Should I take Adderall for my SAT’s

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Is it really worth the risk to Use Adderall for the SAT?

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More about Adderall

Should you take Adderall for the SAT? This is a question that I myself cannot confidently answer. I would say no, because it’s a dangerously addictive drug, with a high potential for abuse when misused, or used by someone without ADHD. However, I would say yes in extreme circumstances if your SAT scores are significantly lower than you would like them, because you don’t seem to feel awake or focused enough to get through the test. In my own experience, Adderall increased my test scores by over 400 points, but also sent me down the path of a terrifying and nearly life threatening addiction. Should I take Adderall
As far as me giving you the answer, I can only offer you the pros and cons of what will happen if you take Adderall for the SAT’s, and can allow you to make an opinion based on what will happen, as well as give safety precautions if you decide to take it, and alternatives to taking such a dangerous drug.

Some Tips

 If you decide to go the pill taking route, I’m not going to be a hypocrite (I’ve done that more than my fair share of times) and am instead going to give you some advice.
1. Drink plenty of water, BEFORE the exam. You will feel thirsty as hell, so it is best to drink as much water as possible and piss it out before you actually get to the test. Throughout the test, sip on water to ensure you don’t have to use the restroom and let that deter your focus from the test (this is why my ACT scores on the math were so low!).

2. Chew gum during the test, will help deter you from grinding your teeth or developing a possible twitch.

3. Try not to worry about how detailed you fill in the bubbles- this is what threw me off the first time I did it. I did better than I would have normally, but actually ended up wasting a ton of time making sure each bubble was perfectly filled in.

AND….as for what to expect

When you first take the pill (assuming you’ve never taken it before)….you will feel a burst of clean, focused energy and euphoria, which will make the test not only easier, but will make it seem entertaining. Also, you will rip through the test, and afterwards feel like you got a 2400…although you probably only got a few points higher than if you had taken it sober. Your hands will feel cold, and once you start reading something, you will finish reading it entirely, and have fun doing so. You will rip through the math sections, will feel like a genius, and will dominate the essay, finishing faster than the rest of your peers.

In short, you WILL get a higher score on your SAT, that’s almost a given. At what cost however, is up to you. If you do choose to take it however, beware the next morning, there will be a crash, and you will feel like crap, and have depression for 24 hours. If you can manage to stop there, you will be fine. However, if you find interest in Adderall afterwards, and decide to seek it out again, this is when problems arise. If you’re going to do it, go easy, and take a small dose. Get an instant release so it gets out of your system as quickly as possible, and NEVER take a dose higher than 30 milligrams your first time. Altho
ugh 15 milligrams will give you MORE than enough energy, focus and euphoria to rip through the test in total, dominating confidence if you’ve never taken it before.


Caffeine-The general stimulant that seemingly everyone uses. Improves general wakefulness and performance (as the SAT is usually early), and
Cold Shower- Will wake you up before the exam, and will DEFINITELY help overall brain function the morning of. Cold showers push blood towards your organs (ie: your brain)

whereas hot/warm showers carry blood to the skin. Give it a try before your next exam:)

Phenylpiracetam-The one nootropic that doesn’t require a lot of time to take effect. Basically like Adderall, only non addictive, cleaner, and without the side effects. You will get the same general effect, and will definitely perform better on the test. Efficient, and safety wise is less dangerous than even caffeine.

Well there you have it. If this hasn’t helped you make your decision about what to do for the SAT, then I don’t know what will. Good luck:) Also if you decide  to take the Phenylpiracetam, follow the same precautions as with the Adderall, take it early, drink plenty of water, etc.:)


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