Stacking Unifiram and Sunifiram

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Unifiram and Sunifiram

The strongest ampakine stack, Sunifiram and Unifiram-my experience… Unifiram and Sunifiram

One of the strongest combinations known in making the brain work at peak capacity, is the combined stack of Sunifiram and Unifiram. Sunifram is relatively old in the market and has been performing well. However, lately, there is the new nootropic known as Unifiram, which is

“Sunifiram blows Adderall out of the water as far as focus and cognition”

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More about Sunifiram

very powerful. In fact, its potency is one thousand more than the previous other supplements that boost mental power and performance, and is on par with Sunifiram (just harder to synthesize, more expensive, harder to get, and lasts just a little bit longer). Unifiram is also very powerful in treating diseases that affect cognitive power and make the person using it’s brain perform at a level far more powerful and effective than someone’s brain not on the ampakine nootropic.


The benefits of using the combination are improved focus, better vision, a boost in mental and physical endurance and energy, and an unprecedented sense of euphoria and confidence in one’s own abilities. Sunifiram enables the consumer to comprehend complex things and be able to think faster and clearer. This makes it possible for work, which could be delivered in weeks  by a person not on the drug, be a matter of a few days! Learning and assertiveness are some of the benefits that one will get when he or she uses Unifiram stacked with Sunifiram. Memory and focus are increased a great deal, and the user is as well able to improve the perception of various issues and thoughts. While Sunifiram is an ampakine nootropic that does not come with a long period of duration, it can be redosed as needed for a hyper powered day, or in order to get a large amount of work done in an extremely short period of time!

My experience

The use of the Sunifiram stacked with Unifiram gave me so many results that I had never even thought could be possible. I could think like a genius and got to understand even the most complex of the subjects in a very short time. Learning calculus happened much sooner, and my productivity increased instantly overnight! Sunifiram was the first nootropic drug I had ever taken taht REALLY gave that euphoric, I can conquer the world feeling present in the movie “Limitless.” While not quite the same (obsiously the movie was a tad exaggerated;) it works very well as a nootropic, and for motivation, energy and euphoria, Sunifiram was much better than Adderall! This improved my grades and made me be listed among the best in my University. I was very focused in the work I was doing and could keep on the very same thing for hours without breaking stride or focus.


When taking these compounds, it is very much important to know the amounts you are taking and the ability of your body to handle them. That will make it very easy for sustained results without any ruinous effects. A dosage of four milligrams (4 mg) of Unifiram will be appropriate and stacked with ten (10) milligrams of Sunifiram will work well in giving the best results. More than this will automatically be very dangerous given the fact that Unifiram is very concentrated and can cause a lot of damage to the body system. As tolerance increases, these dosages can be increased as high as one feels it is needed.

Side effects

The side effects of the combination of these two powerful mind power enhancers cannot be missed. The stack can significantly raise the heart beat rate, and this can cause High Blood Pressure. Again, the nootropic has been linked with the emergence of constipation and improper bowel movements. Headaches and dizziness can also be felt, especially, when the dosage is too high. Pregnant mothers cannot take his because it can affect their unborn children as well as put them at more health risks apart from complicating the pregnancy.

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