Staying True to Our Name, Which Smart Drugs Are Best For College

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Which Smart Drugs Are Best For College

In this article I will be covering the best Nootropics to take for the different classes that you will encounter at college. I will give multiple suggestions for some classes, listing their benefits and why they are best for the class. It is up to you to make the final decision on what you take. I will be covering the major classes that you will have to take as a freshman. Which Smart Drugs Are Best For College. If you need any advice please contact me.

College Algebra– In College Algebra you must have a basic understanding of Algebra and Pre-Calculus which cannot be learned from just taking a pill. A pill that will help you understand the basics of Pre-Calculus is Phenylpiracetam. With its ability to boost concentration Phenylpiracetam will help you grasp the concepts explained throughout the class. Phenylpiracetam’s second effect is memory enhancing, this is great for memorizing formulas and factors that would have given you trouble before.

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Calculus– Calculus is one of the most loathed courses in a person’s college experience. It is considerably the hardest class on
the college curriculum (unless you are planning on being a mathematician). I would recommend Piracetam for Calculus for two reasons, the first being its focus improving quality (which is common among most Nootropics), and the second and most important reason, enhanced learning. This gives you the ability to grasp the concepts and understand the reasoning behind the formulas.  The only problem with Piracetam is that it does not have the memory amplifying factor. If you do not remember the formulas from Pre-Calculus in high school or College Algebra, I would recommend using Phenylpiracetam as stated above. You will lose the enhanced learning function, but you will still remember the ideas from a year or two that comprise the course.

English I– For this class I would recommend Oxiracetam. Oxiracetam has the focus increasing factor that most other nootropics have, but there is something different with this nootropic. It helps you think in a more analytic way which is great for writing papers on books and stories that you have read. The focus factor really comes into play when you encounter your first paper. It takes plenty of commitment to write a 5 page paper in one sitting. Thankfully, Oxiracetam helps with that.

English II– Completely different from English I, English II is more focused on the speaking and presenting aspects of your college experience. This class will help you develop the speaking patterns that will define you at job interviews and in life. That is why I would recommend Adrafinil. Adrafinil gives you enhanced motivation and energy, both of which are necessary for public speaking skills. This boosts intellect allowing you to more ingeniously state your emotions and opinions through speech. It may not help as much with writing
papers so if you are told to write a paper for class I would recommend using Oxiracetam for the reasons listed above.

Macro-Economics– For this I would recommend Sunifiram. Sunifiram is 1000 times stronger than Piracetam, is currently the strongest Nootropic on the market, and improves focus and studying ability. It also increases motivation which will help when you are up late at night searching for tariffs and taxes that are “important to the economy” (or whatever teachers say). This will help you memorize the long names of taxes and bills that were passed, and get you an A on your “fill-in-the-blank” tests.

Final Thoughts

These are suggestions of what worked for me in college, I hope they work for you too. All of the Nootropics listed are already linked to the store where you can purchase them, or they are right below this paragraph. Good luck in college!

College Algebra

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English I

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English II


Update* Unfortunately Sunifiram has now become an obsolete nootropic deemed unsafe for human consumption, luckily Noopept is identical!!

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