Can you take Phenylalanine with Adderall?

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Can you take Phenylalanine with Adderall?

The symbiosis between phenylalanine and psycho stimulants is still very unclear. Phenylalanine is a type of amino acid that exists in several forms. D and L phenylalanine are the major forms that are known throughout the world. Psycho stimulants, on the other hand, are drugs that stimulate the mind functioning and state, through different mechanisms. It is therefore, very easy for a person to get addicted to the use of single psycho stimulants. Phenylalanine is known to stop any addiction or withdrawal syndrome of the psycho stimulant drugs. This makes it easy for people to use the psycho stimulates, without much analysis of addiction.

Uses of the drugs.

More about Phenylalanine

Psycho stimulants are used to treat neurological disorders. These diseases are depression, ADHD, schizophrenia and neurodegenerative diseases. The two combinations of drugs when taken together boosts the action of each other, leading to enhanced functions of the brain. To reduce the risk of addiction, giving multiple drugs is also a good way to achieve that goal. It is therefore, one of the most important things to consider when giving out psycho stimulants to patients or people. They enhance people’s memory and the learning capability of people.

Dosage of phenylalanine.

It is always taken through oral administration and depending on one’s age. Its dosage ranges between 50-100mg. It should be taken in this range to avoid any side effects to the patient. Psycho stimulants are a wide range of drugs that

are given in varying doses to specific people. It should therefore be noted that depending on what kind of stimulant is used in combination with phenylalanine, dosages vary greatly, but they should not exceed the above stated range. Psycho stimulants can be part of the dangerous drugs of addiction; therefore, care should be taken while consuming them.

Side effects of the drugs.

Phenylalanine can cause birth defects because the drug crosses the placenta and interferes with the growth of the foetus. It should not even be used during pregnancy because it can lead to it being secreted with the milk. This results in the baby’s mental health being altered completely. Psycho stimulants, on the other hand, can cause withdrawal syndrome. Should you supplement Phenylalanine when taking psycho stimulants? The answer is yes to counteract this withdrawal syndrome effect. Side effectscan be greatly reduced by administering the right dose and in correspondence with the severity of the disease

Professionals who know the pharmacokinetics and dynamics of the drug do the combination of the two drugs. Their clearance should be well understood to know where they should be contraindicated. Many people very broadly, use psycho stimulants therefore; people should regulate them to avoid addiction and withdrawal syndrome. Medications that are antipsychotic have been seen opposing the function of phenylalanine, thus they should be avoided when phenylalanine is being used. This is to avoid serious drug interactions that might lead to medical emergencies. It is therefore, recommended that you get to know what the patient is taking before giving the drugs.

Final Thoughts

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