Combining Adderall with Noopept

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Mixing Adderall with Noopept

Mixing of two nootropics in the treatment of disorders such as ADD and ADHD, has become quite  common nowadays. Invariably, as medical science evolves and scientists, and the research and development efforts of pharmaceutical companies come up with innovations and new formulations, one smart drug is now being used as a base (amphetamine) whereas the other, as the nootropic (Noopept) to create astounding effects. For instance, one drug could enhance the brain’s active state, and the other could function towards improving the memory and the ability to retain what is learnt. This model can be extrapolated to other similar combined remedies. Here we will know a little more about mixing Adderall with Noopept. We have to know in detail about the two drugs separately before seeing them act together. Personally, I would not recommend the two together, as it can be way too strong. In short, Noopept is recommended as an alternative, but the two should never be mixed, for off-days however, Noopept is a perfect substitute!


More about Adderall

Adderall started only as a solution for weight reduction, but by 2007, it got patented as the amphetamine formulation for remedying disorders such as attention deficit, popularly called ADHD, and sleep-related disorders like narcolepsy. Adderall has moved up as a very popular and perhaps the most commonly prescribed smart drug for the treatment of these disorders.

The drug is now made available in immediate release and extended release tablet forms. Elevating the user’s mood is considered the primary benefit to be derived from Adderall. Some people might experience a euphoric feeling due to Adderall’s brain chemistry effect. The levels of attention and concentration get lifted and can even help in keeping an individual motivated and perform tasks more productively than before taking Adderall. These benefits have resulted in Adderall being the preferred medication for ADHD. Even reports indicate that the stimulating effects of Adderall could lead to expansion of particular areas of the brain, which control the cognitive functions of motivation, attention and concentration. As stated above, the drug started as being a suppressant of appetite and was recommended as a weight loss remedy and a few people use it as such even now. Adderall dosage will depend upon the age of the individual taking it, since it has been found effective in treating ADHD in both children and adults. It goes without saying that only an experience medical practitioner should recommend and prescribe the use of Adderall.


The patent for this nootropic was issued in 1995. In terms of its effectiveness, if one were to go by the benchmark set by Piracetam, it is believed Noopept is a thousand times better. In some way, Noopept is also a part of the racetam family of smart drugs. Besides its improving the neurotransmitters and acting as a powerful anti-oxidant, Noopept renders several additional benefits such as:

  • Memory improvement in people suffering from loss of memory
  • Enhancement in levels of BDNF and NGF (development of neurons)
  • Being highly neuroprotective in nature
  • Noopept helps reducing anxiety and improves the mood.
  • Users will feel less fatigued and irritable; wakefulness is improved and sleep restored
  • Helps reduce depression and eliminates learning disabilities

There are perhaps no registered side effects of Noopept so far.

It should therefore pose no problem for your doctor to advise mixing Adderall with Noopept. Each will perform its purpose effectively and the user irrespective of his/her or her age will only gain confidence and can lead a normal life.

Adderall+ Noopept-My Review

When mixing Adderall and Noopept, having felt both of what their extreme effects could be, I expected an extreme euphoria, and for hands down the most potent smart drug I had ever taken, to be looming right in front of me, I was however, while happy with the effects, disappointed from my extremely high expectations. As it turns out, something like oxiracetam or pramiracetam, when stacked with Adderall, has much more significant effects. Because Noopept is an ampakine nootropic, it prevents things that are neurotoxic (such as the amphetamines in Adderall) from entering the brain. Now not to say that I didn’t feel the Adderall, because I definitely did, but it felt….different, the amphetamine wasn’t amplfied from it but was instead changed, less mania and motivation (which is what you shoot for when popping an Adderall) ensued, and as a result, it was like taking just a really strong dose of Noopept, rather than an enhanced dosage of Adderall. So if you’re looking to make Addy super powered, pramiracetam, piracetam, Aniracetam, and Oxiracetam are the way to go (and Oxiracetam in particular if you’re looking for a fast paced, stimulating boost!)

Final Thoughts

 Noopept is available in our nootropics store, though we also have other racetams available if you’re looking to really make the most of your Adderall!


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