and every use…do not let tolerance build up to this substance, and do not take more than 300 milligrams unless you’re REALLY used to taking it (a year or more.)

Adrafinil is second to none one of the best nootropics I have ever taken (the only thing coming close being modafinil) and it is in a class by itself as far as legal nootropics go. If you haven’t found out already by the way…Modafinil is illegal in the United States without a prescription…HOWEVER, Adrafanil is identical to it in effects, is cheaper, and is legal without a prescription. Modafinil/ Adrafinil is a great study drug, and when used once in a blue moon, can greatly improve overall mental performance, keeping your intelligence strong, and constantly challenging your mind to its mental breaking point. I recommend when using this substance, use it on rare occassions only..however if you want it for its biohacking type effects as well, use no more than once a week for most prominent effects. Review of Adrafinil

And a word to the wise, make sure that after you take Adrafinil, the next day you supplement one gram of L-Tyrosine (found at any local GNC). This will help any minor downregulation of your receptors that may occur when taking Adrafanil, keeping tolerance low, and keeping you in tip top shape. So if you’ve been curious, or wanting to try Modafinil, give Adrafanil a shot!

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