How Does Rhodiola Rosea Affect Dopamine Levels?

What is Rhodiola Rosea and How Does it Affect Dopamine?

Rhodiola Rosea is commonly referred to as the happy herb by many users for its benefits. The drug helps in reducing fatigue by boosting energy levels in the body. This could be why people who love to workout more often need to boost their workout intensity. The drug will still improve your concentration and focus too. Working long hours can lead to loss of concentration. Use this drug to increase your concentration span for longer hours. The herbs can be traced to the Arctic, in Canada, the mountains of Central Asia, and in North Carolina.


It is possible to eliminate cases of depression in the body with Rhodiola Rosea drug. The drug is known to promote the production of Serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter involved in many cognitive functions of the body. The hormone controls muscle contractions, appetite, pain receptors, and behavior. When such things are regulated, it is easy to see such a person relieved from depression and achieve mental ease.

Stress levels in the body can be caused by many factors surrounding each person in our daily lives. As much as you try to avoid stress, sometimes it just gets on to you. The use of this drug helps the body to work on your mood and boost it. The boost in moods helps to forget about dealing with stress for a while.

Muscle recovery is very important for people who love to workout. Working out can put so much strain on the muscles that need time to recover. The use of this drug shortens the time the muscles need to recover from all that workout. You should be able to work out even more when using Rhodiola Rosea.

Students would love this drug as it increases the concentration span and attentiveness in a person. The drug is known to help people to have a better memory, especially if you have a demanding job that needs regular memorization of some elements. The drug is seen to improve brain activity overall.

Recommended Dosage

Sometimes it can be hard to determine the right dosage of herbal supplements such as Rhodiola Rosea since they are manufactured differently. However, there is that recommended dosage that will provide the most benefits than side effects. For boosting the memory capacity and other cognitive functions, you need to 100mg in the morning 30 minutes before having breakfast. Take the dosage before lunch too. It should help you stay focused and be productive the whole day.

To deal with stress and depression, consider taking between 100mg and 400mg each day. Start with 100mg per day and see the progress. You should make an increment of 100mg on each dose until you reach a maximum of 400mg. The bodybuilders are allowed to take up to 600mg per day of Rhodiola Rosea. This will help them have better energy to handle an intensive workout.

Side Effects

If you are using blood-thinning medication, it is not safe to combine them with Rhodiola Rosea. The drug will start to have interactions with your other medications. Below are some of the other side effects that are likely to occur:

  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Nausea
  • Restlessness

When taken in extremely high dosages, expect the following:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Increase in blood sugars

Long-Term Use

  • Use Rhodiola Rosea to help in faster muscle recovery if you love to workout so much
  • The drug will improve the immune system of a person by reinstating the homeostasis process in the body
  • Cancer growth can be slowed down by using this drug as it lowers the growth speed of the tumors in the brain or any other body part
  • For people who tend to get aggravated by stress, the drug will reduce stress amounts to make you have better cardiac health
  • Rhodiola Rosea dopamine effects occur differently for each person, and the only way to learn how it will affect you directly is with your own personal research, trial and error.

Short-Term Use

  • If you have a test pending, consider taking Rhodiola Rosea to increase your concentration span and memorization capability
  • It is easy to overcome anxiety and depression when using this drug for only a short time


Rhodiola Rosea has quite a legendary and successful past. The drug was common with the Greek physicians who used for several applications back them. The drug has evolved over time taking up different names, but essentially the same product. It was first developed for the military to help them deal with the effects of war. The drug contains elements such as Tyrosol and Viridoside that act as the main ingredients. These two components are responsible for making the drug the happy drug that many people love.

Legal Status

This happy drug has been under several studies before it could be approved by many countries. A drug that is going to improve mood and boost memory was likely to be abused. The legalization process had to be airtight to ensure every precaution was taken. Countries such as the United States, UK, Russia, China, and Australia are among the top countries to make the drug legal. However, the health bodies are still keeping it under scrutiny, but so far nothing bad has happened to warrant it being banned. You can only buy the drug with a prescription note from the doctor.

Online Reviews

Laurie Perkins –

For it to be called a happy herb, it actually works well with cases of depression. I have used before when I felt depressed because of work pressure. I needed something that could help me deal with stress and depression. Rhodiola Rosea drug is the best for so far.

John Holmquist –

I work out a lot, this means energy is quite important for me. I normally take Rhodiola Rosea drug a few days a week to boost my energy levels. Now I can easily handle intense workouts at the gym.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, many people would love to have Rhodiola Rosea drug in their medicine cupboard at any time. The drug promises to offer many benefits that any person would want from boosting memory to boosting energy levels in the body. To enjoy these benefits, ensure the product is from a trusted manufacturer and the dosage is followed as advised. Taking too much of any drug will always result in side effects.

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