Stacking Adderall with Piracetam

Stacking Adderall with Piracetam

The first time I took piracetam, not much was noticed, if anything at all! I thought piracetam was largely a useless drug (as I’m sure many of you have thought…..) HOWEVER just recently I have found not one but TWO amazing effects that this seemingly “weak” nootropics has, and why you should always have a bottle of piracetam handy to help you enhance your life, and take your brainpower to the extremes of its potential!

  1. For long term use

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For the majority of piracetam users, not much, if anything, is felt when piracetam is first taken, continue to take it in dosages of around 2.5 grams-5 grams per day over the course of an entire six weeks however, and your brain power will be significantly enhanced in comparison to how it had been before..something that will last permanently even AFTER administration of piracetam is stopped. The longer piracetam is cycled for, and the more cycles done with piracetam (provided you use it to learn difficult subjects, and aren’t just a couch potato while on it) the more neuroplasticity will have time to take effect, and the smarter and more able to learn you’ll be over the course of your lifetime. Piracetam can also help to regenerate neurons and cure addiction-learned neural pathways, which means if you’re a recovering addict, a high dose piracetam cycle could be just the thing to get your mind back in tip top shape once again!

2. My favorite effect-For amplifying the effects of other smart drugs

Piracetam, when stacked with almost anything, especially when a hefty dose of CDP choline is added to the mix, significantly amplifies its effects. This happens in none other than stimulants, like caffeine, but most profoundly, in amphetamines and alcohol. For enhancement purposes, though amphetamines can often times be counterproductive, and I don’t recommend this (read other posts on Adderall alternatives), stacking piracetam with an amphetamine like Adderall can boost productivity, lower tolerane, minimize the crash, and overall give one of the greatest smart drug experiences possible. So here’s what to do if you’re interested, as well as what it will feel like.

What to do…

Get on a piracetam regiment, and a few weeks in (or once you start seeing noticeable effects..which can sometimes occur the first time you take it) pop a 30 milligram Adderall XR. Your brains receptors will already be jacked up, dopamine will be slightly higher, as will seratonin and norepinephrine (the same chemicals that Adderall uses for its effects), and your acetylcholine receptors will be jacked, meaning that your memory, movement, clarity of thought, and visuals will already be improved. Throw an Adderall into the mix and it will have more neurotransmitters to use up, amplifying its effects (it basically recreates your first time on Adderall…remember how intense that was?!) And on top of that, you have the piracetam effects, the result is an NZT like experience (not really but its good..), perfect focus, euphoria, great memory, insanely improved visuals, motivation, and an ego in the frontal lobes of your mind that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and that you can accomplish it HERE and NOW. Only do this on occassion and steer clear of Adderall as much as you can, just know that it works!

What it feels like?

Euphoria, memory, focus, limitless pill blahblahblah, you name it, this combination will put you in that mental state, if you use sexual transmutation while doing this, you’ll also be in a highly elevated mood state, which will help ensure that these drugs work their proper mechanism of action. Have fun!

Final Thoughts

I do not condone the use of Adderall and through this smart drug blog have instead highly advised against it, offering good alternatives as a substitute. However, I also realize that the stuff is amazing, and that when used once in a while by a person with little to no tolerance, and when stacked atop nootropics, that it can work wonders on your studying, intelligence, and overall rate of cognition. Be careful and check out future posts for more info!

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